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Old December 23rd, 2012 (8:24 PM).
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Pokémon Fan
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Posts: 307
Yellow Team:
Pikachu lvl 26
Charmeleon lvl 25
Staryu lvl 26
Tauros lvl 26
Bellsprout lvl 25
Graveler lvl 25

Red Team:
Doduo lvl 25
Machamp lvl 33
Wartortle lvl 34
Nidoran lv 3 (gotta train him)
Raichu lvl 34
Mew lvl 7 (HM slave)

Crystal Team:
Quilava lvl 19
Bulbasaur lvl 13
Quagsire lvl 22
Pidgeotto lvl 22

Silver Team:
Croconaw lvl 25
Charmeleon lvl 22
Lickitung lvl 23
Misdreasvus lvl 23
Cubone lvl 23
Eevee lvl 20

Gold Team:
Lapras lvl 50
Ampharos lvl 50
Poliwhirl lvl 48
Typhlosion lvl 48
Crobat lvl 50
Bellossom lvl 48

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Old December 24th, 2012 (5:26 PM).
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    Posts: 51
    Team on Red Right now -
    Growlithe - Lvl 28
    Dratini - Lvl 29
    Charmeleon - Lvl 33
    Clefairy - Lvl 33
    Kadabra - Lvl 32
    Pidgeotto - Lvl 33

    It's such a pain in the butt training 6 pokemon right now, I'm just before Koga's gym and I am definitely struggling with even the wimpiest of trainers. Hardly any of my Pokemon know any solid moves, and I keep getting status locked.
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    Old December 30th, 2012 (3:34 PM).
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    The Cynical Completionist
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      Location: France
      Age: 30
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Lonely
      Posts: 574
      I recently replaced the batteries in my Gen 1, 2 and 3 carts and did myself a marathon. Here are my teams in Gens 1 and 2:

      - Charizard lv47
      - Butterfree lv46 (people say it's useless... IDK, I used it to finish off Blue's Blastoise :) )
      - Gyarados lv47
      - Raichu lv48
      - Dugtrio lv46
      - Mew lv45 (got it with the glitch; used it mostly as half HM slave, half last resort; never used in in fights with the Elite 4)

      Blue. I went old-school with this playthrough, used only my starter and another Pokémon as a backup:
      - Blastoise lv63
      - Mew lv56

      - Pikachu lv47
      - Charizard lv47
      - Hypno lv45
      - Nidoking lv46
      - Venusaur lv45
      - Blastoise lv47

      - Feraligatr lv66
      - Ampharos lv63
      - Golem lv63
      - Alakazam lv63
      - Togetic lv61
      - Dragonite lv60

      Silver. Another old-school playthrough. I didn't even attempt to battle Red in this playthrough (which is kinda obvious :) ):
      - Typhlosion lv67
      - Ledian lv40
      - Togetic lv 42

      - Meganium lv60
      - Sneasel lv63
      - Crobat lv61
      - Heracross lv60
      - Lanturn lv60
      - Arcanine lv60
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      Old January 2nd, 2013 (6:16 AM).
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      Frontier Brain
        Join Date: Jan 2013
        Age: 25
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Relaxed
        Posts: 101
        Red: Omastar, Arcanine, Fearow, Exeggutor, Golbat, Venomoth.

        Crystal/Silver: Espeon, Umbreon, Houndoom, Crobat, Gyarados.
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        Old January 26th, 2013 (7:59 AM).
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        Look at my avatar! Nuff said.
          Join Date: Jan 2013
          Posts: 318
          Pokemon Yellow:


          Like the sprites you see here?
          Want a custom one of your very own?

          Come on down to DD's Sprite Shop~!

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          Old January 26th, 2013 (8:44 AM).
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          The Original Player
            Join Date: Oct 2012
            Age: 20
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 164
            Yellow: Pikachu, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, Charizard and Squirtle.

            Gold: Chikorita, Pikachu, Noctowl, Togetic, Alakazam and Gyarados.
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            Old January 26th, 2013 (12:58 PM).
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            I just love ham jerky.
              Join Date: Jan 2013
              Location: Old People Community, USA
              Age: 26
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Adamant
              Posts: 1,420
              Red: Arbok, Dragonite, Raichu, Venusaur, Fearow, and Kadabra

              Crystal: Ekans, Totodile, Bellsprout, Pidgey, and Growlithe.

              I need to show Crystal some more love.
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              Old January 29th, 2013 (11:43 AM).
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              Amateur Voice Actor / ROM Editor ('Hacker')
                Join Date: Jul 2006
                Age: 25
                Nature: Lonely
                Posts: 1,066
                I started a file on Blue 2 days ago and now I'm at the Champion. It took a while, since I used the Mew glitch to build my team other than my starter. Don't really have anyone to trade with and one of the Pokémon was Red exclusive.

                Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

                Chinpokomon Big/Small (would leave the titles, but apparently exceeded sig limit)

                Check my Japanese inspired Logo edits for Gens 1-7!:
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                Old January 29th, 2013 (4:01 PM).
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                Incredibly Rare Pepe
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                Location: Rockies
                Age: 26
                Gender: Male
                Posts: 3,518
                I backed up my Pokémon Blue save file from the cartridge back in 2007. The save was at least a pre-2000 game.
                • Lv. 87 Dragonite
                • Lv. 81 Alakazam
                • Lv. 100 Venausaur
                • Lv. 45 Snorlax as HM-*****
                • Lv. 95 Butterfree
                • Lv. 100 Arcanine
                I love you guys ;_;
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                Old February 24th, 2013 (3:03 PM).
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                Class on grass
                Join Date: Feb 2013
                Gender: Male
                Nature: Jolly
                Posts: 162
                I only remember my Pokémon Red team.

                Blastoise Lv 86
                Pidgeot Lv 86
                Dewgong Lv 85
                Arcanine Lv 84
                Vileplume Lv 84
                Dragonite Lv 84

                Love that team.
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                Old February 28th, 2013 (5:18 PM).
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                  Join Date: Feb 2013
                  Location: Germany
                  Age: 25
                  Gender: Male
                  Posts: 19
                  My Yellow Team:

                  Zapdos 100
                  Sandslash 100
                  Exeggutor 100
                  Arcanine 100
                  Vaporeon 100
                  Alakazam 100

                  The first time I ever decided to deposit Pikachu. I finished the League with Pikachu however and put it away afterwards in order to be able to compete with a friend who used a team without Pikachu aswell.
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                  Old March 1st, 2013 (3:20 AM).
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                  Lord of Awesomeness
                    Join Date: Oct 2012
                    Location: I live in the land of awesomeness
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Jolly
                    Posts: 44
                    K, I only got up to the 2nd gym! :D

                    My current team at that point was:
                    Ivysaur lv18
                    Pidgeotto lv 18
                    Pikachu lv 12
                    I was gonna get a few more, but i forgot I was playing it, when I got involved with Platinum.
                    Hey there! Your reading this!
                    If your still reading this now have a cookie.
                    If you are reading now still have another cookie.
                    If you are wondering why you are receiving cookies it's because i feel like it.
                    If you still reading now your just stupid. ;D

                    Join my Forum!

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                    Old March 2nd, 2013 (9:18 AM).
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                      Join Date: Jan 2013
                      Gender: Male
                      Posts: 20
                      My team in Gold version:
                      Meganium LV. 54
                      Typhlosion LV. 56
                      Feraligatr LV. 55
                      Espeon LV. 57
                      Murkrow LV. 58
                      Miltank LV. 57
                      This team was so fun to play!
                      Pearl Friend Code: 5158 2556 3409
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                      Old March 2nd, 2013 (10:51 AM).
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                        Join Date: Jul 2012
                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Naive
                        Posts: 131
                        Charizard lvl 62
                        Suicune lvl 57
                        Pikachu lvl 55
                        Lugia lvl 70
                        Gengar Lvl 51
                        Celebi Lvl 49

                        Typhlosion lvl 48
                        Feraligtr lvl 47
                        Meganium lvl 43
                        Scizor lvl 46
                        Ampharos 44
                        Umbreon lvl 40

                        Pikachu lvl 72
                        Charizard lvl 68
                        Venusaur lvl 50
                        Blastoise lvl 60
                        Mewtwo lvl 71
                        Pidgeot lvl 58
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                        Old March 7th, 2013 (9:23 PM). Edited March 7th, 2013 by Bounce.
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                        Blue eyes :3
                          Join Date: Feb 2013
                          Location: United States
                          Age: 22
                          Gender: Male
                          Nature: Docile
                          Posts: 40

                          Exeggutor - L94
                          Heracross - L89
                          Miltank - L91
                          Dragonite - L84
                          Typhlosion - L88
                          Suicune - L85

                          Took out anything with ease. :)



                          Charizard - 100
                          Vaporeon - L96
                          Snorlax - L96
                          Alakazam - L98
                          Slowbro - L85
                          Machamp - L91
                          Unpaired... what a loner, right?
                          Friends: Gyardosamped, Chespin13
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                          Old March 10th, 2013 (2:38 PM).
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                          1337 Poisons
                            Join Date: May 2009
                            Location: Iowa
                            Age: 27
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Careful
                            Posts: 28
                            I just started a nostalgia run on my Crystal Cart (watched a tutorial on how to replace the battery) and old GBC.

                            I just reached Olivine this afternoon with this team so far:

                            Apollo the Quilava: Lvl 24
                            Sharpnel the Pineco: Lvl 22
                            RickAstley the Phanpy: Lvl 24 (bugger took me forever to find)
                            Vexos Golbat: Lvl 23
                            Wonder the Eevee: Lvl 22
                            Slavinator the Paras: Lvl 6 (Cut, Rock Smash, and Flash ftw!)

