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    This a fanfic I wrote, I've gotten a little ways with it. It basicaly begins after Cameron, the main character, goes through the main storyline of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, where Cyrus tells Cameron that if he doesn't leave, he'll destroy Sinnoh. This story picks up the overall story 3 years later, so, hope you guys like it.

    PS: I accidently for got to post Ch. 1 after the prolouge. So it's been posted after Ch. 3. Sorry.

    It was midnight. The moon shone down upon the trees in an erie white glow.
    All was silent.
    That was, until the silence was broken by a 17 year-old boy accomponied by an older gentleman racing through the trees.
    The boy's name was Ashton. He had blonde hair that he wore under a red stocking cap. He had green eyes and a humorous complextion. But you could not see any happiness in his face now. Only panic.
    The man's name was Prof. Richard Aspen. He was a middle-aged man with grey-brown hair and brown eyes tucked behing his glasses. And he seemed to be terrified of something.
    "Keep up, Professor! We're almost there!" Ashton shouted.
    "I'm not as young as you! I need to rest." Aspen replied.
    "We don't have time! If we stop, they're going to kill us! We need to get to the house before we can do anything!" Ashton yelled over his shoulder.
    "Who's chasing us?!" Aspen shouted.
    "Galactic Cloaks! Lots of them, too!"
    Galactic "Cloaks" were Cyrus' elite task force, and personal guard. They were only put into play if the situation was really important.
    "Oh god! They'll kill us!" Aspen exclaimed panicedly.
    "Which is why we can't stop running!" said Ashton.
    "But I can't run anymore, idiot child!" said the Professor.
    Ashton and Aspen both stopped in the middle of a clearing; trying to catch their breath. Ashton said "Fine. Go on ahead. I'm going to see if I can slow them down."
    Without a single word, Professor Apen trecked onward and left Ashton to fend for himself in the middle of the clearing.
    There were a few moments of silence then. The only sound that could be heard was Ashton's heart beating franticly.
    Then, finally, 5 hooded figures in pitch-black robes stepped into the clearing. Ashton reached down to a console around his wrist and pressed a button. Then a pokeball materialized in his hand.
    Ashton threw it up into the air and said "Let's go, Gliscor." and a Gliscor came out of the pokeball and hovered in the air next to him.
    The Cloaks chuckled and then one said "You really think you can take *all* of us?"
    Ashton replied "Nope. Gliscor! Smokescreen!"
    And Gliscor let out a huge cloud of smoke that blinded the Cloaks.
    Ashton withdrew Gliscor back into his pokéball, and the pokéball materialized away just as quickly as it appeared. So Ashton took off into the woods again; heading the way he saw Prof. Aspen go.
    Ashton finally came upon a small house in the middle of the woods. Gliscor's pokéball materialized into his hand once again as Ashton kicked open the door to the house. All that was inside was Prof. Aspen.
    "Good lord, what was that for?!" exclaimed the startled Professor.
    "Sorry." Ashton replied. "Just making sure the Cloaks didn't make it here first."
    "That's was completely unnecessary!" said the Professor.
    "Alright! I'm sorry, ok? Now, we don't have much time."
    "You're right. Quickly now. Downstairs."
    Prof. Aspen and Ashton started down into the basement. Ashton was amazed by all the technological equipment set up around the basement. The Professor was always a busy man.
    "Here. Get in!" said Prof. Aspen pointing towards a large unit which seemed to be some kind of teleportation pod. "This will take you to, well, whatever this *Earth* place is. That's where you'll find Cameron."
    "Alright. So give me the game plan." Ashton said as he stepped into the pod.
    "Right." started Aspen. "So, this machine uses the same space travel devices that Palkia utilizes. When you arrive at the place you're going, you will leave a tear in the fabric of space; a portal. You will need to use this portal to get back."
    "Ok." said Ashton.
    "This portal, however, will only stay open for five hours." Prof. Aspen continued.
    "So that's my time limit?" asked Ashton.
    "Yes. But, the map on your pokéholder console around your wrist will be able to pick up Cameron's DNA signature. So you should be able to find him, and be back to the the space-rift in no time at all." said the Professor.
    "Alright. I can do that." said Ashton.
