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Old January 26th, 2013 (6:00 AM).
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    I am playing Diamond and Pearl and I want to get Arceus but I cannot connect to WiFi since I have my internet security on WPA, I would switch to WPE but my parents would not let me. I can do it myself but I am worried when it has switched they will find out. So can I obtain the Azure Flute a different way? Not a Nintendo event since I could never go to one. Or if I switch to WPE for a bit will my parents find out?

    EXTRA INFO: I am playing on the Diamond version.

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    The Azure Flute was never released so it's impossible to get Arceus without hacking. The only Arceus that was released were from WiFi events and the only way to get them nowadays is by trading.
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    Old January 26th, 2013 (7:37 AM).
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      Oh ok, we'll is there a way to connect to the Wfc wifi Internet thing without wpe, like say a wire that plugs in to my pc so I can connect to the Internet Wfc stuff.
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        Not that I'm aware of, the only way I got trading to work in Generation IV was changing my router's encryption to WEP.
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          The DSi is capable of WPA, but I think (I'm not sure) that the Pokémon games all use WEP for encryption system, because the DS Phat/Lite only supported WEP. This was a really poor move by Nintendo. I guess they thought all people who used Wi-Fi would do so in public places...

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          Arcues is not being distributed anymore, so that means you will not be able to get one apart from trading with other people or hacking (though I would not recommend the latter).
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          Yes. You will need wi-fi in order to receive one via trade because there is no other legitimate means of obtaining one.

          Since your question has been answered, I will close this up.

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