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Old February 7th, 2013 (5:05 PM). Edited February 10th, 2013 by Pokemaster234.
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    Ladies and Gentleman IT'S ON!
    Name: Pokemaster
    Must Nickname all Pokemon

    traded Flowar for Manny,An Adamant Bulbasaur
    Chalenged Cerulean Gym.Which got their butts kicked by Manny
    King Evolves
    Now going to go to the SS Anne
    Actual team
    Jack:the docile Charmelion(sorry if mispelled)
    Ace:the adamant Pidgeotto
    Bugter:the bold Butterfree
    King,the impish Nidorino
    Manny,The Adamant Bulbasaur

    Monk:The adamant Mankey
    Batty,the timid Zubat

    Traded Away:
    Flowar for Manny

    Pokemaster's firered nuzloke adventures:
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      username: Bulba12
      game: Leaf Green
      optional rules:
      must nickname all pokemon
      2 pokeballs per a pokemart

      update- team:
      Mr. bubbles lvl17- wartortle
      pete lvl15- spearow
      melvin lvl13- mankey
      will lvl11- beedrill
      zane lvl8- zubat

      aaron lvl7- pidgey (poison sucks...)

      2 badges, went into diglett cave looking for a diglett, found a dugtrio
      it killed zane, but was eventually caught.
      went through the ss. anne easily
      about to take on surge
      Mr.bubbles lvl25- wartortle
      Cerberus lvl29- dugtrio
      Pete lvl23- spearow
      Allie lvl22- kadabra
      Melvin lvl21- mankey
      Will lvl16- beedrill

      aaron lvl4-7- pidgey
      zane lvl8-14- zubat
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        Started a Nuzlocke in Sapphire last night.

        The official stuff:

        Username: Arlo
        Game: Sapphire
        Optional rules: Random starter, duplicates don't count, game starts when I get pokeballs, nickname everything... that's probably about it.


        There are few things in games I love more than the opening of RSE. There's just something about riding in the back of that truck, then stopping, then the door opens and the light shines in and you get out and the music starts and.... it's just awesome.

        Looked at the movers, set the clock, went to the lab, went back out, found out someone was in trouble on the route north of town and saw the Prof. Opened the briefcase, then flipped three coins for odd one out to decide the starter, and got Mudkip. A female. Handily won, then went back to the lab and talked to the prof and got the Mudkip and named her Hazel. Then it was off to meet May.

        Almost made it to her without an encounter, but ran into a Zigzagoon in the last patch of grass. Beat it and didn't take much damage in return, so went ahead and fought her right then, and won easily, in three turns with a crit on the second. Then it was back to the lab to get the Pokedex and some pokeballs, then back out to Route 101, this time armed with Pokeballs. Scared up and caught a female Zigzagoon with Pickup, and named her Sylvia. Ground her up to level 6 (to match Hazel), then it was on to Route 103. Found and caught a female Poochyena and named her Brenda, then ground her up to level 6 as well. Then it was on to Route 102. Where, of all things, I turned up a female Ralts.

        I can remember times when I spent hours on Route 102 trying to catch a female Ralts, and this time, unlikely as it was, it was the first thing I found. And the really strange part is that it's not even really what I wanted. Sure - I love Gardevoir - it's easily my favorite Hoenn pokemon, and I don't think I've ever played through the region without one. But that's the point - this is a Nuzlocke. I actually wanted to catch something I haven't used as much, like maybe a Lotad. But anyway - caught a female Ralts and named her Vanessa. Then it was on to Petalburg City. Did the rounds, met Dad, met Wally, watched as he caught his own Ralts, then it was on to Route 104. Found and caught a male Wurmple and named him Irv. Spent some time grinding around there and got everyone up to about level 7 (and evolved Irv to Cascoon), then it was off to Petalburg Woods. Found and caught a male Shroomish and named him Clyde, then fought all the trainers and ground everyone up to about level 9 and went on to Rustboro City. Did the rounds there, then put Clyde (with the newly learned Bullet Seed TM) in the lead and went to Roxanne's gym. Clyde handled the first trainer's first Geodude, then Hazel came in on the second and took it down with a few Mud Slaps. She leveled up after that fight and picked up Water Gun, with which she one-shotted the last Geodude. And the next trainer's only one. Then she took down Roxanne's Geodude and Clyde switched in and whittled down the Nosepass with a combination of Leech Seed and Bullet Seed. Left the gym and we're currently saved right outside the door, ready to work my way back toward Oldale and put that nifty Cut thing to use for a bit before heading out for the next route and.... whatever's going on with that jumpy Devon guy....

