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    Welcome Trainers, you have been selected as one of the most profound Trainers or the Pokemon world. Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Teana, of the Rainbow Canyon Region. This Canyon is one of the most special areas compared to other Pokemon regions. Each part of the Rainbow area has its own specialty, and many different villages inhabit this chasm of mystery.

    Now you ask, why have I come to you? I need your help to take down someone. There are many problems with this Canyon at the moment. An evil being of a high status has come and took over Rainbow Canyon. Each part of it is now under control of this evil ruler, which needs to be saved. The villagers and hosts of this chasm need your help! The Pokemon also need your help else their home will never be the same again.The Evil Ruler has brainwashed many innocent Wild Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers to do his bidding. He loves Board Games and turned Rainbow Canyon into a giant Board Game area! Please save our home of Rainbow Canyon!

    I can see it in your eyes that you wonder why he has taken over the Canyon? He has taken over Rainbow Canyon because of the special Legendary Pokemon that lives within the deepest part of the Rainbow Canyon Region. No one knows what Legendary Pokemon it is, however it was the creator of the special canyon. Please save that poor Pokemon from the wrath of the Evil Ruler!

    Many Trainers and Pokemon will also be moving around and need your help! The Evil ruler has created all areas as a Board Game feat. Therefore, you must work as a Team with your Pokemon to help conquer the Evil Ruler! Each Player moves around the board rolling a die from 1 – 6. There is no turn base, just make sure the Game Board Leader has moved you first. (Myself) All Wild Pokemon move randomly in random directions too. Make sure you be careful!

    Your Starter Pokemon can be any Pokemon with an evolution, however must be of the Basic Stage.

    Then, you may choose its Gender, Ability, and one move that Pokemon learns as its Starting Move. For example, I sign up as:
    Name: Chris
    Pokemon: Lotad (Male) | Rain Dish | Surf

    You will then be accepted and told your moves and abilities specialities. For example, Surf hits Target in front from 3 spaces in a block of 3. Rain Dish recovers 1 HP when Status of Rain.

    Your Mission is to save Trainers, Pokemon, and unlock mysteries of the Rainbow Canyon Region. Could you help us? I am asking you desperately. The first six Trainers to enter can play this game!


    All Pokemon’s Attacks have Base Power. Same Type Attack Bonus is also valid too. Super Effective and Not Very Effective are also present within this game. I will describe more as the game goes. To capture a Pokemon you must make them first faint, and then you have a certain Percentage chance to capture it depending on rarity.

    Battling Pokemon Trainers & Wild Pokemon

    When Battling a Pokemon. You send your Pokemon out and call its Attacks. However, the receiving end of the Attack rolls a 6-sided die. If it’s higher than the Attack you take damage instead as the difference.

    For example: Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip on Squirtle. The BP of Vine Whip is 3. Therefore, it has 3 Base Power against Squirtle. However, since it’s a move of the same type, it adds 1 Base Power making it 4. Then, Super Effective versus Squirtle making it a total of 6 Base Power! That’s a lot… Super Effective Moves are powerful and good. Then Squirtle rolls a Defense roll of 4.

    6 VS. 4 = 2 Damage to Squirtle

    Bulbasaur 10/10
    Squirtle 8/10

    Team Battles

    A wild Sandshrew moves in the range of my Bulbasaur who is ready to battle back. Sandshrew uses Scratch, which makes Bulbasaur 9/10 HP. A Team mate of mine can move next to me and double attack with me versus the Sandshrew.

    Bulbasaur use Tackle!
    My Partner says: Squirtle use Bubble!

    Bother player’s Base Power add together versus Sandshrew’s 1 Defense roll. Then takes Damage.

    Knocked Out Team

    Once all of your Pokemon have been knocked out. You must depend on your own instincts and movement to move around the board for safety. All players also have 10/10 health. Once you are Knocked Out, it’s Game Over.

    For example, a wild Rattata uses Hyper Fang on Me. It has 7 BP. I have a 50% chance to dodge all moves even if they hit. It’s best to run away and get to a healing zone.