                            Going to evolve my Eevee into an Espeon and catch a Chinchou now that I have a Good Rod. I wanted my team to consist of all Johto Pokemon, or evolutions that were introduced in second gen. It's been pretty awesome so far.
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                            Old March 17th, 2013 (9:47 AM).
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                              Join Date: Mar 2013
                              Location: NJ
                              Age: 24
                              Gender: Female
                              Nature: Sassy
                              Posts: 7
                              I'm doing a new playthrough of yellow and this is my team so far:
                              Pikachu -level 32
                              Charizard -level 37
                              Blastoise -level 37
                              Venusaur -level 36
                              Nidoking -level 34
                              Kadabra -level 35
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                              Old March 17th, 2013 (11:47 PM). Edited March 18th, 2013 by orangeralts21.
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                              Newfound Respect for Wobbuffet
                                Join Date: Mar 2013
                                Location: Route 102
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Serious
                                Posts: 130
                                My Red Team:
                                Hypno lvl 29
                                Nidoking lvl 31
                                Ivysaur lvl 29
                                Vaporeon lvl 30
                                Fearow lvl 32
                                Cubone lvl 26(just went to the pokemon tower! :D)

                                My Silver Team:
                                Bayleaf lvl 22
                                Golbat lvl 23
                                Geodude lvl 22
                                Minion(my HM slave(i love him!))Furret lvl 19
                                Eevee lvl 25(gonna make an espeon outta him)
                                Quagsire lvl 24

                                My Zetaboards Nuzlocke Forum Account
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                                Old March 19th, 2013 (9:21 AM).
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                                Likes Ruby version
                                  Join Date: Jun 2010
                                  Location: The world.
                                  Age: 22
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Relaxed
                                  Posts: 139
                                  My Gold team right now is
                                  All level 100

                                  In Crystal my team is
                                  And one more but I don't remember who it is. They are all level 100 except for Celebi who is level 76.
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                                  Old March 27th, 2013 (7:50 PM).
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                                    Join Date: Mar 2009
                                    Location: battlefield
                                    Age: 1
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Posts: 2,967
                                    I recently replayed Crystal and completed it (with all Kanto badges and defeating Red).

                                    Meganium Lv 58
                                    Dragonite Lv 57
                                    Shiny Noctowl Lv 57
                                    Marowak Lv 55
                                    Jynx Lv 56
                                    Quagsire Lv 59

                                    It was my first time getting a legit shiny in the wild, so I was so eager to finish the game. I love my Shiny Noctowl despite its awful move/learnset. >:
                                    pair: sheep!!!!
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                                    Old May 8th, 2013 (5:12 PM).
                                    oldschoolmaster's Avatar
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                                    Bring It On
                                      Join Date: May 2013
                                      Location: Ontario, Canada
                                      Age: 25
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Brave
                                      Posts: 1
                                      Gold team:

                                      Alakazam Lvl 100
                                      Gengar Lvl 100
                                      Gyrados Lvl 100
                                      Pidgeot Lvl 100
                                      Thyphlosion Lvl 100

                                      Red team:

                                      Dragonite Lvl 100
                                      Pidgeot Lvl 100
                                      Snorlax Lvl 100
                                      Vaporeon Lvl 100
                                      Raichu Lvl 100
                                      Charizard Lvl 100

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                                      Old May 8th, 2013 (10:27 PM). Edited May 17th, 2013 by Silvia.
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                                      Silvia Silvia is offline
                                      likes nissans
                                      Join Date: Apr 2013
                                      Location: Sydney, Australia
                                      Age: 20
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Relaxed
                                      Posts: 2,636
                                      I just recently restarted Gold, and my team is as is at the current time:

                                      Feraligatr - Level 31

                                      Ampharos - Level 30

                                      Pidgeotto - Level 29

                                      Sandslash - Level 30

                                      Growlithe - Level 32

                                      Butterfree - Level 30

                                      EDIT: I've been training hard, and they're really growing.
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                                      Old May 18th, 2013 (9:13 PM).
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                                      DarkEmeraldRarity DarkEmeraldRarity is offline
                                      Love-Crazy and Music Mad
                                        Join Date: May 2013
                                        Location: Canada
                                        Gender: Female
                                        Nature: Relaxed
                                        Posts: 44
                                        In blue:
                                        Ivysaur which ive named LeafBlader
                                        Pikachu whom is named Heart
                                        Nidorina whom. Is named Toxicity
                                        Pidgy named highfly
                                        Butterfree whom is named Muffin
                                        and an Eevee named Eon
                                        Crocanaw named Fang
                                        Murkrow named charm
                                        Ghastly named Evil
                                        And thats all I rember
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                                        Old May 20th, 2013 (8:21 AM).
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                                          Join Date: May 2013
                                          Location: East London, South Africa
                                          Age: 20
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Timid
                                          Posts: 47
                                          In Pokemon Blue







                                          In crystal





                                          That's all I remember
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                                          Old June 2nd, 2013 (10:18 AM).
                                          shadowscape shadowscape is offline
                                            Join Date: Jun 2013
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Posts: 12
                                            1. Mewtwo
                                            2. Zapdos
                                            3. Articuno
                                            4. Moltres
                                            5. Dragonite
                                            6. Dragonite

                                            1. Lugia
                                            2. Ho-Oh
                                            3. Feraligator
                                            4. Dragonite
                                            5. Dragonite
                                            6. Dragonite
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