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What object do you use that is made for the opposite sex?

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Old March 20th, 2013 (2:19 AM).
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    I use men's shower gel as the women ones make my skin itchy.
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    Old March 29th, 2013 (3:42 AM).
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      People realise that conditioner isn't, per se, a female product, right? There are plenty of men's hair conditioners around... some of which I use when my hair gets a bit longer than I'd like it to.

      As for me, I've sometimes used female-specific moisturiser when it's been on offer in the shops, but that's honestly about it.
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      Old April 4th, 2013 (6:56 PM). Edited April 4th, 2013 by Melody.
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      I use lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, nail polish, and certain kinds of tights/stockings. All of these I use to some degree to change how I look to suit how I feel, which helps me quite a bit at times.

      I also occasionally pick up feminine scented soaps or items of a similar nature. This is because most scents associated with females are often more gentle. I do have a sensitive nose, and don't like strong smelling products. Sometimes even a hair care product or two, even though I loath doing anything with my short hair besides cleaning it or combing/brushing it.

      Although I personally identify myself as both genders more often than not, there are enough times in my life that I simply must play along with only one role, no matter how masculine or feminine I may feel at any given moment, so for the nature of this poll, I went with the obvious choice of what I use less of.
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      Old April 4th, 2013 (8:08 PM).
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      Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
      One time I opened a condom pack cause I found a box of them and then I buried it. Does that count for anything?
      It only counts if you wore it. Did you wear it?
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      Old April 5th, 2013 (7:58 AM).
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      Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
      I don't have any, but if I were gay, I'd have a vibrator.
      I can probably safely say that you wouldn't be alone in this regard.

      I've used women's shampoos before, only because I was a kid and thought they smelled nice.

      I have to wonder... Does it count if a person cosplays as the opposite gender?
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      Old April 5th, 2013 (1:16 PM).
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        T-shirts! Men always get the cool print t-shirts so I always just buy a xsmall :)
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        Old April 5th, 2013 (3:33 PM).
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          I used a hair straightener ab und zu when I was 14 but not now.

          My mother's hairbrush?
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