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Old January 30th, 2013 (4:10 PM). Edited January 30th, 2013 by machomuu.
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Well, I'm playing quite a bit, but I just bought Rhythm Thief and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Rhythm Thief, as expected, is a lot of fun and, since it was only $2 with a coupon, was DEFINITELY worth it. Heck, I'd recommend it at full price.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 does a great job of improving on the original: The linearity has been toned down a great deal, the datalog isn't mandatory, the story is less ridiculous and has fewer plot holes, the voice actors are amazing (seriously, having Laura Bailey and Jason Marsden as the lead actors is one of the best decisions I've seen in the Final Fantasy series), and a lot of things were streamlined and fixed. They really listened to the fans on this one, and it shows.
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Old January 30th, 2013 (4:13 PM).
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    Atm it's just GTA San Andreas and Final Fantasy X since work hasn't left me with much time to play anything else really.
    Old January 30th, 2013 (7:03 PM).
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    Just got a 3DS the other day, so I've been playing a good amount of Mario Kart 7, along with White 2. Also been flipping through a few different games on the PS3, mainly Madden, WWE and Red Dead Redemption.

    Old February 1st, 2013 (2:43 PM).
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    Only game I've been playing so far is Fire Emblem Awakening. And I'm loving it.
    Old February 1st, 2013 (3:57 PM).
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      I got Skyrim for Christmas. I wanted to work at Bethesda, but I'm terrible at shooting games, soooo yeah.
      I've been playing Skyrim until my eyes hurt.
      I am the Dragonairborn!
      Old February 4th, 2013 (8:38 PM).
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      Skyrim isn't a shooting game.

      Also, currently playing Dead Rising (Xbox 360), Perfect Dark (N64), and most likely start playing Skyrim again tomorrow on PC (take one guess as to why).
      Old February 4th, 2013 (9:54 PM).
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        Got a PSP, so I'm currently playing Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus and Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lion. It's been quite a while since I last played Tactics. For something I played a long time ago, I seem to remember almost everything haha.
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        Old February 5th, 2013 (9:47 AM).
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          Other than Pokemon, I've been playing the original Legend of Zelda on NES. I haven't played it since I was a little kid -- a lot harder than I remember, oddly? I can't remember where anything is, which is annoying.

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          Alpha Sapphire

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          Old February 5th, 2013 (3:08 PM).
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            I have been playing Sonic Heroes, Pokemon XD, Final Fantasy VII and Legend of the Dragoon.
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            Old February 5th, 2013 (4:22 PM).
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              I've been playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater.
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              Old February 5th, 2013 (4:33 PM).
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              Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon Ruby, Day Of Reckoning & Super Smash Bros. Melee.
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              Old February 6th, 2013 (12:35 AM).
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              Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3/Vita/Eng) - Woo, finally another new Sly Cooper, and I'm loving it!

              Persona 4 Golden (PSVita/ENG) - NG+, maxing S.Links. Etc etc.

              Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3/JPN) - Playing a bit here and there, Been busy with other games, but i love this game as well

              Persona 4 Arena (PS3) - Good game, not much into fighters, but I love it cause P4 rocks :)

              Tales of Vesperia (PS3/JPN) - I loved this game, I took a break for the games I've got, I need to play Innocence, but not playing it TOIR right now, But I am playing a bit of this here and there too.
              Old February 9th, 2013 (12:41 PM).
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                I noticed that I haven't played Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 in a while, so I copied some favorite Gundam songs to my hdd and started playing mission mode a bit. I kinda prefer DWG2 over DWG3, even though DWG3 has Garrod and Banagher.
                Old February 9th, 2013 (3:08 PM).
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                Dota 2 has recently been gifted to me by a friend of mine and I've started to play that. Really fun and addictive game, mind. Probably a game I will be playing for a while. :3

                Old February 9th, 2013 (10:32 PM).
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                Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney
                Started this the other day. It's going really slowly since I'm determined to learn some vocab from the game so I have to pause and enter words into my Anki flashcard deck any time I come across something useful I don't know but I'm having fun with it anyway!

                Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
                I'm playing this very slowly because I don't... really like it that much. D: I got the Wizard's Edition because I expected to love it but I'm about 8-10 hours in and while it's alright, I'm not absolutely hooked on it like I expected to be. Still fun, though. I'm hoping it picks up a bit more but otherwise I guess it's just not really my kind of game. (I've heard it's very much a throwback to old-school JRPGs and since I never had a chance to play any unless I specifically seeked them out in the last few years, that might be why it's not clicking for me...)

                Tales of Graces f
                ._. I'm still addicted to this game. I've been playing it a LOT since December since it's something my roommates and I all enjoy. We're doing a second full playthrough and in the process of maxing out titles and getting all the trophies.

