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Old February 25th, 2013 (1:57 PM).
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Ah, Pokemon Channel. I remember this odd, yet enthralling game. From the Slowpoke Weather Channel to the Pichu Brothers to the Shop-n-Squirtle it had so much odd and unique takes on the world of television. Looking back, Meowth's "On The Scene" interviews reminds me a LOT of modern news. I'm probably the only one who remembers it, but I'm sure it's worth checking on everyone else just in case.
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Old February 28th, 2013 (12:52 PM).
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I remember this game. It was so boring and dull in my opinion. I don't even know how I got it. There were some fun things about the game, but the game itself was repetitive. It was the same concept throughout the game. There wasn't much to do. It wasn't horrible, but it would have been better if there was more things to do.
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Old February 28th, 2013 (12:56 PM).
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I didn't have this game myself, but I had a friend with it and all I remember about it was that we thought Smoochum was funny. That's really all I remember, and imo, it should have been more memorable. Should have been more to do and make it fun. It stands out though, I'll give it that.
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Old March 6th, 2013 (7:17 AM).
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I remember it a lot!! I didn't really like it at the time but DAYM it was hilarious (NICE CARDS OH MY GOD THE MOST HILARIOUS-okay I find nice cards hilarious this is a fact). Plus the weather changing and it seeming like a real world, and the forest and the Pokemon appearing and re-appearing and not knowing when they'll appear was exciting!! THEN THERE WERE THE ACTUAL CHANNELS THEY WERE EXCITING AND THE THINGS PIKACHU FOUND WAS EXCITING. AND THE BEACH AND THAT RANDOM CAVE (WITH ABSOL??) WAS VERY EXCITING!!

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