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Old January 27th, 2013 (9:10 PM).
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I'd say maybe Quilava and Moltres.

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Talking about legendarys, I'd pick Reshiram. I don't really like fire types. But i do like reshi. He looks original. Non-legendarys, I dunno. Maybe something like Flareon coz it's fluffy
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Old January 29th, 2013 (12:09 AM).
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Ninetales has been my favorite Fire-type Pokemon for a long time, even though it's prevolution would always show up in the game I didn't own (Silver, SoulSilver, LeafGreen). I also loved that, despite it still being a pure Fire-type, it's able to learn a good number of Psychic-type moves.
Old January 29th, 2013 (3:33 AM).
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I would go for Fluffy little Flareon and Ponyta for my favourite fire types
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My number one is none other than CYNDAQUIL! Dear little Cyndaquil the Johto fire-type starter will always be first on my list for absolute cuteness and adorableness. <3 For a legendary, it would have to be Entei. This fire dog was the first of the legendary dogs that I have seen due to the movie, and will always remain part of my childhood. :3
Old January 29th, 2013 (6:43 AM).
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Rapidash, I've always loved this Pokemon since the beginning and I haven't yet found a Fire type that I prefer.
Old January 29th, 2013 (7:18 AM).
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Flareon or Chandelure are my favorites, and my favorite legendary Fire-type is Victini, definitely x)
Old January 29th, 2013 (10:23 AM).
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There was a locked thread for this, and I posted my faves there. I'm not gonna use double types to fill my faves though. I'll have a new Pokemon in those types.

Normal: Granbull - He just looks like a tough guy ahaha. I like him for that!
Fire: Houndoom - He's a doberman, and breathes fire and pulsates dark energy. What is there not to like?
Water: Omastar - Destroyed in Blue for me. Hydro Pump, Surf, Blizzard and Horn Drill is a hilarious moveset, especially for a guy like me who gets lucky with bad accuracy moves. I use Omastar regularly to this day!
Grass: Venusaur - He's just sick. A quadriped dinosaur with a huge blooming flower on his back. What's not to like?
Electric: Galvantula - Can learn to spiderweb attacks, can potentially have 91 base accuracy for Thunder, and Galvanize may be one of the best words in the English language.
Bug: Pinsir - There are so many bugs I love, also Masquerain, Shedinja, Ninjask, and Galvantula, obviously. But Pinsir was around first and he's a monster. Venomoth too but he's going in Poison.
Poison: Venomoth - He looks really cool, and has probably my favourite voice in the show, aside from Breloom.
Fighting: Breloom. He's looks SICK! It's a shame how people only use him for Spore and Focus Punch, though. 130 base attack and the best voice in the show. Can't go wrong with this guy.
Flying: Crobat - Ran faaaaast through Ruby with this guy leading my team. Torched the Elite Four as well, someone survived against Glacia. (I'm lucky with Attract).
Rock: Probopass - Although if I could get rid of his mustache I certainly would!
Ground: Marowak - Bonemerang is the best name for an attack. Looks really cool too.
Steel: Bisharp - Based off of the bishop chess pieces, and he's also part dark. <3
Ice: Froslass (looooooooooooooooooooooooove Snorunt) and she makes him really cool.
Psychic: Espeon - favourite with Umbreon.
Ghost: Whatever the ghost evolution that Eevee eventually gets is. Ahaha.
Dark: Umbreon - favourite with Espeon.
Dragon: Kyurem Cool backstory
Old January 30th, 2013 (9:15 AM).
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Just tell me about yours