    Prof. Aspen flipped a couple switches, turned a couple dials, and the pod started to *whiz* to life.
    "Ashton?" asked Aspen.
    "Yes?" Ashton replied.
    "Please make it back. Cyrus has to die for what he's done to Sinnoh."
    "I know." said Ashton grimly.
    And as Professor Aspen pressed the button, Ashton saw a bright flash of light, and then everything went black.
    There was silence.
    Fire can heal, fire can destroy, fire is in all our souls.
    It all just depends on what you choose to do with it.
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      Chapter 2
      When Cameron finally opened his eyes, everything was bright and blurry. He heard a voice say "It's alright, Cameron. You're home now." Cameron's vision finally cleared, and he found him self lying on a bed in Prof. Aspen's house. He had only been here once before.
      Cameron looked at Prof. Aspen and said "Hey, Professor."
      "Ha ha! It was a success! Yes! The Champion has returned! exclaimed Prof. Aspen.
      "Yes. Welcome home, Pokémon Champion!" Ashton said, already awake.
      Cameron smiled at their happiness. "Thank you. It's good to be back." He said.
      Ashton didn't look so easy, though. The he said "I have more bad news, Cam."
      Reluctantly, Cameron sighed and said "Give it to me."
      "The night after you left, I was polishing your pokémon's pokéballs. And I put them back in the briefcase under my bed when I went to sleep. Well, a galactic opperative broke in and stole the briefcase that night."
      "Oh..." Cameron said sadly.
      "But, the guy didn't notice that I had accidently left one on the kitchen table." Ashton said, taking a pokéball out of a small strong box on the professor's desk. "Here you go. I was only able to save him, and my Gliscor." he said, tossing the ball to Cameron.
      Cameron tossed the ball up, and out came an old friend.
      "Luxray! Aw, come here buddy!" Cameron called to his friend.
      Luxray trotted across the room to Cameron's bedside, and licked his face multiple times.
      "Oh! I have something for you, too!" said Prof. Aspen. "Here." he said, this time handing him a bracelet-like console. "This is the PokéHolder ver. 1.6. It was Professor Rowan's very last creation. The day he died, he told Ashton and I to find you and bring you back. Then he put this in my hands and told me to give it to you.
      Cameron put the pokéholder on his wrist. It went from his wrist, almost to his elbow.
      "How does this work? All there is is this pokéball button in the middle of it." he said, pressing the button.
      All of a sudden, blue lines lit up on the wrist unit and a holographic screen came up out of the button. Luxray growled at it, and archs of blue electricity started to spark in his mane.
      "Augh!" Cameron shouted as he felt something pierce his skin under the console.
      "What was that?!" Cameron shouted in pain.
      "I know it hurt, but the pokéholder just connected itself to your nervous system. Now it can read your thoughts. All you have to do is think, and it'll do it." said Prof. Aspen.
      "Okay..." Cameron started. "Now, what exactly does it do?"
      "Oh it has a map, you can make calls with it, send messages, but most of all it can hold all of your pokémon and items!" said the Professor.
      "Well that's helpful!" Cameron replied.
      "Uh, Cam! We have a problem!" said Ashton looking out the window.
      "What is it?" Cameron asked getting out of bed.
      "Cloaks! Six of them, too!" Prof. Aspen screamed.
      "What are Cloaks?!" Cameron demanded.
      "Cyrus' personal guard." said Ashton.
      Cameron looked at Luxray, and Luxray flashed a look back that said "Let's send a message to Cyrus."
      "I'm gonna show these guys that the *true* Champion is back." Cameron said, throwing open the door.
      Cameron stepped outside with Luxray to face the Cloaks. The Cloaks had with them an Electivire, Magmortar, Magnezone, Drapion, Yanmega, and Dusknoir. Luxray looked on undaunted. Ready for anything.
      The Cloak with the Dusknoir stepped forward and said "You really think you can take *all* of us?"
      "Luxray, what do you think?" Cameron said smugly.
      "RRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!" Luxray let out a deafening, powerful roar that shook the ground. And Cameron replied to the Cloak, "You're nothing but a bump in the road for us."
      Angrily, the Cloak yelled "Dusknoir! Thunder Punch!" Dusknoir's fist wound up, and started to spark. Right as he went in to hit Luxray, Luxray side stepped.
