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Old January 22nd, 2013 (6:51 PM). Edited January 23rd, 2013 by RedWing.
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    This is simply an idea I've had for a little more than four years. It has undergone many versions and adaptations, but this is its current form and the one that is likely to stay since I actually took the time to make a regional map for the region. More will be added to this topic as my ideas are written and polished, so I hope you all like what you see.

    Kyanite Version

    Plot: The Rijune region, located in the southwestern ocean of PokeEarth, has always been considered a tropical paradise and a general escape, in terms of progress, from the rest of the world. It is because of this general seclusion that Rijune has become the target of one of the world's most sinister evil organizations: Cipher. Originally believed to have been disbanded once-and-for-all, Cipher slipped far under the radar after its Grand Master was defeated six years ago. However, this was just a very clever staging for Cipher to leave Orre while remaining anonymous. While Cipher's Greevil fell at the hands of a young Pokemon Trainer, a small unit of elite Cipher agents, entirely unknown to Orre, escaped from Citedark Island with a copy of all of Cipher's Shadow Pokemon data.

    Now, six years later, Cipher has re-emerged from the ashes of their defeat under new leadership and their rebirth has rocked the foundations of Rijune to its very core. Now, agents of Neo Team Cipher, under the guise of average Trainers from other regions, have infiltrated Rijune's major cities and have begun to distribute Shadow Pokemon to the region's most sinister characters. In an effort to maintain order in the region, the Azure League, Rijune's regional Pokemon League, has started to make rounds of the region's major cities to somehow keep things in order.

    But, none of this really concerns you now, does it? No, you're simply a budding young Trainer of age sixteen that is starting their journey fresh in the small town of Baltra. Your journey ahead is as innocent as wanting to complete the Rijune PokeDex for the region's professor and your mentor, Professor Yew, and maybe become the Azure League Champion along the way. However, no journey is as easy as that, and yours is no exception. What awaits you in the vibrant and exotic environment of Rijune, only the future, and Celebi, know.

    Rijune: The actual region of Rijune has undergone many different forms in the years that I have created it. At one point, it was a region north of Hoenn that had a gemstone motif to its cities and towns; at another point, it was a serious of incredibly small islands clustered to the east of Kanto. But, finally, after a stroke of inspiration involving the Galapagos Islands, I have made a staple and final design for the region:

    Originally taken from this map, I went through the process of re-arranging and then enduring the grueling procedure of having to recolor the islands. Much harder than one can say when using Paint as their only tool:

    Anywho, here is a marked version of the map, along with a list identifying the locations:

    1. Baltra Town
    2. Seymour City
    3. Genovesa City
    4. Hood Town
    5. Pinzon Town
    6. Marchena City
    7. Pinta Town
    8. Floreana City
    9. Culpepper City
    10. Bartolome Town
    11. Rabida City
    12. Chatham Town
    13. Santa Cruz City
    14. Barrington City
    15. Tower City
    16. Bindloe City
    17. Albemarle Town
    18. Abingdon Town
    19. Rijune League HQ

    A. Blue-Foot Forest
    B. Mt. Galagos-South Entrance
    C. Mt. Galagos-North Entrance
    D. Red-Foot Forest
    E. Darwin Cave
    F. Moonstone Isle
    G. Mariner's Isle
    H. Grove of Time
    I. Waterfall Cavern
    J. Origin Cave
    K. Safari Zone
    L. Atlas’s Throne
    M. Challenger’s Mountain
    N. ??? (A Location to be revealed in due time)

    The islands themselves are known as followed:

    • The "main land", or largest island is known as the Dragon Spine Island.
    • To the north-west of Dragon Spine is Atlas Island.
    • To the north-east of Dragon Spine an island known as The King's Seat.
    • The island betwixt Atlas and The King's Seat is known as Dragon Egg Island.
    • To the west of Dragon Spine is Wellspring Island.
    • The island nestled in the mouth of Dragon Spine's southern coast is known as the Verdant Expanse.
    • The two miniscule islets protected by whirlpools are known as the Mariner's Isle and Moonstone Isle, respectively.
    • The two small islands located to the south-west of the Verdant Expanse are known as Stepstone Isle and Chrona Isle.
    Comments and Criticisms: Please, feel free to leave me any CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms you may have, or simply any compliments you wish to express. There is a regional PokeDex to go with all of this, but I'm currently reviewing it. As I said before, more information shall be posted as it comes to me.

    DISCLAIMER: Rijune and its idea are property of myself, known on DeviantArt as Redhood69. If you have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy about this, I suggest you take it up with me in private. I disdain plagiarism and would never think to participate in such a dishonorable act. If you are a game designer interested in using Rijune in your game, do not contact me. This is a concept very far from completion and I will not have dozens of newbie designers asking to use my ideas for their inevitable failures. I am not a programmer, spriter or designer. I am a story writer and idea specialist, nothing more.

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    Well very good game. I compliment you on this concept. I actually like the Shadow Pokemons and i plan on using them in my game while changing the way they are. I like your storyline and i can't wait for your game to go in Concepts Stage. Also will you use RMXP or any other tools?

    -Compliments from a fellow storyliner.
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    Old January 24th, 2013 (6:57 PM).
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      Thank you

      I do not use RPGMXP, nor do I plan to. Game-making isn't for me, I just make the ideas and type down the information.

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