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Old February 23rd, 2013 (5:40 PM).
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    Hi guys, Im in the middle of my Emerald playthrough, and I devised a team that can counter most if not all gym leaders and E4. Well here it is:

    Swampert- Muddy (Mixed Sweeper no.1)
    Use: First,third,fourth,six(ice beam) gyms, and E4 Drake
    Ice Beam
    Brick Break

    Breloom- Allergies (Physical sweeper)
    Use: First,fifth,eighth gyms, E4 Sydney,Glacia, and Wallace
    Sky Uppercut
    Sludge Bomb
    Iron Tail
    Stun Spore/Leech Seed/Mega Drain(tell me which is best)

    Beautifly- Butterfree2? (special sweeper)
    Use: Second, Seventh gyms, E4 Sydney (mostly filler)
    Giga Drain
    Stun Spore
    Morning Sun

    Exploud- SHUT UP (mixed sweeper 2, suprisingly good)
    Use: E4 Phoebe
    Shock Wave

    Sableye- crystalsssss (mixed sweeper 3)
    Use: Second, fifth,seventh gyms, E4 Phoebe
    Shadow Ball
    Aerial Ace
    Calm Mind

    So what do you think? Pretty legit?

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    Old February 24th, 2013 (11:25 AM).
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      Swampert's fine.

      Breloom's okay. Iron Tail is only so-so, with dismal accuracy. It does provide a neutral attack against a few things that Fighting is NVE against (which I assume is why it's there), but those are all things that Breloom is weak to (Poison, Flying and Psychic). In-game, you're almost always better off simply switching away from things like that than hitting them with an non-STAB neutral coverage move. And particularly one with only 75% accuracy. Personally, I'd probably give it Mach Punch in that slot, just for the priority and 100% accuracy, then use Sky Uppercut for extra power and when accuracy/priority aren't as important. If you do want a coverage move though, you're better off using Return, which has better neutral coverage, higher base power and 100% accuracy. And you won't lose anything by that, since the only things Steel is SE against is Rock and Ice, and you've already got those covered with the Fighting STAB. And I'd go with Leech Seed for the last move. In-game, since the AI almost never switches, Leech Seed is a guaranteed KO.

      Beautifly's okay, but you could drop Morning Sun. Recovery moves are just a waste of a moveslot in-game, since you have access to potions and it takes a turn either way. I'd probably give it Silver Wind in place of that, since it learns it by level up and even with Beautifly's mediocre attack, a STAB's a nice thing to have, and you might even luck into a stat up.

      Exploud's fine, and yes - it's a surprisingly good mixed sweeper.

      Sableye doesn't need Psychic, since it can already hit Fighters SE with Aerial Ace (and off of its better physical attack) and Poisons shouldn't be an issue with Swampert there. I'd give it Brick Break in that slot, then get rid of Calm Mind and replace it with... something. I like Fake Out, but that's mostly just because that first turn flinch amuses me. Confuse Ray's a pretty good option too.

      Solid team all in all...
      Old February 25th, 2013 (9:10 AM).
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        Swampert's Awesome.
        Breloom should have Stun Spore, because any way, you probably won't be using it's Grass Move, because Breloom's, Physical Based.
        Exploud should have Uproar instead of Facade.
        Take Arlo's advice for Beautifly, and Sableye's good, but Brick Break/Facade should go over Psychic, and Calm Mind and it's other moves should stay.
        Hope I helped.
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