        Hazel the Mudkip lvl 11
        Clyde the Shroomish lvl 11
        Brenda the Poochyena lvl 9
        Sylvia the Zigzagoon lvl 9
        Irv the Cascoon lvl 9
        Vanessa the Ralts lvl 10
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        Just beat the 8th gym! Here is the team! :D

        Dexter - Sassy Nature - Level 47.
        Psychic - Focus Blast - Shock Wave - Recover.

        Pudding - Impish Nature - Level 47.
        Surf - Waterfall - Mud Bomb - Hidden Power.

        Puneary - Impish Nature - Level 53.
        Return - Bounce - Rock Smash - Healing Wish.

        Flint - Lonely Nature - Level 45.
        Flamethrower - Fire Punch - Faint Attack - Confuse Ray.

        Seagull - Lonely Nature - Level 44.
        Surf - Fly - Roost - Stockpile.

        Ice Cube - Brave Nature - Level 42.
        Wood Hammer - Blizzard - Avalanche - Rock Climb.

        Captured in the PC:

        The Rock the Machop - Level 17.
        Tweety the Staravia - Level 22.
        Rageee the Gyarados - Level 43.
        Freedom the Staraptor - Level 48.
        Sparky the Luxray - Level 47.
        Twiggy the Torterra - Level 48.
        ~ Challenge's Hall of Fame ~ MyDramaList ~ AniList ~ Completed Challenges ~
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            Plugging along with my Sapphire. No casualties yet.

            After beating Roxanne, we made our way back toward Oldale Town and Sylvia the Zigzagoon used Cut to open up the alternate paths along the way. Then we went back to Rustboro, healed up at the Pokemon Center, and went north to see what was happening with the Devon guy. Agreed to help him get his Goods back, then went out onto Route 116. Caught a Nincada in the grass and named him John (and he, and everything since, went straight to the PC), then fought the trainers and made our way to Rusturf Tunnel. Caught a Whismur and named him Lemmy, then challenged and beat the grunt and rescued Peeko and took back the Goods. Poked around the tunnel a bit (and discovered that Vanessa's Trace is really handy with the Whismur, since she traces their Soundproof, then Uproar doesn't do anything). Went back out, gave the Goods back, talked to Mr. Stone, then set out for Mr. Briney's cottage. Interrupted him and Peeko and got him to sail us to Dewford.

            Talked to everyone, got the Old Rod and caught a Magikarp and named her Daisy Mae. Went into the cave and caught a Zubat and named her Nan. Ground in the cave for a while and got Vanessa and Irv (who had recently evolved to a Dustox) up to level 14, then went in and challenged Brawly's gym, and plowed through it pretty easily. Freshly equipped with Flash on Vanessa, we went back to the cave and down and around. Caught a Sableye and named her Delia. Talked to Steven, then ground for a while in the caves and got everyone up to match Vanessa and Irv at lvl 14. Then it was off to Slateport.

            Made our way through the trainers on the beach (I knew in advance to switch in Clyde on Tuber Ricky's Zigzagoon, so its Surf didn't do much at all). Ran around and talked to everyone and got everything squared away, and we're currently grinding on Route 110, underneath Cycling Road, where I caught a Gulpin and named him George.


            Hazel the Mudkip lvl 15
            Clyde the Shroomish lvl 15
            Brenda the Poochyena lvl 15
            Sylvia the Zigzagoon lvl 16
            Irv the Dustox lvl 16
            Vanessa the Ralts lvl 16

            *edit for an update*

            Well, I just had my first casualty - Brenda the Mightyena went down to a High Jump Kick from Grandma Winstrate's Meditite.

            My own damned fault, sort of. Obviously a Dark against a Fighting attack is stupid - I just didn't expect it to have a fighting attack at all, much less HJK. I had Vanessa the newly-evolved Kirlia in the lead and she was at a bit less than half HP and I just didn't want to risk her. My first choice was Irv the Dustox, but he was only at about 1/3. I debated switching him in anyway and just taking the first turn to heal, but then I thought, "you know... it's a low level Meditite and the odds are that all it's got yet is Confusion anyway, so Brenda would be best," and she had full HP too, so I went with her. On the first turn, it Meditated and she hit with a Bite for a bit less than half of its HP (neutral damage, since the Fighting resistance counters the Psychic weakness). And on the second turn it hit with that HJK, and that was that.

