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Old February 4th, 2013 (8:38 PM).
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Gender: Female
Posts: 13
Username: ButterfreeDreamer
Your Partners: Butterfree and Butifly
What made you join?: Because Butterfree is the best <3
Answer the current topic: Well, I love butterfree and even have a real-life butterfree tattoo to prove it! Butiful is basically butterfree's cousin, so I'll take that one, too!

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Old February 5th, 2013 (7:26 PM).
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Originally Posted by Puppeteer Mask View Post
Oh yeah. And there's Stealth Rock. Freaking Stealth Rock...
XD!! Yea...

Unfortunately some bug types were screwd over with the advent of stealth rocks. And some rock types in can give bug types a run for their money as well. Bug is a decent defensive type though, being resistant to fighting, ground, and grass(the former two being common attacking types). Only being resistant to fighting and grass correct me if i'm wrong. Howeveeerr they are weak to fire, rock, and flighting which can e quit troublesome. However the bug types weaknesses can become expanseive as with the multitude of secondary types they have.
Old February 24th, 2013 (8:44 AM).
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Nineteen days and no new discussions will not do. No sir. And so I shall offer up my own line of discussion. With the advent of Gen VI, we're going to definitely see some new bug types. They're one of the most common types, after all. Gen V gave us some really awesome bug types and really gave the type a much needed kick in the pants with the advent of some really nifty new bug types for competitive play. They even got their first Legendary in the form of Genesect, and a pseudo-legendary in the form of Volcarona! What kinds of bug types do you think we can expect in Gen VI? Do you think this new trend will continue? Or has the shining moment for Bug types come and gone? The often discussed Pokemon #666 is early in the Gen VI pokedex, do you think it could be our common bug type? I've heard a suggestion that it could be a Bug/Dark type like the common house fly, representing Beelzebub. That'd be pretty cool, right?
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Old February 24th, 2013 (9:17 AM).
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Stand Alone Complex
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Omnipresent
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Posts: 139
Username: Google 2.0
Your Partners: Venomoth, Ariados
What made you join?: Bug type pokemon are my second favorite type (dark being first)
Answer the current topic: What made you choose your two partners?
Venomoth is one of my favorite pokemon from gen1 it had a weird but kinda cool loking sprite back then (pokemon red / blue games) and Venomoth can also learn Psychic type attacks.

Ariados because i used one when i played silver, crystal and gold for the first time (yes in all 3 games)
Old March 10th, 2013 (5:46 AM).
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Atra du evarinya ono varda.
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Everywhere and anywhere.
Nature: Quiet
Posts: 2,919
Username: synerjee

Your Partners: Joltik and Heracross

What made you join?: I used to generalize Bug-types as weak and useless for teams based on my initial encounters with Caterpie and Weedle, but over the years, I've come to appreciate and love these Pokemon a lot. Within that soft shell shines a strong light.

Answer the current topic: What made you choose your two partners?
I chose Joltik as it is the cutest Bug-type ever. x3 Its Bug/Electric typings make it all the more irresistible as I love Electric-types as well. As for Heracross, it's super strong and strikes me as a brilliant fighter.
Old March 19th, 2013 (9:07 PM).
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Johto
Age: 21
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Nature: Jolly
Posts: 83
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Username: trotz59
Your Partners: Ariados and Shedinja
What made you join?: I love bug-types. They are one of my top three favorite types (along with Electric, and ground). I find them highly underrated and have tried my best to prove to people that bug types are actually awesome.
Answer the current topic: What made you choose your two partners?

I chose Ariados because it is one of my favorite all time pokemon. I find it to be so much fun to battle with and it is incredibly interesting. As a competetive pokemon player, most people don't expect an Ariados to be their opponent, and it's power can come as a big surprise when used properly.
As for Shedinja, I think it is a fascinating Pokemon. My favorite ability by far, Shedinja is also very eerily cute, and it's way of being evolved into is so cool
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Old March 29th, 2013 (10:36 AM).
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I'd love to join
Username: Cossolotto32
Your Partners: Beedrill, Ariados
What made you join?: I love pokemon it's my favorite type. I really enjoy all of the designs and concepts of bugs gaining abnormal powers and types. How awesome itd be if they were actually the size the pokemon were? Everyone would be so afraid of them, like they already are!
Answer the current topic: Beedrill is and has always been my favorite bug type pokemon! I love the needles on its arms! And Ariados' design is to die for, and the way it moves around in Pokemon forever really made me like him a lot more.
Old April 23rd, 2013 (4:04 AM).
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Closed at request of the owner.

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