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Top 10 Pokemon you wish you could turn into

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Old January 15th, 2013 (2:36 PM). Edited January 15th, 2013 by TheFattestSnorlax.
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Out of all the 654 (Don't forget the newly released 5, the starters and legendaries of Gen VI) Pokemon, you have the power to turn into ten into them. Which Pokemon would they be, and why? Explain with your own personal comments.

(Saying Ditto or Mew would probably be cheating since they can use transform so they are banned from being used!)
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Old January 15th, 2013 (6:09 PM).
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Would I be cheating if I just said Ditto and be done with it? Because I'd totally do it, I would totally just say Ditto and be done with it.

...that'd probably be trolling, wouldn't it? *sigh* Okay, let me be serious about this here...

1. Gardevoir: Still humanoid, quite pretty, and some beastly psychic powers to toss around, as well as electricity, healing, magical leaf... yeah. Lots of fun stuff.

2. Meowth: Pay Day. Free money. That is all.

3. Weavile: I've always been a rather slow runner. Sure, there are faster pokemon, but as Weavile I could be incredibly low key about it. I already have a habit of unintentionally sneaking up on people and scaring the crap out of them. With Faint Attack I could delibrately do it all the time!

4. Kricketune: ...okay I got nothing. I love his cry. DEEDLEDELEEEEWHOOOP!

5. Slakoth: I eat to much as it is, being able to last in contentment for three months on a single leaf would be pretty great, to be honest.

6. Nidoking: I love Nidoking's combat potential, he has so many options thanks to his massive movepool. Nothing would quite say "is Puppeteer Mask gonna have to choke a b****?" better than turning into a giant purple dinosaur... well a giant purple dinosaur that is not Barney.

7. Vanilluxe: ...wait, no, no, I don't want to be a Vanilluxe, I'd eat myself.

7. Tangela: ...tentacles. >.< ...yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

8. Porygon 2: Probably make internet surfing loads more convenient. Obviously, I wouldn't want to be Porygon Z given how glitchy and nutso it is... it'd probably make things too complicated.

9. Meleotta: I'm already a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I may as well become a badass and powerful Fighting type pokemon and crank that up in Piroulette Forme. And then there's always Aria Forme for a secondary to my Gardevoir thing going on.

10. FREAKIN' DITTO, MAN: Did you really think I was gonna let this one go? Ditto's awesome. It's like a free ticket to whatever I want. Just get a good enough image in front of me and I can be whatever I want. : 3
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Old January 15th, 2013 (9:45 PM).
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In no particular order.....

Glaceon: it's the Ice-type Eeveelution!

Abomasnow: Permahail is beast. XD

Vanilluxe: Like Glaceon, this is slow but powerful!

Walrein: So I can Stallrein the hell out of opponents, hehehe~

Mamoswine: Physically weak? Well, not here, and there's the amazing Ice+Ground dual STAB combo!

Cloyster: Let me sweep with Shell Smash! Hard shells are no easy target!

Froslass: No one else can throw Spikes and block Rapid Spin at the same time!

Weavile: Fast, hit hard, can use Brick Break to smash through Reflect and opponent Steel-types

Black Kyurem: The best Attack out of all Pokémon except Attack Form Deoxys!

White Kyurem: The best Special Attack out of all Pokémon except Attack Form Deoxys!
Old January 15th, 2013 (10:05 PM).
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>Mareep - There's no way it's NOT fun being that fluffy
>Gallade - Those arms are incredible and I want arms like that
>Lilligant - I'd love to be a pretty little flower
>Bellossom - I'd love to be a pretty little flower
>Cohagrigus - Have you read its Pokedex entry? It messes with grave robbers. That'd be so fun.
>Wooper - Happiness 24/7
>Nidoran (M) - Giant ears, a horn, and poisonous? Sold
>Furret - Furrets are taller than I am right now.
>Mismagius - What a nice hat
>Golurk - 9 feet tall, flies, is a ghost, and is supposedly peaceful
Old January 16th, 2013 (2:42 AM).
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1. Victini, since I want to share victory with everyone.
2. Shaymin, because it's cool to do Flower Bearing event.
3. Eevee, because it is so adorable.
4. Emolga, because it is cute and I want to fly high up to the sky.
5. Togekiss, because I want to share kindness to the world.
6. Oshawott, because I want to train my Scalchop like Ash's Oshawott.
7. Pachirisu, because I want to be active! (Pachirisu is hyperactive)
8. Keldeo, because I wanna train to be the Swords of Justice.
9. Pikachu, because it is Ash's partner Pokemon.
10. Gardevoir, because it is one elegant Psychic Pokemon.
Old January 16th, 2013 (5:56 AM). Edited January 16th, 2013 by Kikaito plush.
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Pachirisu- I'd be hyper and chase my tail
Zubat- why not be everyone's oringail cave annoyace
Squirtle- I could wear sunglasses like Ash/Sashoshi's one
Meowth- just to use Pay day
Darkrai- to put my enemies into nightmares
Porygon- I just to see who it's like to a virtual thing
Butterfree- I'd be beatiful little butterfly
Jigglypuff- to sing my lullaby
Buneary- I'd just bounce about all day