Mine is umbreon mainly because I grew up with him on colosseum and he was all I used
Old January 31st, 2013 (7:09 AM).
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Blastoise. I am not sure whether it is because it was always my favourite card as a kid or whether it is because how cool he looks but I really love Blastoise. My 2nd is Typhlosion because Gold was always my fave game as a kid and I raised a Cyndiquail into a Typhlosion 3rd is Houndoom because he looks awesome lol :D
Old February 1st, 2013 (8:53 AM).
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Arcanine has always been my favorite but ever since I heard Lumineon's cry in DP it's been a close second
Old February 1st, 2013 (2:55 PM).
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My favorite Pokemon is Empoleon. I like every water type starter but it didn't become my favorite until I had one in Diamond and I saw how awesome its typing was. Plus penguins are my favorite animals and that's obviously what Empoleon is based off of.
Old February 1st, 2013 (3:51 PM).
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i have lots of favorites depending on weither legendary or not in generation 1 was alakazam and mewtwo, generation 2 espeon and celebi, generation 3 blaziken salamance and jirachi, generation 4 lucario empoleon garchomp and cresselia generation 5 sigilyph and zeckrom. my favorite type is phychic but there are others i like too
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I know I messed it up the first time by only listing without giving a reason why, so now I know better, here is 2nd attempt:

• Bug: Leavanny, I don't like bug-Pokemon much, but non other bugs looked interesting

• Dark: Liepard is my number one #1 Pokemon, so its no surprise its also my favorite type of Pokemon too. Its the looks on its eyes that really get me, and the fur markings too. Liepard has become the #1 in my heart. Its eyes are sort of using attract on me, and its extremely effective on me.

• Dragon: Axew, blame it on Iris in the anime, I like Fraxure a bit more.

• Electric: Emolga no other electric type Pokemon comes even close, look at the cuteness its eyes and heart, it has Volt Switch, and in the anime it has a really cool sounding voice, especially when its laughing.

• Fighting:Mienfoo, I fell in love with Mienfoo's design, too me it has a weaselish type body, and it has drain punch, my favorite fighting attack

• Fire: Pignite, not too much into fire-types, but definitely would go to Pignite.

• Flying: Swanna, personally don't like flying types as much, really love when I use Roost, and hate when its used against me, drags the battles too long

• Ghost: Cohagrigus's design looks creepy if I had to see it at night, but would make a great album cover for the metal band Nile, I can see it now.

• Grass: Servine best grass Pokemon created to date, I wouldn't dream about using any other grass type, along with Snivy and Serperior, I love their designs, they are screaming at me to play Pokemon White again

• Ground: Krokorok, at first I didn't want to give it a chance, when I did I'm glad I made the choice, it has really helped me out along the way.

• Ice: Beartic, I couldn't exactly find a Ice-type I liked the most but I'll give the credit to Beartic, I have not been able to find one yet.

• Normal: my heart is screaming out for Persian but Watchog's eye, heart, and cuteness isn't letting me do so. Watchog has been my partner since I first catch them as Patrat (which I love too)

• Poison: Scolipede, its first bug-type but also has poison type too, so its the one I like by design the most

• Psychic: Sigilyph, looks frightening from certain angles, but like its design

• Rock: Crustle, I know its part bug part rock, but I also not too much into rock Pokemon either

• Steel: another type of which I don't like much, so my only choice is also part bug. Genesect, can't wait to see it in the movie

• Water: Dewott, Oshawott and Samurott too, no other Water Pokemon comes even close for my likings, well Buizel/Floatzel may come close, but for design and beauty Dewott takes all the credit. Why in my games he's the strongest and holds an everstone.

there were too many others to mention from other generations, but still Unova Pokemon appeal more to me. I still like Pokemon from other regions (with the exception of Johto, only like 1).
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Old February 4th, 2013 (7:04 PM).
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Ooh boy oh boy. What fun!
Ok first things first. I'll pick these based off of either how much I used them or if I just like them in general. I'll give reasons.
Normal- hard to choose but I guess teddiursa? I don't use normal types at all. Or normal flying for that matter. Teddiursa is just way cute IMHO. No other reason lol

Fighting- another hard to choose type cuz I never use them. I guess blaziken cuz back when I played sapphire I tried torchic cuz I never used anything but water starters till then and so blaziken was really the only fighting type I know and used well.

Flying- probably crobat. In my ruby and sapphire and heartgold adventures a zubat golbat then crobat wound up being my second so this was the primary flying type I used and it's consistent for me. Also cool cuz the evolution from golbat to crobat makes me feel it loves me lol.