            Before that, after grinding a bit at the bottom of Route 110, we went up to the Trick House - easily one of my favorite parts of RSE. Made our way through the tree maze and collected a Rare Candy. Then we went back out and, after healing, made our way up through Route 110, fighting the trainers and random wild stuff in the grass. Ran into May and had a pretty tough fight with her, but we all came through okay. Got the Itemfinder from her and immediately put it to use. Made it the rest of the way through the Route and into Mauville. Went around and talked to everyone, but didn't go out any of the routes. When I got the bike (Mach), we went back down Cycling Road, fighting the trainers along the way. Stopped in the Mart long enough to buy a Harbor Mail, then found Mr. Briney and sailed back to Dewford, because I remembered that soft slope in the cave there. Went through the cave, up the slope, then (eventually) negotiated the crumbling floor and collected the prize (PP Up? I don't even remember now), then went back to Mr. Briney and sailed back to Rustboro. Went in to the Devon office to report to Mr. Stone and got an Exp. Share for our trouble. Then it was back to Slateport and back up the Cycling Road. Gave the Harbor Mail to the woman in Mauville and got the Coin Case, then went out onto the routes around Mauville. Fought all the trainers down by the water to the east, then worked slowly (running back to Mauville to heal as necessary) through the trainers on Route 113. And caught a Marill in the grass there and named her Bella. Made it into Verdanturf Town and talked to Wally and his family, then went back to Mauville and up Route 111, where we encountered the Winstrate family and.... yeah.

            So I released Brenda and moved up the first one in the box, so the next in the order I caught them - John the Nincada. Good thing I went back to Rustboro long enough to talk to Mr. Stone and get that Exp. Share, since John is level 6 right at the moment.


            Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 21
            Vanessa the Kirlia lvl 20
            Clyde the Shroomish lvl 20
            Irv the Dustox lvl 19
            Sylvia the Zigzagoon lvl 19
            John the Nincada lvl 6


            Brenda the Mightyena lvl 19
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              im starting a new nuzlocke challenge since i failed on my sapphire one. tate and Liza destroyed my team :( Im gonna play the ruby version.

              caught a zigzagoon on route 101.

              team so far.

              Kugpao - Torchic

              Rigby - Zigzagoon


              route 102 didnt catch a pokemon it was another zigzagoon. same with route 103. route 104 caught a talow named it ace. pettalburg woods caught a wormple named it mothra. battled roxanne one pokemon died mothra the beautifly. level 6 - level 12. went to the route before the rustburg tunnel. didnt catch a pokemon another zigzaggon. at the tunnel caught a whishmur. battled the magma grunt a second time. won the battle. went to briney's house took the boat to dewford. got the old rod. went to the granite cave. ran into an abra it telepoted. went through the cave. talk to steven gave him the letter. got the tm for steel wing. went to the dewford gym. lost my Ace aka Tailow. level 6-level 10. swept through brawly with kungpao. at the beach battled some trainers lost boombox my whishmur level 6 - level 8 went to slateport. went to the route above slate port. caught a gulpin named it slimer level 14. went to the museum lost my slimer in the first battle. won with kungpao.

              Team sofar.

              KungPao - Combusken level 20. (bulk up , ember , double kick , peck)

              Rigby - Zigzagoon level 9 (tailwhip , growl , headbutt, tackle)


              Mothra the beautifly Level 6 - level 12

              Ace the tailow - level 6 - level 10

              Boombox the wismur level 6 - level 8

              Slimer the Gulpin level 14 - level 14
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                is it ok if i do an egglocke? if so ill start right away. ill be using Hardytekyoyo's save file which has like 10boxes of eggs
                Username: riane
                game:blaze black 2
                rules: if a pokemon dies its dead and it goes into the box forever
                can only catch the first pokemon on the route
                pokemon caught on the route are used as vouchers for an egg inside pc
                all pokemon must be nicknamed
                i can use rare candies to lvl the egg to whatever level the caught pokemon voucher was
                duplicate rule is off
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                  You know what I realized now that I'm making a temporary return? I was only put on one of the champions list of the games i had played for the nuzlocke solos I played o.o

