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Old March 13th, 2013 (7:56 PM).
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    Simple question.
    If you died right now, would you be able to rest peacefully, or would you forever bear the regret of not having done something? If so, what?


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    Old March 13th, 2013 (8:02 PM).
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    Nah, I think I'd be cool with it. {:


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    Old March 14th, 2013 (1:06 AM).
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      No, cos I still have many things that I want to do that I haven't done yet.

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      Old March 14th, 2013 (1:10 AM).
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      I would be at peace with myself as a person i think, but i'd be sad i couldnt do many things i still wanted to to, like travelling all over the world, bungee-jumping and skydiving...


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      Old March 14th, 2013 (5:43 AM).
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        No. I still want to accomplish something. I'm not sure what, but I want to do something to get remembered before I die.


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        Old March 14th, 2013 (5:59 AM).
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          I would be contempt with my life. I would be at somewhat peace. But I would still stay here. Haunting around. Watching over people. :D


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          Old March 14th, 2013 (6:36 AM).
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            I would be okay with it as well. I have done stuff in my life though...


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            Old March 14th, 2013 (2:10 PM).
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            I'd regret not really amounting to much in life, and dying before my parents and other siblings. But I wouldn't say I'd feel it forever. :/ I think for the most part, I'd rest peacefully. At least my life isn't really awful.


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            Old March 14th, 2013 (9:13 PM).
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            I would regret not telling her I love her.

            She is so perfect.

            If I don't tell her IRL soon, I'll regret it by living out my whole life wondering what would have happened if I did tell her :( It's a big mess.

            I don't care if I die though, my family would be devastated though. :(


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            Old March 15th, 2013 (12:38 PM).
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              I'm not ready to die. I have so much artistic-wise I want to accomplish.. but not just that- I want to actually spend a lifetime with my partner. I just have so much to experience, and so much time I want to spend with those I love too.


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              Old March 15th, 2013 (4:03 PM).
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              Nah! I'd have an afterlife to live. There would be no time to dwell on what I did or didn't do in a life that I no longer live in.

              Honestly speaking, probably the one thing I would regret the most would be not being able to say goodbye to the people I care about the most / haven't seen in a long time or saying hello to those I never got the chance to meet face-to-face.

              I guess I could always visit them as a ghost though...

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              Old March 15th, 2013 (5:56 PM).
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                Nope, I've got too much that needs to be settled before I can rest peacefully. Give me a day to do what I need to do and I'll be good, though. But after I do it I'll NEED to die.


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                Old March 15th, 2013 (8:38 PM).
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                I dont think I could. There's so much I havent done in my life and there are people I would leave behind. I think it would be very unsettling to die suddenly.

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                Old March 16th, 2013 (4:55 AM).
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                I would regret so much. I would regret everything, all the time I've wasted and all the things I haven't done. I'm not even nearly done living, so whoever is holding the piano over my head can bugger off!


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                Old March 17th, 2013 (4:25 PM).
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                  I'm anticipating my retirement, so I'd be annoyed if I died before getting to enjoy that.

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                  Old March 17th, 2013 (10:54 PM).
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                  I can't really think of anything I'd regret too terribly much right now. I mean, I guess it would suck not to live out the rest of my life but there's nothing that I absolutely must do before I go. I guess it's pretty sad that most of the things that do come to mind are related to books or movies or TV shows that haven't come out or ended yet that I'd like to see the ending to. :P

                  At this point, I'd mostly just regret dying before my parents because no parents should have to deal with something like that. :/


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                  Old March 19th, 2013 (6:14 AM).
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                  There are so many more things I want and need to do before I die there is no way I could rest peacefully.


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                  Old March 19th, 2013 (6:51 AM).
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                  No, I wouldn't be ready cause I don't think I'm ready to go yet. My life still feels incomplete. The thing I regret the most is how much I screwed my life over in high school. It's a long story and I won't go onto details now, but it's affected me even today so it's definitely open of my biggest regrets. There's alot of other things I regret and hate myself for , so I wouldn't be able to die feeling accomplished or even with a clean slate at the moment.


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                  Old March 19th, 2013 (7:12 AM).
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                    just to put my opinion out there, there is no such thing as "death" unless you believe there is a such thing. in my beliefs, i'm going to go live again with my lord jesus. but i will not preach.

                    but to answer your question, i could not ever leave this earth yet. i have a 10 month old son who i need to protect and show him the way of life. there is no way i could leave yet. he's going to need me more then i ever needed my parents, and i'm going to be here backing him up to the fullest.


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                    Old March 19th, 2013 (3:27 PM).
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                    I want to stay alive for as long as possible, If I passed away I'd be really saddened, so much cool Pokemon stuff coming up (new episodes in the anime, new games coming out), and there are other events I want to experience (Gold Cup in Seattle, I want to see the World Cup in Qatar 2022), I want to travel across the USA and Canada, by car. I have so much to live fore at the moment, hope Grim Reaper doesn't pay a visit any time soon.


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