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Old December 4th, 2012 (9:03 AM).
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I know what your all thinking: "How can 4kids be good in any way possible?"

Allow me to explain something: There's always a bad movie or TV show that you find to be entertaining because of either how bad it is or how there are pretty good moments that you can help but like. In the case of 4kids, there are certain moments, parts or aspects of their English dubs that I can't help but be entertained by. They may send me on a guilt trip or be truly good that a majority of people can agree on how good it is.

For example, I like cheesy puns when they roll off the tongue and when they're well-timed, fitting the moment. I also like the English dub of season 1 of Yu Gi Oh as it was before the major changes to the story began. Plus, the voice actors are pretty good and Cubix: Robots For Everyone is a guilty pleasure for me with a lot of cheesy dialogue befitting of 4kids.

What about you? Were there moments of 4kids' dubs that you liked whether it be guilty pleasure or truly redeeming in quality? If not, please leave this thread alone.

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Old December 4th, 2012 (3:01 PM).
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Opening songs, that Yu-Gi-Oh! one and the One Piece rap were great.
Old December 4th, 2012 (4:56 PM).
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The One Piece rap has good instrumentals but ridiculous lyrics for me.
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Old December 10th, 2012 (12:47 PM).
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i liked 2BA master from old pokemon and i think that was by 4kids
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Old December 11th, 2012 (12:38 PM).
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They have none.

They RAPE EDIT anime.

That alone is enough to LOATH them for me.
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Old December 11th, 2012 (8:28 PM).
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Nah, their opening themes were actually pretty awesome. I guess there's also the part where they actually decided to pick up some of the mahou shoujo shows like Tokyo Mew Mew and Ojamajo Doremi. (even if they didn't do a good job)
Old December 12th, 2012 (7:43 AM).
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nowadays i just get goosebumps listening to the lyrics what the hell, j

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Old December 13th, 2012 (6:21 PM).
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Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
Nah, their opening themes were actually pretty awesome. I guess there's also the part where they actually decided to pick up some of the mahou shoujo shows like Tokyo Mew Mew and Ojamajo Doremi. (even if they didn't do a good job)
You do have to give them credit for taking the risk with dubbing and localising anime. It's easy to forget that they don't do it for free.

The only reason why I started watching anime in the first place was because of them anyway.
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Old December 14th, 2012 (6:38 AM).
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They did a great job with the openings. Pokemon's original theme is the best example but so is Yu-Gi-Oh's original theme. I liked the alot of the voices they had for their shows. Veronica Taylor was the perfect Ash and May , Eric Stuart was excellent for Brock, and Rachael Lillis was really good at playing Misty and Jessie. The whole Pokemon cast was well picked out and I think 4kids did a great job at choosing good voice actors. While Sarah Natochenny is getting better at voicing Ash , nothing compares to the excellent job Veronica did. I also prefer their pronunciations of Pokemon over TPCI's. The way TPCi pronounce some of the names just don't sound right, such as RAH- TAH -TAH instead of Ratt-a-ta.
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Old December 16th, 2012 (1:44 PM).
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I only liked Dinosaur King due to 4Kids being lazy with the editing, which is actually a good thing.
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Old December 17th, 2012 (1:21 AM).
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I actually started watching One Piece due to the opening it had. It was catchy and I totally loved how fun it seemed. The only good deed they did as far as I'm concerned is make that rap which got me into the anime. <3 Now that I see it though the lyrics are kinda ridiculous. :p
Old March 9th, 2013 (12:44 PM).
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^The lyrics are the weakest link though the music is catchy.
Old March 15th, 2013 (12:20 PM).
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The original Pokemon theme is a classic. Their original Yu-Gi-Oh! theme was decent as well. Overall, they actually did a good job with theme songs.
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Old March 16th, 2013 (5:56 AM).
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This tread's been bumped from over a month ago, so I'll close it. Please re-make old threads rather than posting in them!

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