                  (reffering specifically to the posts I had in the original thread)
                  Current Challenge:

                  Current Challenge:
                  Ultimate Sololocke
                  Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova
                  Dexter Challenge..: Done
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                    update #1

                    we start our journey
                    we received the pokemon voucher oshawott
                    traded for a Mudkip named Kenpai
                    caught a patrat on route 19 traded for a Munchlax named Albert
                    caught a ralts on route 20 and traded for a Scraggy named Luffy(ive watched a ton of one piece lately)
                    caught a lillipup at Floccesy Ranch and traded for a Timburr named Zoro
                    We fight Weedle our rivel(hardy named us caterpi and our rival weedle because he is a caterpie IRL heh) we won with everyone alive
                    we fight roxanne the first hoenn gym leader and lose Albert,Kenpai and Zoro nooooo D:
                    were alone Luffy D: oh well i think he might be able to handle himself for at least cheren until we can get another pokemon
                    we got the basic bagde yay
                    we got the super rod from cheren
                    fished up a Corphish in virbank complex(didnt go far enough to be in the city) and traded it for a Riolu named Lola
                    fished up a Finneon in virbank city and traded it for a Dratini named Usopp(because usopp wants to be a warrior of the sea and dratini is pretty bad until dragonite and usopp finally gets there to be a warrior of the sea late in the anime.
                    NOOO we went to virbank complex to train Usopp and Lola up and the 2nd trainer crit both Lola and Usopp D: so Luffy is alone again D: /cry Luffy will be alone forever... until he gets critted too and dies
                    We Challenged Brawly and nooo luffy got one shot by his first pokemon with DynamicPunch

                    welp everyone died so im terrible at nuzlockes D:
                    dead:Albert Munchlax lvl 11
                    Kenpai Mudkip lvl 11
                    Zoro Timburr lvl 12
                    Lola Riolu lvl 13
                    Usopp Dratini lvl 13
                    Luffy Scraggy lvl 21

                    im going to try again fresh run
                    game:blaze black 2
                    rules:if a pokemon dies its dead and it goes into the box forever
                    can only catch the first pokemon on the route
                    pokemon caught on the route are used as vouchers for an egg inside pc
                    all pokemon must be nicknamed
                    i can use rare candies to lvl the egg to whatever level the caught pokemon voucher was
                    duplicate rule is off
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                      Just a quick update - I've been mostly playing Black2, EV training and grinding and leveling and evolving and trying to figure out who I want on my team for the E4. On the Sapphire Nuzlocke, I'm still grinding John the Nincada so he can catch up with everyone else before going into the Mauville gym. I'm debating whether to leave him at about level 18 or 19, so he'll still have the Ground secondary typing and be sort of useful in Wattson's gym or just go ahead and level him up to 20 (which is where most everyone else is), but then he'll evolve to a Ninjask and won't be of any use at all against the Electrics. And I'm also debating what I'm going to do when he evolves - I don't really want to let a chance at a Shedinja go, but I'm not sure. I have to go out of my way to remove someone else from my party long enough to evolve him so there's a space for the Shedinja, and it's an "extra" pokemon - one I didn't catch by the Nuzlocke rules. But it's also a direct consequence of evolving one I did catch, so that could go either way. I think I'm going to go ahead and make the space and get the Shedinja, then just put it in the box. If I even get to the point of adding it to my party (it'll be the seventh in the box), it'll actually be sort of interesting, since Shedinjas only have two states - not getting hit at all and fainting. And one faint and he'll get released anyway. And it does fit the spirit of a Nuzlocke - aside from experimenting a bit back when I first played RSE, I've never actually used one for any length of time.

                      The only other news is that Sylvia evolved. And it's back to grinding John...