      "Luxray! Thunder!" Cameron shouted, and Luxray let loose a gigantic bolt of lighting that created blinding light. When the light cleared, Dusknoir was knocked out.
      The other cloaks yelled at their pokémon to attack all at once.
      "Luxray! Hyper Beam!" yelled Cameron.
      And with a mighty roar, Luxray loosed a searing beam of light. When all cleared, the other five pokémon were knocked out.
      All the Cloaks were gone. Except for one that seemed to be hurt in the commotion. He was trying to limp away.
      "Luxray stun him!" Cameron shouted, already running at the Cloak.
      Luxray shot a small bolt of electricity at the Cloak, and he stopped dead in his tracks and fell over.
      Cameron ran over and picked the Cloak up by his jacket and yelled in his face: "Where is Cyrus?!"
      The Cloak replied "I'll never tell you anything. Who do you think you are?"
      Cameron just glared at him and said "If you won't tell me anything, fine. But when you see Cyrus, tell him to stay hidden in his little tower. Because the *real* Pokémon Champion of Sinnoh is back. And he's looking for him."
      "Or what?" said the Cloak.
      "Or Luxray here will loose another Hyper Beam."
      "No! No! I'll tell you everything you want to know! Just please, don't hurt me!" The cloak yelled.
      "Where are my pokémon?!" Cameron yelled.
      "All the pokémon are in a warehouse in Canavale City!"
      "What about the gym leaders?! Where are they?!"
      "They're in a maximum security prison outside Veilstone!"
      "Ok. Now tell Cyrus what I wanted you to tell him. Get out of my sight." And with that, Cameron let him go.
      As the Cloak ran of into the woods, Ashton came up to Cameron and said "You still have it. I'm glad I'm you're friend. What's your next plan?"
      Cameron turned and looked at Ashton with a smile on his face. "Get your people together, and suit up. We're getting our Pokémon back. Hope you have something for me to wear."
      Fire can heal, fire can destroy, fire is in all our souls.
      It all just depends on what you choose to do with it.
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        Chapter 3
        "Found it!" Prof. Aspen called, pulling a big chest out from a closet in the basement.
        "What is it?" Cameron asked walking down the steps.
        "These were Prof. Rowan's traveling clothes when he was your age. I thought they might work for you" Prof. Aspen said holding up a black dress vest, that went over a white dress shirt and tie. And a black jacket with a pokéball symbol in the bottom left corner. He also gave Cameron a white scarf.
        "It's perfect." Cameron said hesitently.
        Aspen replied, "What's the matter, Cameron?"
        Cameron's eyes started to swell with tears. "I'm, I'm not, I'm not worthy." he finally managed to say.
        "Cameron, I know that you loved the professor. He loved you, too. And I'm sorry that he had to die. Trust me. I was his asistant. But when Prof. Rowan died," Prof. Aspen started to take a small message recording device out of his coat pocket. "... he gave me this. He told me only to give it to you when you started to leave on your journey."
        Aspen handed the tape to Cameron, and Cameron pressed the play button. Professor Rowan's voice came on and said, "Cameron, if you're hearing this right now, then that means that I am gone. My death was only inevitable. But you must pull yourself together. For there is a greater task at hand. It appears, that Cyrus has somehow unleashed the power of the Dark Relic; and he has bestowed it unto his own Houndoom. You see, there are 13 different relics; one for each type. And when these relics are given to a pokémon of the same, corresponding type, it gives them an immense amount of power. So you see, this is why I ordered my asistant to bring you back. You are the only one powerful enough to defeat Cyrus now. You, Cameron, are Sinnoh's final hope."
        And with that, the recording stopped. Cameron and Professor Aspen looked at eachother with astonished expressions.
        Finally, Aspen said "Go. Go with Ashton to the resistance. You need to get your pokémon back from Canavale. But first, put these clothes on. It's what Rowan would have wanted."
        "Right." said Cameron, starting back up the stairs.
        "Cameron?" Prof. Aspen called one last time.
        "Kill Cyrus. For Rowan."
        "With pleasure." Cameron replied grimly.

        "In there." Ashton said pointing to a cavern entrance. "That's where the resistance is. We call ourselves *The Wings of Sinnoh*. Or just the *The Wings* for short."
