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    It is the year 1967, my name is Satoshi Takumi(This is purely fictional, do not bother to use Wikipedia to find the prime minister of Japan around that time) and I am the Prime Minister of Japan. Currently there is a very large amount of tension growing between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had just recently tested a massive 500 Megaton Nuclear Weapon that could destroy a very huge landmass of Japan, cripple the infrastructure and economy, and destroy our very nation in a push of a button. The president of the United States, Lyndon B Johnson, had denounced the Soviet Union for this action and had imposed very heavy sanctions on them (The Soviet Union) for it. However, the Soviet Russians did not budge. In fact, they have plans to create multiples of this nuclear weapon. As a result, the United States had sent in a team of Navy Seals to infiltrate and destroy the Soviet Union’s blueprints and resources for this nuclear weapon. However, the Navy Seals had failed and were captured by the Russian Spetsnaz. There are circulating rumors that the Russians have done a project named, “Project Mew”, in which they manipulate a cat’s gene to produce electromagnetic field producing enzymes which could give it the power to damage a person or animal’s brain from a certain distance and give the cat a damage-resistant skin. What I am going to say next is very grim. There is also good evidence out there that the Russians had initiated a second project named, “Project Mew-two”, in which they would apply all the methods they had done on the cat onto an American Navy Seal soldier! Even more unbelievable rumors state that both Project Mew and Mew-two could fly and live forever. I refuse to believe this because it sounds like another conspiracy theory to me.

    As the United States had heard about these rumors, they had denounced the Soviet Union for their cruel experiment. However, the Soviet Union became more insecure and had decided to fearfully fire the first shot. They had launched an intercontinental ballistic missile containing a 500 megaton nuclear weapon onto Manhattan, New York. 6 million people had lost their lives in this single attack. The Soviets had stopped attacking the United States for a little time after that to hope that the United States would back down and that less civilians would be killed. In this small time period the United States, Soviet Union, Japan, and soon any country with the resources would build underground vaults which would protect the people and preserve them for hundreds of years and is very hard to find without any aid. This is enough time to wait before the radiation from a nuclear apocalypse would wear off. However, after the United States had done their preparations, they too had fired their nuclear missiles onto the Soviet Union. Now there are nuclear weapons flying around the globe, killing millions.

    This is where I come in. The Chinese have been acting very aggressively towards Japan lately. They have not forgiven us for the atrocities that “we” have committed to them during World War 2. I have tried negotiating with them but that was purely useless. It was one day where all of our lives had changed. During this day one of the generals told me that the radar had indicated that China was launching not one but six 500 megaton nuclear weapons onto Japan, destroying almost all the entire landmass of this nation. He also said that they were only seven hours away from impacting!

    “Can’t we stop them?”, I had asked him.

    “No, we have waited too long”, the general said as he bowed his head toward the ground with tears bulging out of his eyelids.

    “Get as many people as you can into the vaults we have built, now!”, I have said.

    It is said that the vaults will be able to accommodate 20,000 people, a farm with artificial sunlight to feed them, and cattle for food so the general had protested,

    “But Mr. Prime Minister, we can’t accommodate more than 20,000 people in the vault.”

    “You’ll be lucky to even have 20,000 people inside the vault within 7 hours!” I had stated.

    The general didn’t hesitate. Before I had to leave to the vault I decided I wanted to bring a hat that I had treasured and wore during my childhood. This hat had the appearance of two red sides, and a white center with a green arrow. I had decided to bring this with me because it always reminded me of my childhood. I also decided to bring my pet hamster with me which I also treasure. So, the Japanese Secret Service had airlifted me to the vault with the possessions I had stated above. As we were heading to the vault I had heard on a radio that the United States had fallen from the heavy nuclear attacks from the communist nations and soon the whole world would face the same fate.

    Shortly after I had arrived inside the vault we had small tremors which show that the nuclear weapons had impacted Japan. As I arrived in the vault which I will spend the rest of my life in, the civilians had stared at me with a fearful and worried look on their face, and I will never forget their faces. Inside my head I would wonder how the surviving animals above ground would look like after all the mutations. I had went to sleep and had woke up and found that my pet hamster was missing! As I walked outside I had noticed that there were scientists next door conducting strange experiments. I expected the worst. As I went inside the lab I had nervously and depressingly asked,

    “Did any of you see my hamster?”

    They said, “Here is your hamster sir”, fearfully.

    Speechless, I was very speechless to see what had become of my hamster. It is a monstrosity. My hamster became abnormally huge, had yellow fur pigment, and red cheeks.

    “What…what have you done to my hamster?” I asked as I clenched my fists.

    “Sir, it was Project Pikachu” the scientists had replied even more fearfully this time.

    “Is that a valid answer?” I had asked.

    “We have genetically mutated your pet hamster sir, it was for the benefit of science so that we may leave this vault sooner”, they proclaimed reluctantly.

    I had went to get my pet “hamster” and realized a very heavy shock had surged through my body burning some parts of me.

    “What is this?” I had asked even more rage fully.

    “Sir we have added DNA in the hamster which produces enzymes that produce electricity and potentially live forever.” They had replied.

    So I had settled with my modified pet finally. I had discovered that it was becoming more trusting towards me and would play with me sometimes. However, this certainly isn't the last of the mad and insane experiments the scientists are doing. One experiment included the cloning of people to aid in medical care and enforcement inside the vault since there aren't enough civilians trained for those professions inside the vault. They had named this, “Project Nurse Joy” and “Project Officer Jenny”. Another one of the more creative yet insane experiments would be how they are creating a ball of 3cm radius which could disengage an animal’s particles and put them in a compressed state which is small enough to fit inside the ball. The scientists proclaim that the animal could be released from the ball without any irreversible side effects. I am very doubtful of that. They have called these balls, “Pokeballs”, because all you have to do is “poke” a button on the ball and it will perform the action. They would even go as far as to calling animals, “Pokémon”, because these animals could be stored within these balls and since they are either heavily manipulated by the scientists or heavily mutated by the radiation they would be considered monsters. They would even go as far as to creating their own unique animal from gases. These animals look very hideous and threatening. This is why the scientists named them, “ghost animals”. I have also heard rumors that one scientist even transplanted his brain with a cat and can do anything a human could do as a cat and named himself as “Meowth”! I had denounced the scientists for these experiments and creations but they simply won’t care. It was as if I am not the prime minister anymore. Plus, I am becoming old and could die within any day now.

    So, I have decided to give all my memories to my son. I had told him tales about my life and all of the most powerful moments over the course of it. I have given him the hat that I had brought with me and said,

    “My son, please take this hat, it was a reminder of the childhood innocence I had. Also, if the hat is still in good condition, make sure you give your own child this hat too as a memory of me. I also want you take care of my pet hamster. I grieve for the generations which will have to spend their entire life inside this vault but I am also very optimistic for the future generation that will be able to step outside, venture the surface once again, rebuild, and cope with living outside a vault. I know that one day, despite the mutations and manipulation of the animals, they would get along with humanity as well”, I heard coming from my mouth.
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      Without paragraphs, this is really difficult to read. You need to hit the Enter button twice to make a new paragraph on the forums, and make a new paragraph when someone speaks. Once it's more easily readable, then people will be more willing to read it and tell you what they think of it.
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        Well, I tried doing that. Is it better now?
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