                      Current team:

                      Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 21
                      Clyde the Shroomish lvl 20
                      Vanessa the Kirlia lvl 20
                      Irv the Dustox lvl 20
                      Sylvia the Linoone lvl 20
                      John the Nincada lvl 15

                      Brenda the Mightyena

                      *Edit for an update*

                      Left John as a Nincada, at level 18, and went into Wattson's gym. I led with him and then either left him in if it was something that would go down to enough Scratches (Electrike, for instance) or switched in Hazel if I needed an actual Ground attack (Magnemite and Wattson's Magneton). It was a breeze, and John leveled up to 19 along the way. Then I went back to the Pokemon Center, pulled Hazel out of the party temporarily and went and ground John a bit more, until he leveled up and evolved. Then I put the Shedinja in the box and put Hazel back, and it was north to the desert. Got the Secret Power TM and put it on Hazel, fought all the trainers and caught a Machop on Route 112 and named him Virgil. Fought the hikers, then caught a Torkoal in Fiery Path and named him Clive. Finished up Route 112, rested at the Rest House (I had forgotten about the insistent old lady - it's funny that you have to actually refuse or else she keeps you there, resting over and over, apparently forever), then it was on to the ash-strewn Route 113. Caught a Spinda (no surprise there) and named him Keith, then got into Lavaridge Town. Talked to everyone, picked up all the stuff, then went out toward Route 115 and Meteor Falls. Caught a Swablu and named him Jasper, and we're currently saved outside Meteor Falls.

                      Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 24
                      Clyde the Breloom lvl 23
                      Vanessa the Kirlia lvl 22
                      Irv the Dustox lvl 21
                      John the Ninjask lvl 23
                      Sylvia the Linoone lvl 22

                      Brenda the Mightyena
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                        Hello, I firstly started this challenge on FireRed a long time ago, but due to my computer dying on me last year, I never managed to finish it.
                        Now that I have a brand new laptop, I'm going to start a new challenge instead, on rijonadventures!
                        So please disregard totally my old challenge submission, thanks!
                        Username: Griever7x
                        Game: rijonadventures
                        Rules: Heal 5 times per pokecenter, buy 5 times per pokemart.

                        First update!
                        I chose bulbasaur at the start, defeated my rival, then quickly did the standard parcel delivering and got my 5 pokeballs. I then headed to the merson cave, where the first pokemon I found was... drums rolling... a lv3 Zubat! I had no doubt I'd find Zubat in a cave, and I'm pretty happy about it, cause I love this lil vampire's last evolution! Surviving the cave though, was a real challenge, but luckily I found a reliable way to farm by only defeating the wild Paras with Leech Life. Oh I forgot, of course I released Bulbasaur. Ahead in the cave I found some tough opposition in the form of Team Rocket, the most notable pokemon was a nasty Houndour lv10! I defeated it with only 3 hp remaining, he suicided thanks to my Zubat's Supersonic! Delving deeper into the cave, I found two fossils lying below a water source: the dome and helix fossils. I chose the dome fossil, but I won't revive it. I then had to fight my way out of the cave against a lv10 Butterfree, which proved to be even tougher than the Houndour, thanks to its Confusion, but I managed to defeat it with Supersonic again. Phew! Finally some light again. I find myself in the Merson Pass now, and proceed to capture my second Pokemon! It's a Meowth! Sweet, sweet. His Pickup ability will be pretty neat!
                        My team:
                        Vampiric, lv14 Zubat
                        Felid, lv11 Meowth
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                          Lost Vanessa last night, to Archie's Golbat.

                          From where I left off - we went through Meteor Falls - fainted a Lunatone trying to get it down far enough to catch it, then just plowed through the trainers and the wild pokemon. After the showdown with Team Aqua, we left through the bottom entrance and went out onto the hills, then worked our way down to Rustboro and healed. Then went through Rusturf tunnel and broke the rocks for the couple and collected the Strength HM, back to Mauville, back up the canyon routes and to the cable car, then up to the top for the showdown with Team Aqua. It was mostly uneventful except for Vanessa - I had her in against Archie's Golbat and on the first turn, it confused her and she hit herself for 8 points of damage out of 53 total. Not a big deal, and I didn't have anyone else who was well-suited to handle the Golbat while I was confident that she'd one-shot it, so I just left her in. And on the next turn, the Golbat lucked into a crit on a Wing Attack that knocked her down to 5 points, and all I could do was watch in horror as, sure enough, she hit herself again. Sometimes RNG hates me.

                          So I mopped the floor with Archie, then went on to Lavaridge and released Vanessa. Then, since I conveniently had an open slot, I got the Wynaut egg and ran back and forth until it hatched (named it Mike), then moved it to the end of the line and moved the next pokemon out of the box - a Whismur named Lemmy that I caught all the way back on Route 115. Then went down Jagged Pass, fought the trainers along the way, and caught a Numel and named him Willard. Then spent the rest of the night, mostly on Route 117, grinding Lemmy up to catch up to the team and evolve to a Loudred. We've now worked our way back around through the ash on Route 113 (and got a Yellow Flute and a Blue Flute), then back down to the cable car again, and back up to Lavaridge, where we fought all the trainers and are currently saved on the edge of town, probably ready to go challenge Flannery.