        "Alright. Let's go." Cameron said, adjusting the scarf around his neck.
        They had walked through the woods for hours to get here. And now that they were there, Cameron was having second thoughts. What if they didn't like him? What if they were mad at him for leaving in the first place?
        The two boys started into the tunnel. After 10 minutes of traversing the cavern, they came upon a thick steel door with a peep hatch. Ashton did a weird, secret knock on the door and the hatch opened. Someone looked through and said "Who is it?"
        Ashton said "It's me! Get everyone together real fast! You'll never guess what I found!"
        Cameron was nervous. *Really* nervous. They waited outside the door for another 15 minutes, and finally the door opened. And Cameron found himself in a big, open room. With hundereds and hundereds of wide eyes looking at him.
        *"Gee. When Ashton said he put together a resistance, he meant it."* Cameron thought.
        "Ladies and gents..." Ashton started. "I give you the true Pokémon Champion of Sinnoh!" he said nudging Cameron forward.
        "Hi, everyone." Cameron stuttered.
        They all stared at him for a couple moments. Then, to Cameron's suprise, they gave him a standing ovation. They clapped and cheered, and Cameron heard multiple people yell things such as "The Champion is back!" and, "It's Cameron! He's returned!"
        "Alright! Alright settle down! Cameron has a few things to say to us!" Ashton yelled.
        When the roar of the crowd finally died down, Ashton said "Go ahead, Cam. Give them the game plan."
        Cameron stepped forward and began his speech. "Thank you all for your effort against Cyrus in my absence." he began. "I stand before you today to say that today is the day for us to act! We're going to sneak into the Canavale City warehouse, and get our pokémon back!"
        The crowd gave him another ovation. And then Cameron heard someone in the crowd yell "How are we gonna do it? We're powerless without our pokémon!"
        Cameron replied "The warehouse is actualy sitting on the edge of the city. We'll sneak to the back of it through the woods, and tunnle under the wall and straight into the warehouse."
        "Sounds like a plan to me." Ashton said.
        "We're going to have to work fast, however. And quietly. There will be guards at the front of the warehouse. When we approach the warehouse, no one, and I mean no one, will make a single sound. Now we're going to dig a single tunnel. And we will have a team of about 20 diggers. Ashton, choose your 20 strongest men. We move at dusk."
        As everybody started to move around and prepare, Ashton walked over to Cameron. "Wait, we're taking everybody?" Ashton said.
        "Of course." Cameron replied. "We're going to need everybody to take back Canavale city. We're going to take the Galactic battalion that's stationed there hostage."
        Ashton smiled. "I like the way you think. Let's do it."
        "Hey mister Champion!" Cameron heard a familiar voice shout out.
        "Byron?" Cameron replied happily.
        "And don't forget ol' Volkner over here!" Byron said.
        "Aw it's great to see you guys!" Cameron wheezed as Byron picked him up and squeezed him with his giant arms.
        "It's great to see you, too." Volkner said. "Now come on, Byron. We'll talk after the raid, Cam."
        After nightfall, The Wings started trekking throught the woods as quietly as they possibly could. After they crossed the river, Cameron thought to himself *Almost there. We're gonna do it.*
        They finally came to the top of the hill that Canavale rested on. And the sight before them was terrifying.
        "Oh God." Ashton said under his breath. "That's a lot of grunts."
        "Yeah." Cameron agreed.
        There were about 200 Wings of Sinnoh. And just a little less than a thousand grunts in the city.
        "There's the warehouse!" Ashton said, pointing at a large grey building on the other side of the city.
        "Alright. Let's skirt the city and we'll start digging." Cameron replied.
        When they got to the back of the building, the 20 man digging team started digging.
        "Quiet." Cameron whispered constantly. "Keep it together."
        "That's it!" One of the diggers said. "We've hit it!"
        "Alright! Everyone stay here! Ashton, let's go." Cameron said to his friend.
        The boys crawled into the tunnel and out into the warehouse. Cameron was astonished at the sight. There were *millions* of PokéHolders; all seemed to be sorted alphabetically by trainer's last names. Cameron ran to find his last name. "Miles".