                Old February 9th, 2013 (10:41 PM).
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                The regular games I've been playing here and there:

                Pokemon HeartGold (previously Black)
                Halo 4
                Wrex. Shepard. Wrex.
                Old February 10th, 2013 (8:40 PM).
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                  Oh man...for me, it changes so very, very often.
                  Games I'm Playing:
                  -Monster Racers DS (Just caught an exotic Dinkum ftw!)
                  *usually there's more...but my Wii just broke by refusing to eject discs, so I can't play anything other than Dokapon Kingdom.*

                  Games On Hold/On The Waiting List:
                  -Marvel Ultimate Alliance/WII! Y U BREAK?! I bought this, came home, wii broke, and now I can't play it.
                  -Pokemon Colosseum/Falling behind on this one, for Gamecube. Again, broken wii. Put on hold.
                  -Sonic Adventure 2 Battle/Same reason as above. Was playing this before...
                  My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
                  On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
                  Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
                  Old February 10th, 2013 (10:32 PM).
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                    I've been playing quite a lot lately:
                    Catching up on Skyrim
                    Trying to complete FF13-2 before the sequel comes out.
                    Attempting to finish Mass Effect 3
                    Resident Evil 6
                    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (Randomly if I'm in the mood)
                    Halo 4

                    Once I finish 2 of those, I'll be replacing'em with Fire Emblem: Reawakening & DmC ^.^
                    Old February 11th, 2013 (7:08 AM).
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                    Captain Butts
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                      Pokemon Emerald
                      Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage
                      And I'm about to get back into Star Wars: The Old Republic
                      Old February 13th, 2013 (2:07 AM).
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                        Well, I have a lot of games that I'm in the middle of a playthrough of and still own, so I guess that could count as games I'm "still playing". However, since there are so many of them, I'll just list the ones I've played fairly recently (within the past month), and also where I'm at in those games. They're listed from most recently played to least recently played, and games I'm doing Let's Plays of don't count. I'm also on my first playthrough of all the games listed (except the last one).

                        Pokemon Black 2 - Just recently got my fifth badge and have a list of 50-summat Pokemon to train before challenging the next gym. Fun times.

                        Super Mario Galaxy - OMG I love this game, and I so want a Luma as a pet. Just found Luigi hiding in a tree from an evil bug, and spent about an hour carefully rolling on a ball across colourful machine parts. Did I not mention I love this game?

                        Chrono Trigger - I'm almost done with this game, so I'm excited about finishing it. Of course, I spent like the last two hours just trying to get Crono back, and instead I ended up defeating the first phase of the final boss and getting the ultimate weapon for my favourite character (Lucca). Funny how that happens.

                        Kirby's Epic Yarn - A platformer where I don't have to worry about dying... I haven't seen this since certain Wario games! Just defeated the first boss (this patchwork dinosaur thingy) and unlocked the second world.

                        Super Metroid - For the longest time I was stuck right near the beginning of the game. You won't believe how stupid I felt when I just recently discovered (by accident) that you can open red doors by shooting five missiles at it. Well, that's what I get for not having the manual I guess. But now I can actually like this game like I'm supposed to!

                        Mario Kart Wii - Few things help we wind down after a hard day than cruising along all the courses in this game on the 50cc Grand Prix. Haters gonna hate me for just playing this game casually.

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                        Old February 13th, 2013 (2:15 AM).
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                          Mostly DotA 2 (clocked 100 hours on it!), and my first legit run of Pokemon Emerald, I always played Ruby, not Emerald, but now, I am playing it on my phone!
                          Old February 13th, 2013 (2:24 AM).
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                          Playing lately a lot of games, im multitasking between Tiberian Sun, Terraria, FIFA 13, Far Cry 3, Red Alert 2 and NFS Underground
                          Old February 13th, 2013 (7:31 AM).
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                          Rygar, Silent Hill 2, Dark Chronicles, Just Cause, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VIII, Klonoa 2, and Beyond Good and Evil. Building up a PS2 backlog takes hard work, but since I like to switch around the games I'm playing, I don't mind too much. So many 60+ hour games though, its gonna take some time...

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                            I beat my White 2 challenge, so right now I'm not playing any Pokemon games. I'm looking into getting Fire Emblem though, so I'll be playing that shortly I hope. :D Right now I am only playing phone games such as Plague Inc. and Predators.
                            Old February 13th, 2013 (7:47 AM).
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                            Wrong Thread.
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                              Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
                              Rygar, Silent Hill 2, Dark Chronicles, Just Cause, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VIII, Klonoa 2, and Beyond Good and Evil. Building up a PS2 backlog takes hard work, but since I like to switch around the games I'm playing, I don't mind too much. So many 60+ hour games though, its gonna take some time...
                              Final Fantasy 12. This guys knows a good game.

                              I'm only playing Black 2 and Halo 4 right now considering I recently finished the other games I was playing.

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