    Healing Zone

    Land in this area to heal all of your Pokemon to full health.


    All Pokemon gain experience from battling. All Pokemon start at Level 5, and must raise their Levels to evolve. (Like the Games) Some Pokemon require Trades to evolve, however this is changed to Levels. However, Evolution Stones, and Happiness still applies to evolve certain Pokemon. Evolving your Pokemon is your choice; you do not have to do it.

    Chris 10/10 HP

    Bulbasaur ? | L5 | 10/10 HP
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moves: Vine Whip
    EXP: 3/10

    If the Pokemon defeats a Pokemon, it gains the Level of the Opponent as experience.

    Experience Chart:

    Wild Pokemon Basic Stage – Level of the Knocked Out Pokemon
    Wild Pokemon Stage 1 and Pokemon that do not evolve and remain Basic – Level of the Knocked Out Pokemon + 1
    Wild Pokemon Stage 2 and up – Level of the Knocked Out Pokemon + 2

    Trainer Pokemon basic Stage – Level of the Knocked Out Pokemon + 2
    Trainer of Basic Stage that do not evolve and Stage – Level of the Knocked Out Pokemon + 4
    Trainer of Stage 2 Pokemon and up – Level of the Knocked Out Pokemon + 6


    Your Pokemon’s ability also works as well. Some are slightly different. Your Ability will be summarized when you sign up. For example; Levitate will avoid all Ground Type moves and Traps. Dreamworld Abilities can be unlocked later on as the Team progresses...

    Status Problems

    When a Pokemon has a Status Problem, it still affects the inflicted Pokemon. There are five main status conditions that affect a Pokemon. A Pokemon may not be under multiple status conditions at once. Some Status conditions end on their own.

    • Burned Pokemon lose 1 HP at the end of each turn.
    • Burned Pokemon physical attacks deals 50% as much damage as normal.
    • Fire Pokemon cannot be burned.

    • Frozen Pokemon are unable to move.
    • Frozen Pokemon have a 20% chance to become unfrozen each time they attempt to move.
    • Ice Pokemon cannot be frozen by Ice-Type moves.
    • A Pokemon cannot be frozen while the sun is bright.
    • If a frozen Pokemon uses or is hit by one of the following moves, the frozen Pokemon will thaw: Cross Flame, Flame Wheel, Sacred Fire, Flare Blitz, and Scald.
    • An opposing Pokemon using a Fire move on a frozen target will thaw that Pokemon.

    • Paralyzed Pokemon have a 25% chance to be unable to move.
    • Paralyzed Pokemon move last each turn.

    • Poisoned Pokemon lose 1 HP at the end of each turn.
    • Certain moves cause a Pokemon to be badly poisoned, in this case, the Pokemon loses 1 HP at the end of the first turn, then 2HP, 3HP, 4HP and it continues to increase by 1 HP for each additional turn. This damage maxes at 9 HP
    • Poison Pokemon and Steel Pokemon cannot be poisoned.

    • Sleeping Pokemon are unable to move for 1 – 3 turns, which is determined by a private die roll. The sleep counter advances at the beginning of each of the Pokemon’s turn.
    • Rest always causes a 2 turn sleep.

    Other Conditions

    There are also other conditions that Pokemon can have. A Pokemon may have as many of these conditions at once as possible, along with one main status condition.

    • An attracted Pokemon has 50% chance to be unable to move.

    • Confusion lasts for 1-4 turns, which is determined by a private die roll. The confusion counter advances at the beginning of each turn.
    • When a confused Pokemon attempts a move, there is a 25% chance the Pokemon moves in random directions. Another 25% for the Pokemon to itself, and a 50% chance to move normally.
    • When a Pokemon hits itself from confusion, it takes 1 HP.


    Some moves and abilities can introduce weather into battle. Players may encounter boards already with a predetermined weather. Two weathers cannot exist at the same time.