        When he finally found his spot, there was only one pokéball. "What?! There's only one here!" He yelled to Ashton.
        By this time, all The Wings were pouring in through the tunnel and reuniting with their pokémon. Cameron saw Ashton giving his Floatzel a hug and the happy cries of pokémon and humans alike could be heard throughout the warehouse.
        Cameron finally opened his pokéball and happily cheered "Empoleon! Oh it's so good to see you again!"
        Empoleon let out a happy squak as he embraced Cameron. Then Cameron let Luxray out of his pokéball, and the three hugged eachother even more.
        Finally, with tears of happiness in his eyes, Cameron yelled "Empoleon! Hydro Cannon the door!"
        And Empoleon destroyed the door and while everybody else in the warehouse fell silent, Cameron, Empoleon, and Luxray charged out; letting out a battle roar.
        "CHAAAAAAARGE!!" Ashton yelled after them.
        "THIS IS FOR ROWAN!" Cameron shouted as Luxray unfuruled a lightning bolt at the battalion, and Empoleon used Hydro Cannon.
        "Kill them all!" the commander of the battalion shouted as the raging battle ensued.
        The carnage that took place was devastating. There were bolts of light as pokémon used their attacks, and people running out of the field of battle with their knocked out pokémon. Cameron stood in the middle of the field with Luxray and Empoleon, battling their hearts out. Fighting left and right as enemy Golbat, and Crobat, Purugly, and Ratticade threw different attacks at them.
        "HANG IN THERE, LUXRAY! EMPOLEON! USE SURF!" Cameron shouted back and forth, fire raging in his heart as he himself was hit with numerous attacks. Then, a Hyper Fang to the leg brought him to one knee. And furiously, Cameron yelled "Empoleon! Luxray! Give 'em everything you got!" and the two pokémon let out huge Thunder's and Hydro Cannon's. Until Cameron was hit with numerous different Poison Stings. Cameron tasted blood in his mouth, and finally, everything went black. The last thing he saw was the blurred figures of Ashton, Byron, and Volkner racing towards

        Cameron woke up on a cot in a Pokémon Center. He heard Ashton's voice yell "Byron! Volkner! He's awake! Get over here!"
        "Where am I?" Cameron asked groggily, grabbing his head.
        "Aw, finally! You had us all worried, Champ!" Byron said. "You fought like a Hariyama a couple nights ago!"
        "Wait, how long was I out?" Cameron pondered.
        "Two days. You like our makeshift infirmary?" Ashton said.
        Cameron looked around. There were Wings, Pokémon, and even Galactic personel lying on cots all over the Center.
        "What did you do with the Grunts who were still healthy?" Cameron asked.
        "We have them locked up in the Gym." Volkner said. "They're not going anywhere."
        "Yup! We've officially set up shop! Canavale City is now the home base for The Wings of Sinnoh!" Ashton said delightedly.
        Cameron smiled at them.
        Then Ashton continued: "We've detained the commander of the battalion. He confirmed that the rest of the Gym Leaders are locked up somewhere outside of Veilstone; which is also where the rest of your pokémon are being held."
        "Alright. Now come with me out into the court yard." Cameron said. "There's someone I'd like to talk to."
        The three walked out into the courtyard of the town and Cameron stood in the middle of it.
        Cameron started to yell.
        All of a sudden, a big blue portal opened opened up, and out flew The Temporal being himself: Dialga.
        Dialga rested on the ground in front of Cameron and looked at him.
        Everyone stared on with wide eyes; astonished by the appearance of the time traveler.
        "Where have you been?!" Cameron yelled at him.
        Dialga replied telepathicaly for all to hear, "Forgive me, my friend. I have been in hiding. For you see, my brothers of Space and Darkness have been corrupted by the evil that you call Cyrus. Not even the great waves of time are safe anymore."
        "How can Giratina and Palkia be corrupted?!" Cameron asked Dialga franticaly.
        "Cyrus has defiled the power of the Dark Relic. Not even I am powerful enough to stop him, now." Dialga said.
        "What about Arceus? What does he have to say?"
        "It would seem that he is corrupt as well."
        "Well then," Cameron started, turning to Ashton, Byron and Volkner, "I guess we're going to need all the help we can get, then. Our next move is to get those Gym Leaders back, along with the rest of my pokémon. Byron!"
