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Old February 4th, 2013 (6:17 AM).
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    Pokemon X and Y Themes

    Hello! I've been messing with FL Studio lately, and I created a couple of custom themes upon thinking about Pokemon X and Y. There's about four to share right now, but I'm constantly working on newer ones (the first soundtrack was made only half a month ago). I'd love it if someone can give me comments/concrit (constructive criticism) or even better - work together!

    1. City of Souls

    Preferably a ghost town theme since it's pretty melancholy if you ask me. This is what my friend pictures when listening -
    0:00 - 0:13 | Relatively quick glimpse of the town's overview. There are a lot of gray stones, colored stained glass mosaics, and metal gates with spikes on top of them though not very forboding). Gates and fences are everywhere, protecting the scarce grass growing in people's yards.

    0:14 - 0:49 | A singular boy is exploring the town for the first time, noticing that everyone is staring at the ground glumly. He decides to explore more of the allyways (especially at 0:32), where he sees many people quietly playing instruments for some pocket change. Though they don't look impoverished, they are certainly disheartened.

    0:50 - 1:16 | He goes down a path that no one seems to be walking down. As he travels down it, he notices it's brighter, and has grass and pink flowers on either side of him. There are only low fences, easily able to be stepped over, shielding the plants, contrasting with the completely protected grass in people's front yards. The place gets brighter and brighter until he looks ahead. There, he finds a singular tombstone, with flowers already there. It's not certain if they're fresh or fake, but they give no smell, only beauty. He can't read the writing on it, but believes that it's not actually a person buried, but an idea.

    1:17 Onward | The boy finally figures out what's underneath the tombstone, and it gives him hope. He gets up and walks away, revitalized and encouraged for some reason. No one ever knows what he discovered, and no one ever knew he came there, but it changed his life forever.

    2. Seaside Town

    The name says it all, really. A joyful one in 3/4 beat (same used in waltz, so it does have that dancey feel to it).

    3. Hometown Theme

    My first soundtrack, so I wasn't that experienced back then. The volume's soft, so I'm sorry about that ;_; After a short while, I've changed it a little to make it a 'fast' version. Both of them are down there -

    Hopy you guys enjoy it! Right now, I'm making a new theme called the 'City of Tranquility', a 'counterpart' of the 'Soul' theme. It will have Xerneas as the cover picture instead of Yveltal as well, so stay tuned! Also, sorry that I can't post youtube links here directly - they don't seem to be working

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      I think my favorite out of the three songs you have up here has to be Seaside Town, I just love the way it flows. Looking forward to listening to more of your stuff.

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      I copied both of these posts into this thread here

      You can continue to discuss it there, and in the future use that thread for music you make. I'm keeping this thread here locked so you can see it since you'd probably come here expecting to see your thread here. :)
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