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Colosseum a spin-off?

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Old March 2nd, 2013 (6:32 PM). Edited March 3rd, 2013 by The Sceptile King.
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People have classified Pokemon Colosseum as a spin-off for years, but what makes it different from the main games so much that it is a spin-off rather than main series game? Sure, it has shadow pokemon, and it dosn't have gym badges, but the Cipher Admins act as semi-gym leaders, and the rematches in Realgam Tower act as the elite 4, with Nascour/Evice acting as the champion. So, what is your take on this discussion? I'll list the pros and cons that support each sides

Evidence for Main Series:
-You walk through towns and progress through, like any other main series game.
-You obtain the Master Ball at the end of the main story
-Ability to pick one of three Johto Starter pokemon at the beginning (other two obtainable at the end of the game)
-Before Emerald, this game was needed to get the Johto pokemon not obtainable in FR/LG and R/S
-Same battle format as the regular games (only all battles are double)
-Able to battle with the 3rd gen games. (And trade!)

Evidence against it being Main Series:
-Shadow Pokemon are abnormal, and not in any other pokemon main series game (unless you were to count XD)
-it is in 3D, not 2d, like all other pokemon games through gen 5
-you have 2 starter pokemon
-only 48(i think) pokemon are avalible to be snagged/captured
-starter pokemon are lv. 25/26 respectively
-you capture other trainers pokemon
-you can't catch wild pokemon
-not a GameFreak game

So, guys if there is anything i missed, please tell me, something false i added? tell me, and i will fix ASAP
What is your take? tell me your view on this argument!
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Old March 2nd, 2013 (6:47 PM).
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I count it as a spin off for the main factor that it's not GameFreak's game. It's Genius Sorority's. I factor in the other reasons you mentioned why it's not a main game as well, but the developer is a serious factor. It's just a spin-off that is the closest to a main series game that we'll ever get, as well as its sequel.
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Old March 3rd, 2013 (3:23 AM).
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Beside what Sydian said, the main factor is Pokémon catching.
All main games play on "Catch 'em all" factor and since you cannot catch wild Pokémon in Colosseum, it cannot be considered as main game...
Even though Colosseum pretty much beats the main games in almost everything :D
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