Poison- I'd say muk. Nothing really special I've just always had a soft spot for it. Mainly for its design. Don't ask I have no clue y I love this pile of toxic sludge. Considering I'm a near freak it's even weirder lol

Ground- swampert. My first ever Pokemon to reach 100 back in ruby. And an absolute power house. I truly loved him and I'm so glad I have one now in heartgold.

Rock- another type I don't meddle in. But I'd go with... Gigalith. I don't have one but I'd probably use it if I did and had to have a rock type. Looks cool and not bad stats.

Bug- ariados. I just love spiders. And it's not bad lol

Ghost- haunter. I hate gengar's design. XD but also haunter looks cool and it's perfectly creepy but also goofy.

Steel- aggron. Awesome design. Powerful. Underrated xD

Fire- I generally don't use fire types either. I'd say rapidash. I love the design and high speed and attack. It's a unicorn on fire. Yes some bad jokes could be made about that but I love it lol it's uber bad ass.

Water- my favorite type ugh. Lol it'd be unfair to choose mudkip cuz it's the same reason I picked swampert for my ground. So I'll give it to squirtle. Love thy guy. I picked him in blue as a child because he's water type and blastoise was cool and I thought water was cool. So he was also my first Pokemon ever. Had a cake shaped like him when I turned ten lol.

Grass- again a type I don't use. Probably cacturne. I raised one for a while alongside blaziken.

Electric- ah one of my 4 favorite types its hard omg lol shinx and emolga they're just too darn cute my shinx luxio luxray was my main Pokemon in platinum cuz I started with piplup but I hate piplup and its family. So I'd choose shinx I guess lol

Psychic- mewtwo. The movie and also I generally don't use psychic so I wind up with him cuz I just think his design is cool lol

Ice- another of my fav 4. Maybe glaceon? So cute and cuddly and nice abilities.

Dragon- last of my fav types. Hard. Haxorus, salamence, dialga. Lets go salamence. He's the most loyal to what a dragon is.

Dark- spiritomb. I like his stats. And no weakness. Finally I quite like his design.
Old February 5th, 2013 (1:29 AM).
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Normal: Igglybuff, omg it is so fluffy im gonna die
Fire: Houndour, yes not houndoom. houndours cuteness and tough looks make me wanna cry
Water: Squirtle - it just changes and changes because water is my favourite type, so basically all water pokemon gets me.but there is something in squirtle
Grass: Ludicoloooo - It looks so stupid and that makes me want to hug him his moves are so cool and his combination is like unique.
Electric: Pichuuu - baby pokemons are my favourite but pichu is... soo damn cuutee!
Bug: Shedinja - bugs are my least favourites, but i don't hate shedinja, it has unique abilities and 10 hp. he cant be hit by any attack unless it is super effective!.
Poison: Haunter - He is really cool, and he is part of ghost group. what can i want else?
Fighting: Primape - He is something like monkey+pig. and his powers are amazing. he is amazing
Rock: Aerodactyl - it is so badass. his flying type moves close the super effective from ground. and he is badass
Ground: Krokodile - it looks so cool.
Steel: Lucario - altough i cant get why it is steel i love him for no reason.
Ice: Beartic - i won black just because of him.
Psychic: Chingling - it is a bell, i mean what is cooler than a bell?
Ghost: GOLETT - it is so mysterious of all pokemon. i love him for that
Dark: zoroark: nobody can be cooler.
Dragon: Dragonite: it was the first anime episode i ever watched. it is special.(the episodes name was something like tower or something)
Old February 5th, 2013 (12:07 PM).
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Mew It's cute lovely smart plus amazing you think so? oh yes it's stunning kindly love it! Hug it when sleeping warm and cuddly spectacular ravishing

oh wait... is that not how we describe pokemon?!?

I guess hes just a childhood want... always wanted one... never could catch one (without cheating of course)

even if Nintendo gives you one its not the same as catching it... same goes for cheating... just not good enough

so mew has always been my favorite.. not to mention mew is cute...
Old February 15th, 2013 (3:55 PM).
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Normal: Skitty - In Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, after taking the personality test, I turned into Skitty. And ever since that time, I've actually really liked this cute pink kitten.

