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Are they reallly that X-cellent?

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Old January 19th, 2013 (4:01 PM).
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I don't use X items unless I need an extra edge in battle.

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Old January 22nd, 2013 (8:12 AM).
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    I don't think I've ever used them? Maybe once. I don't even think I sold most of them. They just kind of rotted away. But it wouldn't be the first time I failed to use something and it would have been extremely helpful. (Never used stat raising/lowering moves.) :P
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    Old January 22nd, 2013 (10:11 AM).
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      Never liked them, the only one I ever found interesting was Dire Hit.
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      Old January 22nd, 2013 (12:46 PM).
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        I feel ashamed... :embarrass
        I've been playing Pokemon games since Crystal and to this day I thought these items are supposed to be held... I even gave an X Defend to my Blissey... that might be the only time I ever... "used" this kind of items.

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        Old January 22nd, 2013 (1:12 PM).
        GenuineCorruption GenuineCorruption is offline
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          If I'm racing through the game I'll use the odd one, like so Tortera can have a chance against Candice in generation four games.
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          Old January 25th, 2013 (6:19 PM).
          wygar wygar is offline
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            oh yes, definitely. i love x-items!
            x-tra cash is always great. nuggets would make me happier though =P

            now seriously, i don't use them but i can see some potential for ppl who like to do runs with stuff like caterpie, ratatta, etc.
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            Old January 28th, 2013 (9:47 PM).
            Caelus Caelus is offline
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              I pretty much just keep my x items until I'm desperate for money and I sell them for cash. They have their uses and I've used them in the past but I'm better off just attacking the enemy.
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              Old January 29th, 2013 (11:41 AM).
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                I never ever use them.

                If I'm ever in a desperate enough position that I need to start using them, then I might as well just turn off and try again.
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                Old January 29th, 2013 (12:52 PM).
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                I can say that I've probably only used 'X' items once in all of my years playing Pokémon. I find them completely useless and pretty much a waste of a turn in battle. They usually just accumulate in my bag while I'm playing the game, but I sell them to the PokéMart eventually.
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                Old January 30th, 2013 (1:55 AM).
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                I think I used it once, without knowing what it was.

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                Old January 31st, 2013 (8:49 AM).
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                  I always sold them. If I remember them. They are useless imo
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                  Old January 31st, 2013 (4:39 PM).
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                  I just sell mine. I don't want to waste a turn using it. >_>
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                  Old January 31st, 2013 (5:27 PM).
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                  I don't use it, and I don't think it's really helpful O_O I sell mine like some others there...

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