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    A series of vignettes akin to House on Mango Street. Tells the story of the orphans and how they mature and relationships blossom all through the eyes of either Lenora, Drayden or Clay, the caretakers, with exceptions on some.
    A/N: This is going to be a series of short-to-long vignettes, akin to The House on Mango Street. It mostly revolves around the happenings of the characters in Lenora's Orphanage, also run by Drayden and Clay. As you see above, yaoi(Male/Male) alert, if that squicks you out, then you are free to go. The yaoi will probably only be two pairings, Marlon/Cress, and a love triangle between Burgh/Brycen/Skyla.
    Chapter One: Enter, Brycen

    The 17-year-old teen looked up at the orphanage in front of him. It was an old, kind of run-down building, but was otherwise in perfect shape, as were all of the buildings, he noticed, are in Nacrene City. He was miffed that he had to be at this orphanage, he was a world-renown actor, he could take care of himself, but Unova's Code of Law states that any person under the age of twenty-one with no parents nor guardians must be sent to an orphanage, and, unfortunately for him, he fit that criteria.

    The door to the orphanage opened, and out came a three people, the caretakers, two men and a woman. "Welcome to Nacrene Orphanage!" the woman said. He nodded to her, a sign of acknowledgement. He went into the building, but was soon stopped by an older man, with a white beard covering half of his face. "Introduce yourself," he said. The larger man nodded at this. Brycen sighed, "To whom am I introducing myself too?"
    The large man pointed to the people he hadn't noticed earlier, about ten people. He noticed two blue-haired teens arguing at each other. A little girl with dark-ish hair was chasing around a teen with too much paint on his face, among others. Oh Arceus... Brycen thought, these were who he'll be living with for four years? "Well?" the woman said. He sighed, "My name is Brycen, I'm seventeen years old." He rolled his eyes, did he really have to do this? He noticed that no one really noticed, not even the caretakers, whom were in their own conversation, and with that, he left.

    He was stopped, however, when two teens came up to him, one with green hair, one with red, and greeted him. "My name Cilan," the green-haired one said. "And I'm Chili!" the other said. They pointed the blue haired teens, and Cilan spoke, "That's Cress, our other brother," and Chili finished his sentence, "and that's Marlon, they have this odd rivalry slash boy-crush 'cause everyone can obviously see it." Brycen raised a brow at this, That's... interesting. He shook his head, this might just be enjoyable after all.
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