Fire: Heatmor - It's really creepy and cool at the same time. When I first started playing Pokémon White, I was really disappointed for a long time because there simply wasn't a single semi-cool fire-type. Well, that was until I stumbled upon one in Victory Road, and my whole World turned around.

Fighting: Sawk - Because of the TV-Series after watching Stephan's Sawk, I came to like it quite a bit.

Water: Squirtle - I only came to realize the other day, just how much I actually like Squirtle. I originally thought Octillery was my favorite, but no. Squirtle somehow surpassed it.

Flying: Altaria - Since I have a blue budgie, and I always thought that if he ever were to become a Pokémon, it would be a Swablu or Altaria.

Grass: Snivy & Bulbasaur - My 2 favorite starters of all time. It's horrible, but I can't choose between them. Snivy is really chic, while Bulbasaur is totally cool. How would I ever be able to choose?

Poison: Crobat - Ever since I first completed my HeartGold Nuzlocke which had a Crobat on the team, I've always had a big liking for Crobat. It was one of my best Pokémon.

Electric: Zapdos - This one was really hard, and I'm honestly not much for favoring legendary Pokémon. But Zapdos has been my favorite legendary ever since Pokémon first came out when I was 6 years old, and it still is.

Ground: Cubone - Used to be my favorite when I was smaller. Now it's just... My favorite Ground type.

Psychic: Mewtwo - Most badass legendary Pokémon ever. Truly.

Rock: Geodude - Mostly because of its name. "Geo - dude" is just... Priceless. I was close to choosing Gigalith as well.

Ice: Mamoswine - Same reason as for Crobat. My Mamoswine and Crobat teamed up together made the perfect fit.

Bug: Surskit - I think Surskit's the cutest thing ever. I seldom find anything cute, but Surskit is really, really adorable with those tiny legs and blushing cheeks!

Dragon: Garchomp - I like Garchomp. Why? Because it's strong. I must admit Cynthia made me like Garchomp even more than I originally would have.

Dark: Bisharp - I trained one up in Black2, and it turned out to be my strongest Pokémon on its team, so I just naturally preferred it more.

Steel: Lairon - I've never been that fond of Steel-types. But I guess I like Lairon more, since I one ran into a shiny one. It used Roar on me and disappeared forever, though.

Ghost: Banette - Banette is not only my favorite Ghost-type Pokémon. It's actually my favorite Pokémon of all. I don't really know why, to be honest. It's weak and not that useful, but man! I like this Pokémon so much.
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Normal - Kangaskhan: I love the design of kangaskhan and that is based on an Australian icon. But on top of that it is quite powerful and can learn several fairly good moves.

Fire - Charizard: Charizard really is one of the single most badass pokemon in existence. I love not only its design but also its characterisation in the anime. It's got great stats and a fairly good movepool to boot.

Fighting - Lucario: I quite like several fighting types but lucario outclasses them all and is my number #1 favourite pokemon so far. It is awesomely powerful, has a good movepool and typing as well as the coolest design I have ever seen in pokemon. The interesting characterisations it has received have also been very interesting.

Water - Feraligatr: I don't even know why I like it, I just do. I instantly loved it as soon as I saw it.

Flying - Staraptor: Staraptor was the first truly awesome non-legendary bird with good stats, design and an ok movepool. It set a standard for flying types that the next gen tried very hard to keep. (Honourable mention to Togekiss, the dorky name cost it really).

Grass - Sceptile: The first fully evolved grass-type to not look ridiculous (well venosaur isn't THAT bad but it doesn't compete) it has good stats as do most starters and arguably the best movepool of any grass type. Again the anime portrayal of it did help. (Honourable mention to shiftry purely for design)

Poison - Toxicroak and Crobat: I really couldn't decide between them at all. Both have awesome designs and whilst crobat is generally better for battling I just couldn't not include Toxicroak.

Electric - Jolteon: Honestly I don't really like many electrict types so it was pretty easy to narrow it down to jolteon that gets #1 electric based purely on design.

Ground - Marrowack: I'm not much of a ground-type fan in general but I love the Cubone/Marrowack story and honestly it is just an awesome looking pokemon.

