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Old February 25th, 2013 (7:22 AM).
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    Welcome to this thread. I will be hosting a Pokemon 4th generation battle tournament. This is like the elite 4 but with a few more twist and turns. You will be battling various trainers to try to make it to the champion(Detials will not be revealed)You will battle a trainer a day. The trainers are as follows(Pokemon cannot be listed as I do not know the participants) The trainers listed below will also list the levels in witch their pokemon will be so you must match that. So for example John has 6 Pokemon ranging from level 90-100 and you have 6 Pokemon ranging from 90-100. That's what I want to see. No pokemon at level 29 or below. Look at sig for rules and my friend code(Your gonna need that)

    Trainer A: Pokemon Levels 30-35 Easy

    Trainer B: Pokemon Levels 35-40 Somewhat easy

    Trainer C: Pokemon Levels 40-45 Mild

    Trainer D: Pokemon Levels 45-50 Mild

    Trainer E: Pokemon Levels 50-55 Medium

    Trainer F: Pokemon Levels 55-60 Medium

    Trainer G: Pokemon Levels 60-65 Medium

    Trainer H: Pokemon Levels 65-70 Hot

    Trainer I: Pokemon Levels 70-75 Hot

    Trainer J: Pokemon Levels 75-80 Hot

    Trainer K: Pokemon Levels 80-85 Hard

    Trainer L: Pokemon Levels 85-90 Hard

    Trainer M: Pokemon Levels 90-95 Extreme

    Trainer N: Pokemon Levels 95-100 Extreme


    You must fill the spots of Trainers A- N. The champion has been chosen. So you(The winner) Must enter my friend code to do a one on one fair and square match.Please PM me your(The winner) friend code. Anyone who wants to fill in Trainers A-N Post here with trainer name and friend code and I will add you to the list. Now After all participants have signed up I will leave this thread open for disscusion
    The Pokemon newspaper has arrived. In it you can view photos of a trainers pokemon and some of the accomplishments they achieved with their team along with some news updates. The news updates will mostly be about changes to the paper and any changes regarding the way levels/stats/items are handled. There may be occasional non level/stat/item updates but those would be few and far between. For the low price of free you can pick up your paper here.
    That's less than 50 cents a day. There will be an issue everyday with the Sunday (and possibly Wednesday) issues being jammed packed with stuff (Sort of like how a real paper includes coupons and ads) It does include details on how you can be featured in the paper or become a one time editor (You don't write stories everyday, you send stories to me if you want to become a one time editor)

    Pokemon Platinum friend code 4th generation= 0948-1529-1887


    No Action Replay.

    No pokemon below level 30

    No one hit KO moves

    No leftovers/shell bell(Basicly anything that gradually restores HP. Berries are allowed)

    No you cannot have these

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    Old February 25th, 2013 (9:36 AM).
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    Please use the Events & Groups sub-forum for tournaments, leagues, clans, etc. Be sure to read the forum guidelines before posting in that section, because your thread will need to be approved before being displayed.

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