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Idea Chonku Tamers, a Pokemon-esque game project

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Old March 14th, 2013 (7:57 AM). Edited March 18th, 2013 by venomjack.
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Welcome to Project Capsule or as I'm officially calling it Chonku Tamers
Chonku Tamers will be a pokemon-esque game that will have multiple differences between it and the franchise that inspired it.
the first thing we'll be discussing the starters. The starters are not your usual fire, water, and grass trio, but instead they are Light, Shade, and Fiend. Before we actually get into the starters, let's talk about how they're obtained. Instead of directly selecting your starter, you have to take a quiz. This quiz will help the game find you, the player find the best starter for you. Now lets start with the first of the three.
Aneko is the Angelic Feline creature. Like most Light type creatures, Aneko is strong in spiritual energy and can easily trounce Shade types. However they are very trusting and Fiend Types can take full advantage of Light types.
Nabbit is the Thieving Hare creature. As with most Fiend types, Nabbit tends to balance out with Psychical strength and spiritual power. They use their cunning tricks to beat any gullible Light Type but can be easily beaten to a pulp by the all powerful Shade type
Ruffatum is the Dark Canine creature. Like all dark types, Ruffatum is all powerful in physical strength, yet wants even more of it. It can overcome the balanced Fiend, but can be over taken by the spiritual might of the Light type.
Besides the three starter types there are
They're maybe more on the way be on the way, but I believe the eight types will suffice.
One factor that will change is that your creatures won't evolve, but instead, you'll be able to cross breed them to get new creatures all together. For this example let's use two of the starters, Aneko, and Nabbit.
As you can see when you breed two different creatures, not only does the child get the appearances of the parents but their types as well making it more versatile but it can also make it twice as weak against an attack that strong against both types. You won't be able to crossbreed all the creatures as you'll like they will have subspecies. You'll be able to breed by their subspecies.
The subspecies are.
Well that's it for the crossbreeding feature for now. Let's go on to the extra bonus I'll show you an Extra creature I created that's in the Draco subspecies.
Glitchrus is Chonku Tamer's equivalent of Porygon and Missingno. His design was inspired by the substitution doll in stadium which Missingno appears as.
As much as I try to separate Chonku Tamers from Pokemon, I am taking an idea or two from Capsule Monsters, the original concept for pokemon. One major idea is that instead of going to a sort of pokemon center you'll heal your creatures at a hotel as seen here
another idea I had is that you'll get items such as your capture devices from a vending machine like bandai's Capsule dispenser machine seen here
Alright if you like the project so far and want to join the project just ask down below. here are the list of positions that are available.
Venomjack(head spriter)

Background artist:
Composer(willing to work in Famitracker):
Sound designer:
GameMasterGuy(Not on this forum)

If you want to submit you own creature you're more then welcome. There's no long term commitment with creating creatures. If you don't know where to start here's a good tutorial to use as a guideline while creating your creature. Be sure to give it a name, type and subspecies
Just pm it to me here or send it to me in a note on deviantart.
Well guys I hope you guys will enjoy what you've seen thous far and there will be a demo for the alpha starter quiz so you can see what starter creature you'll be getting for Chonku Tamers.
Until next time, Seeya!

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Old March 14th, 2013 (6:55 PM).
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Sprites look good. Sounds a little bit like rescue rangers in the fact that you choose who your starter is...
Trying to find time to mod

Lets see I like modding

Dragon Warrior, Lego Racers, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mario Racing, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Banjo.
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Old March 15th, 2013 (2:40 AM). Edited March 17th, 2013 by venomjack.
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oh I never really got to play rescue rangers myself, so I have to say it was a bit unintentional ''
anyway's here's a new creature for Chunku tamers, Jerbomb the Bomb Mouse

I've been using the nes palette for these, I may change up the color scheme abit
edit:I got a new creature
Presenting PhantCord the Antique Ghoul

I'm actually trying to decide which color looks the best.

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