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Derozio's crappy poetry

Hi, peoplez of Pokécommunity. I'm here to post two-three of my crappy poems (don't know if they're qualified to be called that but eh..). Never really read any sort of tutorial as to how to write these things - they're stuff that came straight through an amateur so please cut me some slack! :p

A friendship I cherished

Where art thou, I wonder?
Where has our bond of friendship vanished?
Everyday over my mistakes I ponder;
Is coz of one of ‘em our friendship’s tarnished?

Can it be returned to how it was once?
The answer is something I still do not know.
Can our friendship be given another chance?
Certainly yes, I can definitely say so.

But correspondence is awkward these days;
Especially coz we’re both so distant,
As if we’re both lost in a maze;
And both of us are hesitant.

I hope we’ll be good friends again,
Hope fate will be on our friendship’s side;
That we’ll be the best of buddies in pleasure and in pain;
We’ll be together – Me, with you beside.


Somewhere in an ancient time;
A Messer with the holy cross
Committed a horrid crime
And later repented a life’s loss.

Was the Messer at fault?
Was he a manslayer?
It was a baseless assault
He concluded in his lair.

The slain was a heretic;
Possessed by Satan was he;
But his demise - it was tragic,
Since slaughtered he was badly.

The victim’s throat was mercilessly slit,
Countless times he was stabbed,
And as the room with moonlight lit,
Blood splattered on the walls prefabbed.

Slaying the heretic wasn’t his aim;
Heresy was his sole enemy,
But now he’s the one to blame;
Since what he committed was blasphemy.

“But what was done was done;
It was a grave mistake
Which could never be undone..”
He thought sitting beside a lake.

The memories of that dark day
Always crossed his mind
And haunted him everyday
Reminding - he had slain one of his kind.

Those days

I close my disturbed eyes
Beneath these peaceful blue skies
But wake up witnessing demise
of love; and seeing hatred rise.

I remember those happy days,
When being with you was my craze,
Now I can do nothing but gaze
at you, while that memory stays.

My heart utters the words ‘forgive me’
‘coz it is devoid of any glee
But you, apparently, cannot see
The endless sea of sorrow inside of me.

I wanna live those days again
'coz being without you is a pain.
Somebody kindly stop this gloomy rain,
From which no delight I could gain.

Alas, those days are long gone,
And I can do nothing but moan,
Remembering those days when sun shone,
While pain eats me up as I’m all alone.

Lonely Princess

In a castle lived a princess
Whose life was an utter mess (?)
Caught in the clutches of loneliness
Her despair increased, more or less.

She considered herself a nocturnal creature
Staying up late was her characteristic feature
But as she became more and more mature
She figured it was against her body's nature

Feeling of being alone was depressing
But her friends with smiles caressing
Brought her out of this deadly pit
Where no candles were ever lit

She wanted to live a free life;
Maybe one without any signs of strife?
She wanted to be totally free,
To be adventurous in an adventurous sea!

And when she was finally free,
Her eyes shed tears of glee
Due to the beautiful world she could see
And she thought ‘it now belongs to me’.

Also, a bit of info about these - "Lonely Princess", "Those days" and "A friendship I cherished" were all written for a friend of mine. Lonely Princess, in particular, is a poem which dealt with a specific period of her life where she was depressed due to loneliness but was 'saved' by her friends, if that makes any sense. :p Manslaughter..idk why I wrote that. lol
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