        "Yes?" Byron replied.
        "Bring me one of those Grunts." Cameron said.
        "Sure thing." Byron said.
        Byron brought over one of the Grunts from The Wings' makeshift prison.
        "Look," Cameron began, pointing at him with the arm that wasn't in a sling. "You go back to Cyrus and tell him about our little opperation here and about our hostages. Oh, and if he sends any reinforcements, we will kill *all* of these hostages. Right? Ok let him go, Byron."
        Byron released the Grunt, and he took off running out of town.
        "Strap yourselves in, boys." Cameron said. "This war's just begun."
        Fire can heal, fire can destroy, fire is in all our souls.
        It all just depends on what you choose to do with it.
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          Chapter 1
          Cameron opened his eyes. Sunlight flittered in through the window blinds in his room. He looked over at his clock on his night stand. It read "8:13 AM". He was late for school again. He got up and opened the window blinds. Cameron turned on the radio.
          "... starting to look like another sunny day in Manhattan. In the news department, it seems there was yet another shooting in Harlem last night. NYPD reports four dead, and eight wounded. We'll bring you more on this later, but another report says that there are strange pulses of radiation coming from somewhere in Central Park. Police are closing off numerous parts of the park because local scientist are saying it might not be safe. More on this after the bre..."
          Cameron switched off the radio.
          It had been three years since Prof. Rowan had helped him escape from Sinnoh; after Cyrus threatened to destroy Sinnoh if Cameron didn't leave.
          Cameron was 15. He had thick brown hair and stunning blue eyes; and he was the former Pokémon Champion of Sinnoh. He used to live in Jubilife City. Now, he lives with his adopted family in an apartment in New York City. None of Cameron's new family know about his former life.
          When Cameron finished getting his clothes on, he walked into the kitchen and saw his mother making breakfast for his two little sisters. His mom turned around with a confused look on her face.
          "I thought you were at school." she said.
          "I know. I'm sorry. The alarm on my clock isn't working again." Cameron replied.
          "Well you've already missed the train. Why don't you sit down and have some food?" said Cameron's Mom.
          "Thanks." said Cameron. He sat down at the table and started tying his shoes.
          "I got your report card last night." his mom said.
          "Oh yeah? What did it say?" Cameron replied.
          "It said that you're failing Algebra." she said angrily.
          "What? Algebra's hard." said Cameron.
          "That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be trying your hardest." his mom said.
          "I definately didn't fail *SA Offense Tactics* back home." Cameron said under his breath.
          "What was that?" Cameron's mom asked.
          Cameron looked at her. Her big, questioning brown eyes pierced through his. Her straight brown hair accentuated her laugh lines and her cheek bones. Cameron had always admired her beauty.
          "Cam?" she asked again.
          Cameron woke up. "Oh sorry. It was nothing."
          "Alright. Well, when you're done with those eggs I'll take you to school." his mom replied.

          Cameron sat in his chair at his Social Studies class. He stared forward like a zombie at the teacher. Cameron thought about his friends in Sinnoh. Grace, Erik, Ashton; he really missed them.
          "Cameron?" the teacher's voice woke Cameron from his trance.
          "What?" Cameron asked tiredly. Everyone in class giggled to themselves.
          "Please recite the Bill of Rights."
          "Oh. Ummmm..." Cameron pondered. "No. I can't. Sorry."
          "Ok. Pay attention next time." the teacher lectured.
          Cameron sank lower in his chair and looked out the window. He saw someone sitting on the hood of a red car in the parking lot outside.
          It was Ashton.
          Cameron felt his heart skip a beat. What was his old friend doing here? How did he even get here? Cameron quickly raised his hand.
          "Yes, Cameron?" the teacher asked.
          "Can I use the restroom?" Cameron said.
          "No. Not during class." said his teacher.
          "But... but I'm gonna puke." Cameron lied. Everyone laughed.
          "Alright then." said the teacher. "Just go to the nurses office when you're done."
          Cameron sped out of class, then out the front door. He ran over to his friend waiting by the car.
          "Ash! What are you doing here?" Cameron exclaimed excitedly.
          "Cam! It's good to see you!" Ashton replied. "I have a lot to explain. Get in the car. We have somewhere we need to go."
