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Who remembers Pokemon Stadium 2???

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Old January 27th, 2013 (7:10 AM).
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I never owned Stadium 2 but owned a German version of the first one and a N64, but lost both . I remember winning a Kabuto but not owning a red, blue or yellow to transfer it too (this was during the days of Gen IV)

White 2:
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Old February 14th, 2013 (12:01 AM).
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Little cup rocked if you could upload your own team, and the classroom actually taught me a lot, seeing how I was young and dumb. Before that, fire pokemon of mine only knew fire moves. Because theyre fire type.... thats what they were supposed to do lol. But I got stuck on team rocket in the castle for so long it mustve been a year, that solar beam Houndoom kicked my butt...
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Old February 14th, 2013 (8:11 AM). Edited February 14th, 2013 by waveguidebuizel.
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My brother and I spent so many hours at it as kids! Ah, such good memories~! Well, aside from the rage due to hax, especially with Round 2. And Prime Cup. >_< We never did beat Round 2, though I think we were making a team for Little Cup. I especially loved Earl's Academy! That's where all my knowledge of the mechanics and little nuances of the game originated. It did a really good job of teaching everything, particularly with breeding, which I think can be a complicated subject for a beginner to learn. ^-^ Oh, and the mini-games! So fun! I remember that I really liked the Donphan, Furret, Mr. Mime, Chansey, Delibird and Hitmontop games.
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Old February 17th, 2013 (5:07 PM).
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I have been playing since it came out!

Oh, and I used only rentals, and got up until half way through R2. I remember Prime cup final being hell with rentals. It was luck that my rental Primeape critical hit his Muk with a cross chop and I won! After, I have to use my own pokes. Still too hard, though.

Anyways, it was incredibly hard, incredibly rigged, but an incredibly amazing game! I still am trying to beat it. I like this as my favourite pokemon game (probably). :D

I am trying to figure out how to hack my pokemon so they are all shiny and have max stats for this game, but not sure exactly how to do it. Still waiting for a response in the other thread.

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Old March 6th, 2013 (3:29 PM).
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This game was my first time playing a friend's game. I only had Stadium, but as we talked, I found out that he had the second one, so he brought it over and we played. It's sad though, I don't remember doing anything else at all with him, and we only did it once

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Old March 21st, 2013 (10:55 PM).
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I remember Pokemon stadium, I had done and completed a full Lets Play of it both rounds, Playing through I had only 3 losses. the entire LP.

I'm thinking when I complete my Lets Play of Fallout 3 of going back and continuing my LP of Pokemon Stadium 2,
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Old March 30th, 2013 (3:24 PM).
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I loved Stadium 2. I can't tell you how much time I poured into that game. I never made it to Round 2 though, and that's because I could never get far in the Little Cup. Hated that one so much.
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Old March 30th, 2013 (4:23 PM).
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My fondest memory(s) were repeatedly whooping my sister's asses in this game
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