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Old January 16th, 2013 (9:39 AM).
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Deoxis so I can go to space and fly
Kyogre so I can swim freely
Diglett so I can explore the land from inside
Glaceon so i can move fast and freeze stuff
Darkrai so I can scare the **** out of people
Victini so I can be Victorious
Snorlax so I can sleep for a long time
Reshiram so I can burn whatever I want
Lucario because he's my favorite pokemon

Old January 16th, 2013 (4:02 PM).
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• 01 Liepard - (aside from being one of my top two favorites, I really love the fur markings) I would love to be petted or groomed all day, and hunt stealthily at night

• 02 Persian - (primarily same reason above except has no fur markings) wouldn't mind getting all the attention, careful, don't make me mad or I might use slash.

• 03 Purrloin - don't worry I won't steal your food if your guarding it, I will take it if you turn your back, if you don't want me become that beautiful Liepard, give that stone called the Everstone

• 04 Dewott - let's go for a swim across the lake, and play with the other aquatic Pokemon in the lake

• 05 Watchog - I would fast and sneaky, I would have soft smooth fur for you to brush or groom.

• 06 Emolga - so much cuteness and able to glide!!

• 07 Servine - I won't have that annoying temper that Ash's Snivy has, I would be fast and reliable in battles

• 08 Buizel - if I could team up with Dewott, we could have swimming races, and have fun playing underwater

• 09 Zangoose - I might look like I would have an angered stare, but not too worry, I will be as gentle as possible, that is if you're kind with me

• 10 Patrat - I could help you out with opening walnuts and acorns, become a great playing companion, I can also help keep guard for danger from the treetops and use my tail to let you know of any danger approaches.

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Old January 17th, 2013 (11:29 PM).
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  1. Grovyle. Just 'cause. Don't question me…he's…ugh idk really
  2. Pichu. I would love to be just running around like him!
  3. Axew. Another cutie! <3
  4. Zorua. So much cute!
  5. Snivy. Badass tbh.
  6. Dwebble. More cute!
  7. Oshawott. Cute, yet again. I just want to be cute in life, don't I?
  8. Nuzleaf. Badass yet cute!
  9. Fennikin. Cute!
  10. Froakie. Keroppi is fun!
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Old January 21st, 2013 (9:53 AM).
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Arbok - I LOVE King Cobras, it would be awesome to slither around as one :D
Hitmonlee/Sawk - To practice my fighting skills
Honchkrow - To be the boss! :D
Meloetta (aria forme) - To be known for my singing
Nidoqueen - To be a strong femme fatale :D
Ninetales/Moltres - To have the power of fire with an element of elegance
Vaporeon - Being able to melt into water, so cool!!
Uxie - To have the power knowledge :D
Chatot - Mimicking people's cries would be fun haha
Ducklett - It's a duck!!!! I love ducks lol :D
Old January 21st, 2013 (10:23 AM).
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10.Mew - I could be a cute little guy, strong and can tansform into every PKMN.
9. Sceptile - To be strong!
8 - Emolga - Cute and can fly!
7 - Aggron - What more can I say? I WOULD BE A STEEL CREATURE. STRONG!!! (Again.)
6 - Eevee - Very cute! And I could evolve into many types!
5 - Dragonite - Again, what can I say? Flying Dragon! Oh yeah!
4 - Minun - Perfect for a human partner!
3 - Pikachu - Just like Minun...xD
2 - Charizard - Just like Dragonite...but also a Fire type!!!
AAAAAAANNNNND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - Grovyle - I'm fast, strong, intelligent and serious...haha!

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Old January 21st, 2013 (12:56 PM).
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Not only would I have a robust, bad-ass mustache that would make Ron Burgundy jealous -- but surely a Pokemon with an IQ of 5000 could find a way to stop its continuously multiplying brain cells or harness them in a non-hindering way.
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Old January 21st, 2013 (1:14 PM). Edited January 22nd, 2013 by CourageHound.
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These come in no particular order:

1. Typhlosion - Typhlosions awesome and I gots flaming vents from my back
2. Gengar - My favorite ghost type
3. Arcanine - Awesome tiger dog
4. Ursaring - I'm a bear. NUFF SAID
5. Croagunk - Wouldnt mind bein a poison dart frog
6. Staraptor - The coolest Normal/Flying type imo
7. Bulbasaur - Wouldnt mind usin that photosynthesis wilist having a symbiotic plant on my back
8. Marshtomp - Wouldnt mind
9. Gliscor - I'm batman. Jk but still really cool being a giant vampire bat scorpion
10. Zangoose - Ninja mangoose
Old January 22nd, 2013 (4:30 AM).
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I only want to be cool Squirtle with sunglasses. I'd pick that 10 times.
Old January 22nd, 2013 (4:07 PM).
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-Gallade because of its arm blades and psychic abilities
-Lucario, because of its ability to sense aura
-Alakazam, for its sheer intelligence
-Deoxys, because of its versatility in battle
-Keldeo, because walking on water is cool
-Bouffalant for that cool afro
-Braviary for its bravery and strength
-Excadrill for drilling holes and being able to fold into a drill
-Zoroark just to screw around with Illusion
-Salamence or Garchomp because they're two of my favorite pseudo-legends.