          "Oh. Ok. What's wrong? Is everything ok back home?" asked Cameron.
          "Just get in the car. I'll explain everything on the way."
          Cameron sat in the passenger seat and looked at Ashton. He was different. Ash didn't look like he used to. He was, weird.
          "So, what brings you here, Ash? How's Prof. Rowan?" Cameron broke the silence.
          "Prof. Rowan is dead, Cam. Cyrus killed him after you left." said Ashton.
          "What?! But, but, why?!" Cameron yelled as tears started to fill his eyes. "That bastard Cyrus! I'll kill him!"
          "Calm down, Cam. It's ok. The Professor's in a better place, now." Ashton began. "I'm afraid that's not it, though. I knew this would happen. As soon as you left, Cyrus started his invasion of Sinnoh. Even Dialga, Palkia and Giratina tried to stop him. But even they couldn't."
          "How in the...?" Cameron pondered.
          "It appears, that right before you left, Cyrus found it. *The Dark Relic*. And with it's power, he took over all of Sinnoh. He took all of our pokémon so that we couldn't fight back. We're powerless, Cam." Ashton continued.
          "Why haven't the other regions stepped in to all of this?" asked Cameron.
          Ashton replied: "Because Cyrus threatend to have Sinnoh destroyed if they did."
          "Then there's no hope." Cameron said. "What do you need me for?"
          "There is actually some hope. Prof. Aspen, Cynthia, and I have formed a resistance. All we need is you, and maybe, just maybe, we can win this war."
          "Why do you need me?" replied Cameron.
          "Because, you and Infernape are the only ones who can stop Cyrus, now. There's no hope without you."
          "....... alright. Let's get there over there then."
          All of a sudden, police lights came on behind their car.
          "You must've been speeding. Pull over, Ashton." said Cameron.
          "Oh crap oh crap oh crap..." Ash stuttered beside him.
          "What's the matter Ash..." and then Cameron realized. "Wait, Ash, where did you get this car?!"
          "I, um, guess you could say I found it?"
          "This is a stolen car?! Ash! Drive!"
          And with that, Ashton put his foot down and the two screeched off. They dodged through traffic; trying to avoid the police. They finally pulled into an alley and waited.
          "Hey, Cam?" Ashton said, his heart pounding in his chest. "The portal I got here in was in a wooded area."
          "Oh, Central Park? Well how are we gonna get there now? We ran two red lights!"
          "Yeah, but you see, well, the portal closes after five hours, and, well, I got here four and a half hours ago."
          By this time, the sun was begining to set.
          "What?! So we have no way home now?! Great! Now we'll never get there... wait. I've seen an artifact. At the Central Park museum. It looks related to Palkia. I have no idea how it got here, but it might help us get back."
          "Well then maybe we should head there." said Ashton.
          It was dark when the boys arrived at the museum. While it was still open, Cameron and Ashton went and hid in the men's bathroom until they were sure the museum was closed. Then they got out, and started looking around. Finally, they came upon an ancient tablet in a glass case that seemed to depict Palkia.
          "Now what do we...AUGH!" Cameron was interupted by Ashton throwing an old brick at the case, shattering the glass; and setting off the alarm.
          "Great! Now what do we do with it?" Ash said.
          "I don't know!" Cameron yelled, taking the tablet into his hands.
          Then all of a sudden they heard the police on a loud speaker outside. "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP."
          Frusturated, Cameron yelled "This stupid tablet!" and he threw it on the ground, causing it to shatter everywhere. "Great. Ever seen an Earth jail, Ashton? Because you're about to."
          "Wait! Look, Cam! It worked!" exclaimed Ashton.
          Cameron turned around, and to his suprise, what once was the tablet was now a portal.
          "Quick! Jump in!" Cameron yelled.
          As they jumped in, Cameron saw himself speeding through a bright tunnel, then, everything went dark. And all was quiet.
          Fire can heal, fire can destroy, fire is in all our souls.
          It all just depends on what you choose to do with it.
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            I apologize to my readers. I have been away for a while, yes. I will continue on with the story soon enough.
            Fire can heal, fire can destroy, fire is in all our souls.
            It all just depends on what you choose to do with it.
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