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Old February 9th, 2013 (4:15 PM). Edited February 20th, 2013 by Mr. Whiscash.
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Hello, my project is simple in execution, but needs a lot of creative help!
Long ago, someone on another forum started a fun project and quickly abandoned it just as it was picking up steam.
Pokemon Mixed Platinum is a ROM hack of Platinum where every Pokemon has a new type, along with new abilities and moves. That means every Pokemon will also have a new look, and that's where you come in. If you are creative and love spriting, this is the project for you!
Problem is, while I very much want to revive this project, but my spriting skills have deteriorated grotesquely over the years. I have some (read: very few) sprites already done, but this is a project I'd like to get as many people on board for this as possible!


It's just Platinum version with changed Pokemon and the locations they're found/the trainers who have them. The story will be identical.

Positions Needed

-Creative Consultants

What I need done

Because each Pokemon needs to be retyped, I need spriters or idea folks to tell me what they want to see in the game. If you want to present concept art or just ideas, I will accept them. Please note that the new designs MUST resemble the original Pokemon. We're not making Fakemon here.
If you're interested in spriting for the project, please use the files provided below. Do not change the background color and please use photoshop to make sure you aren't adding new colors that would not fit the palette or the sprites will be incompatible. No more than 15 colors (including black and white) may be used. Sprites will only be accepted in .PNG format.
Files are here:
If you do not have access to photoshop or similar programs, Graphics Gale is an acceptable substitute to make sure the palette information isn't out of bounds.

Team Members:

Application Form

Position Desired: (I will even take people who want to brainstorm)
Contact Information: (I take Skype or AIM, even E-Mail)
Experience: (Will accept in the form of sprites or sketches)

And that's it! Let's get crackin'!

Feel free to reserve any Pokemon you want, but you will have 1 week to show that you've made progress or your position will be subject to reclamation by another person.
Turtwig - Fire - 50% Front
Grotle - Fire
Torterra - Fire/Ground
Chimchar - Water
Monferno - Water/Fighting
Infernape - Water/Fighting
Piplup - Grass
Prinplup - Grass
Empoleon - Grass/Steel
Starly -
Staravia -
Staraptor -
Bidoof -
Bibarel -
Kricketot -
Kricketune -
Shinx -
Luxio -
Luxray -
Abra -
Kadabra -
Alakazam -
Magikarp -
Gyarados -
Budew -
Roselia -
Roserade -
Zubat -
Golbat -
Crobat -
Geodude -
Graveler -
Golem -
Onix -
Steelix -
Cranidos -
Rampardos -
Machop -
Machoke -
Machamp -
Psyduck -
Golduck -
Burmy (Grass Form) -
Wormadam (Grass Form) -
Mothim -
Wurmple -
Silcoon -
Beautifly -
Cascoon -
Dustox -
Combee -
Vespiquen -
Pachirisu -
Buizel -
Floatzel -
Cherubi -
Shellos - Poison
Gastrodon - Ground/Poison
Heracross -
Aipom -
Ambipom -
Drifloon -
Drifblim -
Buneary -
Lopunny -
Gastly -
Haunter -
Gengar -
Misdreavus -
Mismagius -
Murkrow -
Honckrow -
Glameow -
Purugly -
Goldeen -
Seaking -
Barboach -
Whiscash -
Chingling -
Chimecho -
Stunky -
Skuntank -
Meditite -
Medicham -
Bronzor -
Bronzong -
Ponyta -
Rapidash -
Bonsly -
Sudowoodo -
Mime Jr. -
Mr. Mime -
Happiny -
Chansey -
Blissey -
Cleffa -
Clefairy -
Clefable -
Chatot - Electric/Poison - DONE Front Back
Pichu -
Pikachu -
Raichu -
Hoothoot -
Noctowl -
Spiritomb -
Gible -
Gabite -
Garchomp -
Munchlax -
Snorlax -
Unown -
Riolu -
Lucario -
Hippopotas -
Hippowdon -
Azurill -
Marill -
Azumarill -
Skorupi -
Drapion -
Croagunk -
Toxicroak -
Carnivine -
Remoraid - Fire
Octillery - Fire/Ice
Tentacool -
Tentacruel -
Feebas -
Milotic -
Mantyke -
Mantine -
Sneasel -
Weavile -
Uxie -
Mesprit -
Azelf -
Dialga -
Palkia -
Rotom -
Rotom forms -
Gligar -
Gliscor -
Nosepass - Normal - 50% Front
Probopass - Normal/Electric
Ralts -
Kirlia -
Gardevoir -
Gallade -
Lickitung -
Lickilicky -
Eevee -
Vaporeon -
Jolteon -
Flareon - Poison - DONE Front Back
Espeon -
Umbreon -
Leafeon -
Glaceon -
Swablu -
Altaria -
Togepi -
Togetic -
Togekiss -
Houndour -
Houndoom -
Magnemite -
Magneton -
Magnezone -
Tangela -
Tangrowth -
Yanma -
Yanmega -
Tropius -
Rhyhorn -
Rhydon -
Rhyperior -
Duskull -
Dusknoir -
Dusknoir -
Porygon -
Porygon2 -
Porygon-Z -
Scyther -
Scizor -
Elekid -
Electabuzz -
Electivire -
Magby -
Magmar -
Magmortar -
Swinub -
Piloswine -
Mamoswine -
Snorunt - Grass - DONE Front Back
Glalie - Grass/Rock - 50%
Froslass - Grass/Ghost -
Absol -
Giratina -
Cresselia -
Heatran -

Relevant Advertising!

Old February 11th, 2013 (7:36 PM).
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Nature: Sassy
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So I'm trying to figure out the right way to approach a Normal-Type Cherubi that evolves into a Normal/Flying Cherrim. I was thinking the Cherubi would be eggs, maybe the small one hovering around the main one. I borrowed resources from Exeggcute for it, but I can't quite get a good palette for it. I was trying for some kind of a cream color, but that's not doing the trick.
Here's the super super rough draft.
Old February 20th, 2013 (12:48 PM). Edited February 20th, 2013 by Mr. Whiscash.
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Mr. Whiscash Mr. Whiscash is offline
Unegged Hatch
Join Date: Sep 2008
Gender: Male
Nature: Sassy
Posts: 89

Poison-type Flareon. It's not much different but that's sort of the point. I mostly just made it less jagged (except the tip of the ears, which have sort of a poison point feel) and made the mane softer like a solid cloud of smog.
It's a passable start to the 'physically-aligned eeveelutions' I plan to have in the hack.
Old March 10th, 2013 (1:54 PM).
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This seems like a great project and I'll be glad to help. Here's a few type suggestions as well:

Bidoof: Steel
Bibarel: Steel\Rock
Budew: Ice
Roselia: Ice\Psychic
Roserade: Ice\Psychic
Stunky: Normal\Fighting
Skuntank: Normal\Fighting
Glameow: Dark
Purugly: Dark
Hoothoot: Electric\Ground
Noctowl: Electric\Ground
Pichu: Fire
Pikachu: Fire
Raichu: Fire

Starting tomorrow I'll help you sprite and if I don't then send me a PM to remind me.

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