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Triple and Rotational Battles.

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Old February 12th, 2013 (6:00 AM).
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For the first time since RSE new battles were introduced. They are called Triple battles and Rotational battles. Each battle you will send out 3 Pokemon and in the Triple battle it will be an all out 3 vs 3 while in the rotational battle you have to battle by rotating the Pokemon around attacking in a 1 vs 1 format. If you had the White version Triple was more common and if you had Black Rotational was more common. So what did you think of these new battles? Were the fun? Were they needed? Were they a bit too much? Could they have introduced more? Which was your favorite? Discuss.....

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Old February 12th, 2013 (8:11 AM).
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Rotational battles were just a bit meh for tbh but Triple battles was really a fresh new way of battling for me.Thinking for strategies in my team was awesome.For me i would've wanted a triple tag battle, a bit too much i know but i'd still like to see it.
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Old February 12th, 2013 (8:22 PM).
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I actually enjoyed these new formats since it added an extra twist to battling. Triples were fun but they were difficult for me to master as I had to care about the position of my Pokemon.

I did enjoy Rotations more cos you never know what your foe's gonna do, they might rotate into something that resistant to your attack or maybe even set up on ya. Given I played Black, I liked the Rotation Battles more but I was kinda disappointed they didn't include a lot of Rotation/Triple battles in-game.
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Old February 12th, 2013 (8:50 PM).
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I like these two new formats of battling.

My favorite is Triple Battles, because positioning of Pokemon is the vital key to win it. And I find Rotation Battles interesting too, because I have to know how to rotate my Pokemon at the right time.
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Old February 13th, 2013 (11:48 AM).
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i prefer Rotation since it's more strategic tough it does sound a bit like switching out expect the enemy knows what you are gonna switch for which is actually a good way to set up your opponent,or let him set you up. Sadly since i got White i could only experience Rotation Battles by 1 NPC trainer that challenges to you after the game and PVP battling.
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Old February 13th, 2013 (1:14 PM).
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I honestly loved these new types of battles. While triple was a little boring (as it basically felt like doubles) I found rotation to be really fun, as it just added to prediction! And I liked the little whirring sound that went with it! I was upset there were so little in White. :(

Actually, I wish there had been more of BOTH in the games. I swear, there were maybe... 6?
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Old February 13th, 2013 (8:09 PM).
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I highly dislike Triple and rotational battles. They are just dumb in my opinion.
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Old February 14th, 2013 (8:42 AM).
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I found rotation battles very annoying as you never knew if they were going to rotate their pokemon party or not. I found those triple battle fun though.
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Old February 14th, 2013 (9:59 AM).
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I might enjoy Triple Battles if I were to assemble teams for them, but just thrown in here and there like they are, I don't, and in fact actively dislike them. Battles with multiple pokemon rely on a few strategies that are different from single battles, and since the vast majority of the battles in the game are single, that's what my teams are designed for. They don't sync well for multiple battles, though they can generally get by in doubles. In triples though, it's most obvious that they don't sync well, so they just end up being annoying.

Rotational battles are fun with other people, but they're sort of pointless against the AI. With other people, you get into some complex strategy, since you're trying to predict the other person but also aware that s/he's trying to predict you, so maybe rather than choosing based on what you think the other person is going to do, you need to choose based on what you think the other person thinks you're going to do, and so on. It can get very involved. But since the AI is dumb as dirt, there's very little of that. It doesn't use sensible strategy, so there's little on which to base any predictions, and pretty much all you can do is try to use a pokemon who can weather all the opponents' attacks and go for a sweep, which is sort of dull.
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Old February 14th, 2013 (10:48 AM).
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Both battle types are good concepts but unfortunately their ingame use was more anoying than fun. I like the idea of using three Pokemon at the same time but every battle with one of these concepts took me by surprise and my sole answer was to spam attacks to finish them, because my team wasn't prepared for them.

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Old February 14th, 2013 (8:48 PM).
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I liked the addition of triple battles in B/W, but hope that the introduction of them doesn't lead down the slippery slope of 4v4, 5v5 and 6v6 battles. I also thought that the rotational battles were a neat concept, but would have been better served as a Battle Frontier-esque gimmick, rather than a normal battle type.
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Old February 15th, 2013 (1:48 AM).
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Triples were okay, but rotationals were difficult. Somehow I feel like it might've been recieved better if triples were in B/W and rotationals in B2/W2, rather than two at once :x

(So that B/W has something up on B2/W2, buuut still, people could embrace one more than just being thrown at them).

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Old February 15th, 2013 (5:44 PM).
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I liked these 2 new battling styles.Playing these 2 modes give me a challenge (Espcially Triples)
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