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Third Generation Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
FireRed, LeafGreen

View Poll Results: What is your favorite 3rd gen series?
Fire Red/Leaf Green 10 37.04%
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald 17 62.96%
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Old January 15th, 2013 (6:01 PM).
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RSE, not only on the GBA, but all time too. I always loved the conflicts of the game, with Groudon and Kyogre being the focus behind most of the story. The Hoenn region was always so fun to travel. And most of all, the Pokémon of the Hoenn Region are bar none.

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Old January 15th, 2013 (11:41 PM).
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Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald for me, because I enjoyed playing these games, and I like Hoenn region as well.
Old January 16th, 2013 (12:30 AM).
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FireRed and LeafGreen no doubt! I loved those games, so much.
Old January 16th, 2013 (12:52 AM).
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I think FRLG are the better games, balance-wise. The gameplay in Hoenn is not that good to me, heavily biased towards Mudkip. Meanwhile, in FRLG Charmander has the poorest matchup against gyms, but he's still very much usable thanks to the options they give you in terms of Pokémon.

Also, Team Rocket is cooler than Aqua/Magma.

Both have some oversights, though. In FRLG, Giovanni's last Pokémon is a Rhyhorn, while it was a Rhydon in the originals. In Emerald, May uses a Torkoal in the second fight, then changes to Slugma the next time you fight her.

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Old January 20th, 2013 (3:13 AM).
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I used to enjoy R/S/E more than FR/LG, however since I've played that series of games like 10 times, FR/LG is becoming my preferred of the two.
Old January 20th, 2013 (4:04 AM).
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I think I prefer Fire Red and Leaf Green more than Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald because I didn't really like Hoenn and its Pokemon.
Old January 21st, 2013 (9:20 AM).
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RSE as Emerald was my first of the newer games and made me fall in love with Gen 3, I got LG afterwards though and adored that too
Old January 22nd, 2013 (9:42 AM).
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The Sevii Islands are what make my answer FR/LG. For some reason, those islands are my calling card for some of my favourite features in a Pokemon game. When I got SS, I would send whoever I had in FR/LG down to SS just so I could play alllllllll the way through again just to complete the Sevii Islands again.
Old January 23rd, 2013 (7:35 AM).
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Its R/S/E for me simply because i love the Hoenn region and some of my favout=rite pokemon come from there.
Old January 23rd, 2013 (7:47 AM).
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Ruby was my first game, but I prefer FireRed
In Ruby the surfing routes are so sometimes so confusing and the gym leaders are a little bit op
Old January 23rd, 2013 (2:28 PM).
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I like FRLG better than RSE. After GSC, Ruby and Sapphire let me down because they didn't include all of the Pokemon (and as Blastoise was my favorite Pokemon, I was upset that I had no way of obtaining one until FRLG came out), weren't backwards compatible, and only included one region. I suppose after GSC, I expected new games to continue the trend of allowing trades with previous generations and letting the user explore the regions present in previous games, so I was surpised when neither Kanto nor Johto was present in R/S. I've also never cared too much for water in Pokemon regions, and Hoenn's abundance of oceans didn't sit well with me. Overall, the Hoenn games have always been my least favorites, and I think a lot of that stems from the fact that they followed my favorite games and didn't live up to the same expectations.

By contrast, FRLG brought back many of the Pokemon I loved, and allowed me to explore Kanto all over again, which I loved. Also, when I first played Red, most people I knew used the Missingno glitch all the time, and I liked the idea of playing through an expanded Kanto region without the same glitch issues present in RBY. Unlike with R/S, I knew what to expect when I bought LeafGreen, as I'd played most of the game before in the form of RBY. Consequently, FRLG lived up to my expectations better than RSE did, and as a result, I continue to prefer the Kanto third generation games to the Hoenn ones.
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Old February 9th, 2013 (12:01 AM).
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As much as I liked FRLG I think the Hoenn games were a little better, especially Emerald. But then again Sapphire was the first game I played so I am a little biased.
Old February 9th, 2013 (2:17 AM).
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Originally Posted by Caelus View Post
As much as I liked FRLG I think the Hoenn games were a little better, especially Emerald. But then again Sapphire was the first game I played so I am a little biased.
I loved Emerald way more than Sapphire/Ruby. This is because the Story I could battle both Team Aqua and Team Magma!

However, I do love Fr/LG so much.
Old February 12th, 2013 (10:38 AM).
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Sapphire was my first game, so in a slightly biased decision, I'm going to say RSE. FRLG was outdated with the release of HGSS, anyways.
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Old February 12th, 2013 (11:10 AM).
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Emerald >> RS > FR/LG
I have to vote for RSE, even if Red was the first Pokemon game I have ever played.
In my opinion, Red/Blue lack of story, yeah there's TR, but not much is known of their goals/history/etc. Ands FR/LG haven't really improved that part.... I prefer when they're tons of sidequest (by sidequest I mean everything that isn't getting badge and beating elite 4 & Champion).
The only let down of Emerald is the lack of some previous gen Pokemon that were liked by players (like eeveelution/Gengar/etc.) But it bring out couple of really nice new Pokemon too
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Old March 5th, 2013 (12:43 PM).
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RSE beats them all, and here's the reason. Emerald and the other two give you a region that has never been explored before, and Firered and Leafgreen just warp you off to the region we all know and love, Kanto. While FRLF added an enormous plethora of new adventures, including the Sevii Islands, Hoenn gave us an actual storyline, with you playing a "chosen one" of sorts. I am also annoyed at the lack of moving sprites up until Emerald, which left little personality in those games, even Ruby and Sapphire. Emerald gives us this luxury that we still use today, but it leaves some Pokemon that should have been included, like Roselia, Masquerain, and Zangoose. I loved the added features in Emerald, especially the Battle Frontier, which I have still never won, but at least witnessed.

While both games have decent things to offer, I'm afraid Emerald outshines them all.

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Old March 5th, 2013 (3:21 PM).
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I really had to think for a long time before answering this poll, and I chose FR/LG ONLY because Kanto was my first region and LeafGreen was the first game I completed. I think there were some features that I loved in RSE that weren't in FRLG just because they were remakes, and that was a shame. C'mon, berry planting and secret bases? I would've loved to see those in Kanto, same with a PokeGear for easy rematches. All in all, though, I think I liked FRLG better.
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (2:56 PM).
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Ruby was my first game! it was fun 8 gyms and Full Pokemon Dex
Old September 2nd, 2013 (4:06 PM).
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Thread closed.

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