    The move Rain Dance causes the Rain weather condition for 5 turns. Rain increases the damage of Water moves by 1 BP and decreases the damage of Fire moves by 0.5 BP

    The move Sunny Day causes the Sun weather condition for 5 turns. Sun increases the damage of Fire moves by 1 BP and decreases the damage of Water moves by 0.5 BP. No Pokemon can be frozen while sun is active.

    The move Sandstorm causes the Sandstorm weather condition for 5 turns. At the end of each turn, Sandstorm damages all Pokemon for 1 HP, unless the Pokemon is Ground, Rock, or Steel-Type. Sandstorm increases the attack of Rock-Type Pokemon by 1 BP

    The move Hail causes the Hail weather condition for 5 turns. At the end of each turn, Hail damages all Pokemon for 1 HP, unless the Pokemon is Ice-Type.

    Accuracy of all moves in Fog are multipled by 90%.

    All weather conditions go away at the end of the turn. It is determined by a 50% chance it is removed. (Before the effects of the weather)


    Each player can roll a 6-sided die. (No order as long as nobody lands on the same space.) As long as the Game Master moves that player you are good to go.

    You can move four spaces and then say “Attack Pokemon” or “Talk” or “Pickup Item.”


    At the beginning of a Board all players will be given an Objective to work as a Team and avoid the Evil Pokemon tainted by the Evil Ruler. Each Player can only carry 6 Pokemon and must work their way to the PC space if their is one on the Board. Your first adventure starts within Droughtamid. A sandy area, covered with lots of sand and has a giant pyramid. The Pyramid is known to have secrets of a special Pokemon. I suggest moving here first.

    Sign Ups:

    Overworld Trainer Sprite: (Choose one and link it here as your counter. Not allowed Gym Leaders/Elite 4/Champions Overworlds)
    Starter Pokemon:
    Ability: (Non Dreamworld)
    Moves: (one)

    Trainers Signed Up: (Max of six)


    Since the Evil Ruler has restrictions on certain aspects of the Board in Rainbow Canyon here will be a rundown of some basic knowledge.

    - Any Player can roll a die to move their character. It is not a turn based Board Game.
    - When you have moved, you can decide to use a command; “Attack” “Pick Up” “Use Item” “Talk”
    - “Attack” – You can use your Pokémon’s Attack to hit other Pokemon enemies. Simply place your Pokemon onto the Space in front of you. (This counts as sending out your Pokemon)
    - When your Pokemon has been sent out, you can use an Attack your Pokemon learns.
    - “Pick Up”. When faced against an object like a Pokeball. Simply command “Pick Up” to acquire the item and place it into your bag. You cannot use that item the same turn you moved.
    - “Use Item”. You can use an Item at the beginning or end of your turn. Just simply say “Use Item [x]” and its affects activate. For example; “Use Potion on Squirtle!” Then you can move your counter as normal.
    - “Talk” You can do this to talk to any Non-Player Character or Important Character. Therefore, you can acquire some really good information and hints of the Board in progress.

    Aims & Objectives

    You must use Teamwork with your Co-Players and Pokemon to achieve greatness. Simply follow the objectives together, and earn more Pokemon and prizes! One day your Pokemon may learn more moves and even learn its Dream World abilities. Most objectives ask you to defeat certain players, get to a certain space, or defeat certain Pokemon. As a Team, you move around the board to evade the Evil Ruler’s evil attacks and schemes.


    Simply roll a 6 sided die. You can use or use AOL Messenger [AIM]; Simply type in a chat or Blast Chat //roll-dice 1-sides 6 to get a result. Or an even basic dice roll would be to use an actual dice on your own carpet! Any concerns over cheating will cause the Evil Ruler severely punish the Players who cheat… I would advise not to cheat!

    Once you have rolled your die, simply move in any direction equal to the movement.

    Main Rule

    To have fun! Choose your favourites and battle with your Pokemon you would never use! If nobody has fun then that is kind of dull! Make friends and enjoy the Board Game! Even if the Evil Ruler makes a misery of the Game!

    Any Questions Private Message Me. Yes, all Pokemon will be available!

    OOC: Also Hi, I am Chris (Fossil Fusion) Nice to meet you all!
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