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Old December 25th, 2012 (6:37 AM).
Moltres Rider Moltres Rider is offline
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    What legendary Pokemon would you want to receive a hug from?

    I would like to receive one from a Reshiram,

    I think that would be the nicest most comfortable to receive one from...

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    Old December 25th, 2012 (1:20 PM).
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    Jirachi, hopefully because it's feeling sympathetic and intends to grant me a wish.

    Hey, if I'm hugging a legendary, I want something out of it.

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    Old December 26th, 2012 (8:02 PM).
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    It's ok to cry.
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      Shaymin looks pretty cuddly. Or is it like hugging an actual shrub? Because those are prickly. ;P

      Old December 28th, 2012 (1:18 PM).
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      Mew or Victini, especially the latter, as it can give me victory.

      Old December 30th, 2012 (10:15 PM).
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        Like dbp said, maybe a Jirachi, even though it's a steel type I doubt it's really stone hard deadly xD plus it would grant me a wish and it's so cute, and it's from Hoenn! xD
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        Old January 8th, 2013 (1:16 AM).
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        Shaymin and Victini. Shaymin for sense of gratitude and Victini because it is so cute!
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        Old January 11th, 2013 (10:18 AM).
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        Mew! Mew is too cute! Who wouldn't want a hug from the cute and cuddly Mew?! :D
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        Old January 11th, 2013 (10:39 AM).
        Xem836's Avatar
        Xem836 Xem836 is offline
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          Mew and Victini. Theyre both cute fellas :3 Or maybe even a little suicune!
          Old January 12th, 2013 (3:54 AM).
          Miss Anne Thrope's Avatar
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            It depends on what the hug is for. Mew is a cutie and I'd love giving it a hug and playing with it on it's bubbles.
            But I would feel so, so honored if Suicune wanted a hug from me.
            Old January 12th, 2013 (8:25 AM).
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            Angeline plushxKikaito plush
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              I feel like going on a posting frenzy

              The legend I was like a hug from is Meloetta she's cute and easily make me want to hug her.
              Old January 15th, 2013 (4:21 AM).
              Puppeteer Mask's Avatar
              Puppeteer Mask Puppeteer Mask is offline
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                I will go with the above poster and say Meleotta as it seems to be the most realistically sized pokemon to hug me without killing me dead in the process... plus I get to see just what the heck is up with that hair.
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                Old January 15th, 2013 (4:46 AM).
                Altomare's Avatar
                Altomare Altomare is offline
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                  Shaymin, Victini, maybe Meloetta.

                  And Latias too!
                  Old January 15th, 2013 (4:54 AM).
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                  Definitely Shaymin, that fur looks so fluffy and snug, perfect for hugging.
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                  Old January 15th, 2013 (5:46 AM).
                  Seki Seki is offline
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                    Shaymin, Jirachi or Mew, any of those 3 will make my day.
                    Old January 19th, 2013 (8:47 PM).
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                    beep bop boop
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                    Shaymin, because I bet it's reaaaaaaaaaally fluffy.

                    beep bop boop
                    Old January 19th, 2013 (11:58 PM).
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                    Mew, It's a cute smart cat, just thinking about it makes me pet my own cat sitting next to my chair.
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                    Old January 23rd, 2013 (5:51 AM).
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                      Shaymin, because it seems fluffy and it makes like a good pillow lol

                      there is no fire like passion
                      Old February 13th, 2013 (5:45 PM).
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                        Mewtwo because...heh, I'd just feel pretty important and all if a Mewtwo gave me a hug.
                        Old February 13th, 2013 (8:51 PM).
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                          Meloetta, definitely. The form doesn't even matter.
                          Old February 15th, 2013 (4:08 PM).
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                            I think it would be the most comfortable actually. Its anatomy is more like a humans.
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                            Old February 19th, 2013 (2:09 AM).
                            Osha_say_wott?!'s Avatar
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                            osha osha
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                            Mew and Victini~ Victini would be like hugging a plushie.
                            Old February 19th, 2013 (2:09 AM).
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                              Shaymin...because cuteness.
                              Darkrai since everyone needs a hug.
                              And Arceus since i would feel honoured then. :D

                              Old March 2nd, 2013 (3:51 PM).
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                                Where's the love for Groudon?!
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                                Old March 5th, 2013 (6:07 PM).
                                Buggles's Avatar
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                                  I'm not seeing any love for Genesect. I think that's the one that needs it the most. He was just a cute little bug-type, then he got captured and augmented by team plasma. That's too cruel.
                                  Old March 24th, 2013 (1:19 PM).
                                  zebraskin's Avatar
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                                  Um... I like pizza!
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                                    Mewtwo. I don't even care that he's supposed to hate humans, I freaking love mewtwo. And kind of like Buggles said about Genesect - mewtwo needs the love too.

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