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Happy Birthday to a special Twinkle Star ★

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Old February 19th, 2013 (9:36 PM).
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    It is officially Twihiki_Amias birthday, everyone! So, I hope that she gets the greatest birthday she can ask for, because she deserves it for being an incredibly awesome girl~ She lights up my day everyday, and is always there for me, and so, I appreciate every last second that she is within my life.

    So, happy birthday, Twi! ♥

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    Old February 19th, 2013 (9:39 PM). Edited February 19th, 2013 by Hikamaru.
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    Yay first reply!

    Happy birthday Twi, my fave battle server addict.

    May your day be happy with Pokemon, cakes and everything beautiful!

    Here, have an Oshawott cos you are the cutest:

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    Old February 19th, 2013 (9:41 PM).
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    Pretend you're Niall. That's my gift to you. You got your face touched by Zayn Malik.
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    Old February 19th, 2013 (9:42 PM).
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    Happy Birthday Twihiki! You are an awesome bubbly person, and I hope you always stick around! :D

    Here's a horrible haiku:

    Twihiki Amias-

    Crap. That's already 6 syllables.

    Twihiki, you rock!
    The birthday fun will not stop,
    Happy Birthday, Twi

    Yeah, that was horrible as I predicted. but don't let my terrible fun stop your day! Hope it's a good one :D

    *Thanks for being an awesome combusken! :D
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    Old February 19th, 2013 (9:43 PM).
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    Happy birthday you <33333.

    I have to say, I'm really glad to have had the chance to meet you :3! Your amazing and fun to be around and you could make anyone smile with your cheerful personality :D. I hope you do have a wonderful day and make sure to eat lots of cake :3333, along with partying hard! And Twi you light up my world <3, keep being amazing alright?

    And since you're awesome you get lots of presents :3. Huzzah!


    pineapples are cool.

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    Old February 19th, 2013 (9:44 PM).
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    I'm really close to passing out, so I'm going to have to make this short. But anyway, happy birthday Twihiki! You're always a pleasant person to have around the server, and honestly, I couldn't imagine what it would be like without you, so I'm personally glad to have you around! :3

    Here's to another year, yeah~? Cause 19 is essentially another 18. u_u

    I'll be chasing waterfalls tonight

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    Old February 19th, 2013 (9:47 PM).
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    take me ☆ take you
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      Technically you're still 18, but here's my early birthday present for you!
      +Lisanna: Twihiki ill write you a haiku
      +Lisanna: twihiki is old
      +Lisanna: older than lapras
      +Lisanna: happy birthday yay
      +Lisanna: !!!

      Twihikiiii seriously I hope your birthday is the greatest


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      Old February 19th, 2013 (10:23 PM).
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      Happy Birthday, Twihiki!
      I hope your days be bright and Beautifly!
      Have a great birthday, Twi!
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      Old February 19th, 2013 (10:31 PM).
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        Happy Birthday Twi!Hope you're having a great one.

        And here is a Blaziken dancing to the grove for your birthday..sort of.

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        Old February 19th, 2013 (11:26 PM).
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        TWI!!!! You're absolutely nuts (in a fantastic way!) and you're awesome! Have an awesome birthday!

        This entire thread is just server regulars lulz
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        Old February 20th, 2013 (4:48 AM).
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        OMG Happy Birthday Twi!

        I was supposed to bring you a cake... but I ate it :(

        You could still go in to my mouth and get eaten and then have your cake ;)

        +Gunner Sparkle eats Twi coz he is getting his bday cake! YAY! xP

        HERE IS YOUR CAKE! I'll promise not to eat you the cake again! (>o^-^o)>

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        Old February 20th, 2013 (5:17 AM).
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        HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWI <3 You're like me but in woman form so by default I adore you, don't let me down! Hope you have an utterly amazing day filled with tonnes of hot people and cake!
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        Old February 20th, 2013 (5:17 AM).
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        I fell asleep before this thread was up, but I hope that you have an amazing birthday today! You are one of the funniest and nicest people on the server and I am glad that we became friends :].
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        Old February 20th, 2013 (5:35 AM).
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        Happy Happy Birthday to Twihiki today! Now you are 19 today! YAY! *blows paper party horn* xD

        Have a splendidly amazing day and don't forget to have fun! Best wishes to you and many happy returns of the day! ^^

        Hope to get to know you better in the future!...oh, why not start now? :3
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        Old February 20th, 2013 (11:43 AM).
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        I had no idea today was your birthday, Twi! Happy birthday omg! :D You're an absolutely wonderful person that I was glad I got the chance to meet. Hope your day today is as great as you are~
        pair family twin mal llsif
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        Old February 20th, 2013 (5:11 PM).
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          i suck at knowing things...
          Dash647: im not gonna stalk you
          Dash647: then kill you o.o
          SEEMS LEGIT
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          Old February 20th, 2013 (10:50 PM).
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          Everyone, thank you so so much for your wishes, it truly made my day and put a lasting smile on my face.
          Each one of you is special to me regardless cause you each make me happy in life.

          " <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
          " I Want You to Need me, could you do that for me? "

          ~Mei Aihara, CITRUS BY SABURO UTA

          Partner N'Crime
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          PC Family
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