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3rd Gen The Master Ball

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Old February 2nd, 2013 (1:43 AM).
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david tennant so much!
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    i found it accidently, but np im glad :D
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    Old February 14th, 2013 (11:33 PM).
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      I'm one of those 'explore every place' types. I rarely miss things.

      I agree though that it certainly seemed bizarre that they just placed it on the floor. It was rather anti-climatic considering how you received it in the previous games.
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      Old February 15th, 2013 (3:00 PM).
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        In my first playtrough I didn't even know about the existance of the room where the masterball was located, so I missed it. However I caught all the legends (Latios was a REAL pain to catch without it.) In Emerald I've bumped into the room accidentally.
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        Old February 16th, 2013 (5:46 PM).
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          The first time I played through Ruby version I never grabbed the Master Ball. This pretty much resulted in me not catching Groudon because the Ultra Balls weren't working for me so I just KO'd it.
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          Old February 17th, 2013 (4:14 AM).
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            In my 1st playthrough of Emerald I knew where it was so I picked it up. It probably could have been put in Prof Birch's lab
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            Old February 18th, 2013 (12:04 PM).
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              I found it every single playthrough.

              Have you ever seen a chicken strip?
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              Old February 24th, 2013 (11:13 PM).
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              I missed it. Argh I was confused. I got to Kyogre in sapphire, and didn't have it! Luckily, I caught Kyogre after Sunny Day, Hypnosis, Leaf Blade.

              I think the Master Ball should just be given to you when you beat Archie earlie on.
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              Old March 4th, 2013 (2:00 AM).
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              I didn't miss it! I always search around places before the big fights because I know I will end up missing something big, like the Master Ball. Luckily, my curiosity always gets the better of me.
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              Old March 4th, 2013 (11:36 PM).
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              I rushed through my first playthrough, so I missed it. After struggling to catch Latias, I searched for where I could find a master ball only to find out I couldn't get it anymore. Of course I remembered to get it every playthrough after that though.

              You wish it was this easy...
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              Old March 6th, 2013 (7:45 PM).
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                I got it, but only after like 20 minutes of trying to figure out those stupid warps. I think they should have had Steven give it to you after the fight in the Space Station in Mossdeep. At least, for Emerald that is. I don't know if that battle was in Ruby or Sapphire.

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                Old March 7th, 2013 (11:14 AM).
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                  I didn't miss it, just got lucky to find it. My two closest friends at the time got the games before me and were already past it and missed it.
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