Psychic - Mewtwo: I tried really hard not to pick a legendary but I just couldn't top Mewtwo. The stats, the history, the character and the design. Just wow. Honestly it was my favourite until Lucario came along and I'm still a huge fan.

Rock - Kabutops: I am a colossal fan of most fossil type and this one was close between Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Rampardos and Armaldo but in the end Kabutops just looks so ridiculously badass and has such a cool mega kick animation on Stadium that I couldn't pick anything else.

Ice - Vanilite/Vailuxe: A tie between stages one and three. The combination of stats, cuteness, uniqueness and moves just makes this one for me too be honest. Although for some reason I hate Vanilish.

Bug - Pinsir: Just because... How could you look at it and not think of how awesome it is?

Dragon - Flygon: Good stats, good movepool and the most unique design of all the dragon types to date. It really is seriously underated always being beaten out by Salamence (whose design I don't like much) and Garchomp but I find it hard to think of anything I dislike about it. I'll admit this was hard though since dragon is one of my favourite types. (Honourable mention to Garchomp and Dialga).

Dark - Umbreon: It is the most awesome of all the eeveelutions and has good stats and moves on top of that.

Steel - Agron: It is honestly just the most awesomely designed off all the steel types (except Lucario) but as a lover of steel types this was hard. I gave it to Agron for the power/defence/looks/moves it has everything whilst others have only a few of those elements (and I picked Lucario for fighting lol). (Metagross and Dialga came close).

Ghost - Gengar: It's creepy and cool at the same time. I mean, how awesome is a living shadow, AND it has good stats and moves.
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Bug: Scolipede, because it saved me a bunch of times in Pokemon White
Dark: Krookodile, because it's just that epic. It also reminds me of Guilmon for some reason...
Dragon: Dragonite, thanks to a certain YouTube video
Electric: Luxray, I mean COME ON! It's a LION that shoots LIGHTNING!
Fighting: Mienshao, the KUNG FU FERRET THING!
Fire: Charizard, best of the characters in SSBB!
Flying: Pidgeot, had one lv 90-something in Yellow as a kid.
Ghost: Cohagrigus, because I like Egyptian stuff
Grass: Torterra, my first level 100!
Ground: Rhyperior, ROCK WRECKER!
Ice: Beartic, because it's a polar bear with an ICE BEARD!
Normal: Bouffalant, the afro bison. Need I explain?
Poison: Skuntank, comical cry.
Psychic: Xatu, I really like the design and name
Rock: Armaldo, due to its stats
Steel: Magnezone, its a UFO!
Water: Kingdra, because it's majestic like that
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I have three, but I'm starting to think four.

In no particular order:

Entei. It looks so beautiful and strong and lion-like. I hate most of the Pokemon movies, but the 3rd one with him in it was really cool. So particularly, I guess my favorite Pokemon would have to be Crystal Entei. It's pretty much all in the design, though. It just looks so perfect @_@

Delcatty & Skitty. In my first playthrough of Mystery Dungeon, I was a Skitty and evolved into a Delcatty. I was around 10, and I was ridiculously attached to that game. So they're more nostalgia and attachment, but I do like they're designs, especially Skitty. Cute, simple, and kinda creative.

Shinx? I really love this little guy. He's so cute. I do think he's a bit... overdesigned, though. Still, he looks cute and apparently is based off of Kimba. <3
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For me it's a tie between Cradily and Maractus. Two pretty under appreciated grass types. Cradily coz if his pretty whacky looks and fairly good defence and offence as well. Maractus coz she's a cactus. She looks pretty cuddly and friendly for a cactus. Not to mention that it can be a force of nature in the battlefield.
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Personally, i love jolteon because i've had so many times when it comes down to jolteon and it'll dominate.

So, what's your favourite electric Pokemon?
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Pidgeot because it was my first level 100 pokemon back in Pokemon Red version.
Umbreon / Nyx looks so beatiful especially the shiny form, always in my party since gen 2.
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I love little Pichu and Pikachu and Raichu, by the way yes I did draw that.
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