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Old January 30th, 2013 (6:37 PM).
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    I just joined today (1-30-13) and I wanted to introduce myself.I'm a 10 year old boy and I have a really big imagination.I have millions of pokemon ideas to share.I just need to find an area to post them and I'm good.So, if you know a place where I can tell my ideas please tell me where it is.I'm also hoping that my club: club fakemon is excepted so that may be open for joining.I am hoping to make some friends here, so tell me if you want to be my friend.Thanks for reading!
    Creativity is my thing...
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    Old January 30th, 2013 (6:53 PM).
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    Hi, Devcon!

    Welcome to PokéCommunity! Cool siggy!

    That's cool that you have a large imagination! When did you start playing Pokémon?

    Depending on the types of ideas you have/want to post, you may be interested in posting them in the Art and Design forum if your ideas consist of art and stuff you've created. If you're an avid writer and love to share your stories, the Fan Fiction and Writing forum is always open for business! Also, if you like role playing, we also have a Roleplaying Corner forum! Hopefully you'll find a forum which suits you the most.

    Hope to see you around!
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    Old January 30th, 2013 (6:56 PM).
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    Hi, Devcon1! I recommend you to follow sections that Gyardosamped told you. So have a happy time here, and welcome to PC!
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    Old January 30th, 2013 (9:01 PM).
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    Having a big imagination is always a really great thing. The sky is the limit, but your imagination lets you go beyond! ....anyway, I'll stop being cheesy now, so welcome to PC, Devcon. :D

    As for your question, it'll depend on what kind of ideas you want to share exactly. Pokemon General seems to be the best place for general Pokemon world speculation and ideas, though not all of them belong there, so it depends! You can always ask a staff member for assistance - they're the ones with bold blue names like myself or Cid, the other moderator of New Users / Welcome. Alternatively there's also the Quick Questions & Answers thread where you can ask about where to post things. So in that regard you're pretty much covered - feel free to utilize the above whenever you need to. ^^

    By the way, make sure to read up on the rules as well since they have some important information you should know before posting. Good luck with your club though, and perhaps you can join some other clubs while you're out browsing the section! I'm sure there'll be a lot that catch your interest.. there's just so many clubs here, after all. And they're all watched by really wonderful staff members. <3 There are also plenty of discussions on the games, anime, manga, cards, and pretty much anything else. You name it and we probably have it! PC is a huge forum for a reason and hopefully you can be a part of that to watch it grow with all of us, yeah?

    Have a great time here and good luck with your PC adventure! <3;

    . pair family twin mal lv llsif credit .
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    Old February 1st, 2013 (3:53 AM).
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    Devcon! :D I'm glad you decided to make this thread. I joined PC at 12 years old, so this must be an even greater undertaking in comparison with such a young joining age for ya. :o But with a big imagination, I'm sure there's nothing you can't do. ;) What Cirno said is not restricted to being cheesy and just that, but it's something to truly believe in, in my opinion.

    Your Pokémon ideas I'm sure will make fine threads if they're discussion-worthy. :) Like if you think people are interested enough to post in your thread, it follows the rules, and it hasn't been done before, then I say go for it! Cirno suggested the Pokémon General section of the forum, but there are other places that threads might go into if it's not as general as the threads you see in there. Suffice to say, it's gonna be a rough road sometimes. If you ever make a mistake, like if your thread gets locked, then don't feel bad. :( Everyone makes mistakes, and what we can only do is pick up the pieces, try to learn from these mistakes and do better next time. Funny thing is, you don't have to do that alone. Like Cirno said, approaching staff to help you out is perfectly fine! They might seem scary, but they really aren't. ;D Echoing again, the Quick Questions & Answers thread is also a good place to get enlightened in PC, too!

    As for your club, I'm not particularly certain if it'll be allowed but I sure hope so! If not, then don't fret. I'm sure it's gonna work out somehow. If that happens, you can ask the people in charge why (I think AlexOzzyCake and Olli97 are these people as of now), and maybe you can improve the thread idea so that it fits right into the rest of the clubs that we have there. :) Be as understanding and positive as you can, because PC's gonna be even more awesome if you do. (b'')b

    I mean if you're enjoying yourself with all the positivity, you'll not only have an easier time at interacting with people, but also make a few new friends along the way! Who knows? You'll only find out if you experience it yourself, you know. Just stay active, make a good mark, and know you're not alone. c:
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