                          Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 26
                          Clyde the Breloom lvl 26
                          Irv the Dustox lvl 24
                          John the Nincada lvl 25
                          Sylvia the Linoone lvl 24
                          Lemmy the Loudred lvl 24

                          Brenda the Mightyena
                          Vanessa the Kirlia
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                          This will be my third attempt at a nuzlocke, with the first two ending in utter failure. My first one was also LeafGreen, and i died at Agatha, so close to the end. My second was HeartGold, where I lost in Chuck's gym. I like to think I'm better now than I was a year ago, so i decided to try once again, hopefully this time I will have a plan to beat Agatha...
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                            Well... I failed
                            Dale died in grinding due to a pidove's critical hit
                            Flarus died due to a magnemite's sonicboom
                            Rex,Legolas and Fabien all died to Roxy's whirlipede.
                            I will try again. And this time my starter is
                            Aqua the oshawott, lv.5, female, naive nature.
                            DON'T THINK I WON'T HM01 YOU!
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                            Let's get this business done (hopefully)
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                            Ok I guess I will do this(first Nuzlocke! wish me luck!)

                            Username: jellicentfan1
                            Game: Emerald


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                            First update!
                            • Started, named myself Jake, etc.
                            • Got Aero the Mudkip, saved Birch, defeated May
                            • Caught Nica the Zigzagoon on Route 103
                            • Caught Servine the Poochyena on Route 102
                            • Helped Wally
                            • Caught woohooFTW the Wurmple on Route 104
                            • Caught Mobile the Shroomish in Petalburg Woods
                            • Defeated Roxanne
                            • Caught GL Jake the Nincada on Route 116
                            • Saved Peeko and got the Devon Goods
                            • Caught Golurk the Makuhita in Granite Cave, delivered the goods to Steven
                            • Defeated Brawly
                            • Saved Captain Stern and delivered the Devon Goods
                            • Caught Livewire the Electrike on Route 110
                            • Went through the Trick House, defeated May
                            • Beat Wally
                            • Caught Twihiki the Marill on Route 117
                            • Defeated Wattson

                            Which leaves us here

                            • Servine the Poochyena
                            • GL Jake the Nincada
                            • Twihiki the Marill

                            • None
                            Old February 18th, 2013 (7:08 PM).
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                            Update 1:

                            • Obtained Golurk the Treecko on route 101(named after my good friend GolurkIdDaBomb)
                            • Saved the prof.
                            • Caught a Zigzagoon on route 103
                            • Caught Derk the Lotad on route 102
                            • Did the Petalburg thing with Wally
                            • Caught Servine the Marill on route 104
                            • defeated the Poochyena in Petablurg woods(dang Golurk and his crit)
                            • Route 116 another Poochyena but this time I was sucessful.Named it Nica.
                            • defeated Roxanne, Golurk battled like a boss.
                            • Caught GL Jake in Rusturuf Tunnel
                            • Saved Peecko and delivered goods.
                            • Caught Jake the Zubat in Dewford Cave
                            • Beat Brawly
                            • Arrived at Slateport where Nica the Poochyena died:(
                            • route 110 caught sophie the Plusle and defeated may but Twi the Zigzagoon died :(
                            • Arrived at Mauville.

                            The Pokemon captured:

                            Route 101- Obtained Golurk the Treecko.
                            Route 103-Twi the zigzagoon
                            route 102- Derk the Lotad.
                            104- Servine the Marill
                            Petalburgh woods-defeated a Poochyena
                            Route 116-caught Poochyena
                            Rusturuf tunnel- Gl Jake the whismur
                            Dewford Cave- Jake the Zubat
                            route 110 caught Sophie the Plusle

                            Twi the Zigzagoon
                            Nica the poochyena

                            And the team before I battle around Mauville and face Wattson is: (training 4 rn waiting for better ones)



                            Old February 19th, 2013 (9:41 AM).
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                              Arg, I failed.
                              2nd gym leader had a seel and a lapras and both of them knew icy wind.
                              I only had a crobat lv25 and a persian lv28, and while there was a big level gap, I still lost, a slow persian is useless :(
                              Old February 19th, 2013 (9:47 AM).
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                              I will sign up!