Old January 22nd, 2013 (4:49 PM).
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Celebi because time travel sounds neat. :D
Rotom because I also think being a Rotom would be neat.
Golurk, because I HAVE FREAKING ROCKETS IN MY FEET TO FLY WITH or something. xD
Latios because I'd be super fast, and be pretty darn powerful.
Cloyster, because from as far as I can remember, I'd be able to survive a blast from a nuclear warhead.
Breloom, because I get to become somewhat of a professional fighter. Man, if I could use Breloom in Punch-Out...
Tropius, because I'm now a flying dinosaur with a infinite amount of bananas.
Zoroark because using Illusion powers would be awesome!
Ledian because- well, I don't really know. It's horrible competitively (Evolution, GAMEFREAK. Please.) but it's always been my favourite Bug type.
And Jirachi, so I can make wishes for myself- if it works that way. If not, well, being a Jirachi couldn't be that bad. Steel typing.
Old January 22nd, 2013 (4:56 PM).
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Originally Posted by pokemanmdj View Post
Celebi because time travel sounds neat. :D

And Jirachi, so I can make wishes for myself- if it works that way. If not, well, being a Jirachi couldn't be that bad. Steel typing.
Im with this guy.

But personally, Id rather there just be pokemon in the real world for us to train. (cue childhood fantasy)

Regards, Chris
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Old January 25th, 2013 (3:59 AM).
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Moved this into Pokémon Voting Polls, given that it's more of a poll than a discussion.

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Old January 27th, 2013 (8:41 AM).
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Easy, sort of...

1. Meowth, Money for New Pokemon Games.
2. Lucario, Pretty beast powers.
3. Gallade, Still humanoid.
4. Uxie, Make them forget...
5. Metagross, SMARTNESS!!!
6. Pikachu, Loads of people love Pikachu, so I want to be loved too...
7. Dragonite, It's a dragon, enough said
8. Garchomp, It's a Land shark, a LANDSHARK!!!
9. Mismagius, Make people happy!
10. Umbreon, Glow in the Dark!

White 2:
Old January 27th, 2013 (11:46 AM). Edited January 27th, 2013 by Chaos Fork.
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10: Mewtwo. Obvious
9: Blissey. Never be sick again
8: Wailord. Eat 1000 ice creams at once
7: Pikachu. Be loved by everyone
6: Snorlax: Sleep... Never moves... Eats... Sleep
5: Genesect: A robotic bug with a cannon on its back... AWESOME
4: Reshiram. So fluffy...
3: Joktik. So tiny...also can walk on walls
2: Dialga or Palkia. Can travel through time and space
1: Zoroark. Can create illusions. Illusions of pretty much anything. Never have to do homework again.

1. Typhlosion - Typhlosions awesome and I gots flaming vents from my back
Also, typhlosions are bears too.
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Old February 13th, 2013 (5:58 PM).
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Dialga, Palkia, Groudon, Lugia, Giratina, Mewtwo, Raikou, Darkrai, Zoroark, and Slowking.Heh, that pretty much covers it.
Old February 15th, 2013 (4:22 PM).
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1. - Banette: I'd love stalking some child for dumping me. He had it coming for him.

2. - Slowpoke: I'd love being so lazy always, and having a legit excuse for it.

3. - Snorlax: Same reason as for Slowpoke.

4. - Bulbasaur: It would actually be fun to be a trainer's first Pokémon and partner. Going on an adventure with some kid.

5. - Tentacool: I'd feel safe. No one would ever catch me anyway.

6. - Lopunny: I would still be pretty and feminine + having the ability "Cute Charm" would just make it perfect.

7. - Joltik: Being so small, I could probably sneak in everywhere and hide from trainers well.

8. - Litwick: Sucking out the life of everyone. This way, they'll learn not to mess with me.

9. - Skitty: I would feel like Mystery Dungeon all over again. Then I'd only need my Torchic partner.

10. - Noctowl: Because I could fly and be awake all night without feeling bad.
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Old February 15th, 2013 (4:26 PM).
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Ten? Geez, why so many?

Honestly, I don't care. I should just pick the ten that'll get the most squeeing from girls, and just play up that angle, but I can't be bothered to think of those ten, so...

1. Eevee - Alright, there's one.

2. Nidoran Male - Eh.

3. Rattata - Ditto.

4. Ditto - Eh.

5. Slakoth - My kind of livin'.

6. Snorlax - Ditto like Slakoth, but higher up on the food chain.

7. Articuno - Okay, real answer. I'd actually enjoy the idea of flying, but being able to fly while keeping cool? Super chill.

8. Missingno - Just to troll with everyone's hard drives.

9. Lileep - Like Slakoth but underwater.

10. Magnemite - Just to troll with everyone's sensitive electronic devices.

An idle mind is the devil's workshop. Don't ever let me become a Pokemon. Definitely leaning towards malevolent Missingno/Magnemite.

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