                              Username: GolurkIsDaBomb
                              Game: Emerald
                              Old February 19th, 2013 (10:43 AM). Edited February 23rd, 2013 by Mudinjakarp.
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                                I can't help wanting to be the first to do this.
                                Old February 19th, 2013 (1:33 PM).
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                                NERF THIS!
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                                Update 1

                                *By the way, all the names of these pokemon are people who go on the server
                                • Picked Derk the Torchic
                                • Caught Mid the Wurmple
                                • After some quick grinding, Mid evolved - and then evolved again into Dustox!
                                • Helped Wally yada yada
                                • Caught Nick the Poochyena
                                • Caught Windy the Silcoon
                                • Went to the route above Rustboro and caught Olli the Taillow (It was Alex's idea for the name)
                                • Caught Servine the Whismur.... who promptly died from a crit in Rusturf Tunnel :(
                                • Grinded until Derk and Windy evolved and Olli was at a suitable level
                                • Fought Roxanne, swept with Derk
                                • Took care of the Team Aqua guy
                                • Went to fight May, she was easy... and then while I was using absorb with windy on Mudkip... she got a crit.
                                • Windy fainted.
                                • Went to Dewford, caught Dr. Cyber the tentacool, and DrCyberSis the tentacool.. and accidentally killed a Magikarp.
                                • Caught Hikari the zubat in Granite Cave
                                • Beat Brawly solely with Mid the Dustox, swept through his trainers with Olli and Mid
                                • Got to Slateport and trained off of the trainers, did Aqua Plot thing
                                • Caught an Electrike named Sophie, who almost died like five times in a row @[email protected]
                                Team: Sophie the Electrike, Derk the Combusken, Mid the Dustox, Olli the Taillow, Hikari the Zubat and Dr. Cyber the Tentacool

                                Box: DrCyberSis the Tentacool and Nick the Poochyena

                                Deaths: Servine the Whismur and Windy the Beautifly

                                Old February 20th, 2013 (9:28 AM). Edited February 20th, 2013 by ChocolateCrunch.
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                                  Game: Pokémon Emerald

                                  Update 1
                                  • Started the game - named myself Choco.
                                  • Obtained REX the Torchic, saved Professor Birch from some angry Zigzagoon.
                                  • Beat May in our first Rival Battle (luckily no wild Pokémon appeared on the Route), returned back to Birch's Lab and received the POKéDEX and 5 POKé BALLS.
                                  • Encountered a Zigzagoon on Route 103 but unluckily got a critical hit.
                                  • Encountered a Poochyena on Route 102 and successfully caught him, named it ELF.

                                  My current Team: REX the Torchic - Level 7 and ELF the Poochyena - Level 3. Hopefully I will have some actual screenshots soon!
                                  +Chocolate at the PS Battle Server! - Mah' Pair - ForeverDash is an old man. - My Owner! - The Poke Masters Forum! (made by a great friend of mine)
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                                  Started my challenge by picking a girl, like I always do for Nuzlocke. Named myself Leaf. My last run was named Green so it seemed appropriate. Named my Rival Red for the heck of it.

                                  -Chose Squirtle, named it Vinny
                                  -Defeated Red with a Critical
                                  -Got Parcel from Viridian City
                                  -Returned Parcel to Prof Oak
                                  -Route 1: Mizune (Rattata F)
                                  -Route 22: Kong (Mankey M)
                                  -Route 2: Nezumi (Rattata F)
                                  -Viridian Forest: Nny (Weedle M)
                                  -Grinded til Squirtle was lvl 9 and rest were lvl 7
                                  -Nny evolved into Kakuna
                                  -Defeated Red on Route 22
                                  -Cleared Virirdian Forest
                                  -Grinded some more
                                  -Nny evolved into Beedrill
                                  -Challenged Brock
                                  -Defeated Brock

                                  No deaths so far, thank god. I did have a couple close calls, mostly with poison.


                                  Lvl 11, Hasty
                                  -Tail Whip

                                  Lvl 9, Quirky
                                  -Tail Whip
                                  -Quick Attack

                                  Lvl 10, Naive
                                  -Poison Sting
                                  -String Shot
                                  -Fury Attack

                                  Lvl 10, Naughty
                                  -Low Kick
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