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    2 Months Ago...

    Digimon is quite a popular series throughout the world, from America, to Zimbabwe. Soon, there was a new game that sent even the world to a buzz: a new Digimon game called [/TAMERS]. This game was to embrace the latest of virtual reality technology; a person would be able to create their own avatar, partner with their own digimon, and head inside the actual world full of digimon! About 10,000 copies were pre-ordered and bought before the release date, as the people who bought these games were known as the beta-testers. Soon, the game was released world wide, as a wide of range of audience - from children to young adults, bought copies of this game for themselves.

    Playing the game was simple. As soon as a person buys a copy, they are supplied with their very own digivice, with it's color varying on what sort of [/TAMERS] pack they have bought. They are then able to play the game with this digivice, but connecting to the internet wirelessly with it. The rest of the steps were simple. First, you gotta create a custom avatar for yourself, as a Digimon Tamer. You customize your clothing, pick whether you are male or female, customize any facial features you have, and even create a Tamer name for yourself. Then comes the fun part; picking your very own partner digimon! You could of basically picked any rookie digimon you want, and then, pick it's digivolution-line. Once you've done that, it was time to play. But there was something wrong.

    There was a bright light, as you then felt dizzy. Soon, you passed out, and there was darkness. When you came to, you see yourself in an unfamiliar setting. A very busy city? Your body felt frozen and cold as you rise up. It was then you looked around at yourself; you're wearing unfamiliar clothing. But then something else comes up to mind. Your name. Did it make sense? Or was it now... something different? It was then that you saw it: a bright light that develops in your hand. Soon that light materialized into something familiar - a Digivice. Perhaps you might think that you're dreaming, but it was then that your digivice glowed. When the light fade, you saw something. Something that seemed... familiar. It was a creature, that was staring right at you. A Digimon. Your partner digimon. It was weird, but... it seemed as though you knew your digimon all of your life, even though you've just met it at that very moment.

    Soon you might of realized that you are now playing the game. It was cool! But then, something else went wrong - there was no way to log out. You couldn't get out of this world. It was then that you saw a giant screen right near a tall building. The only thing it said: WELCOME, TO THE DIGITAL WORLD.


    It's been about 2 months since the first announcement as passed. Most people with their partnered digimon have been living about in the beginner level, the city, or hanging about the few levels where specific settings are located. Life was good with the digimon. Humans and digimon cook together, fish together, fight together, live together, heck, they do almost everything together. However, some people are concerned about the completion of the game; a front army has been devising strategies to try and complete all of the levels. However, there was one controversial matter. Digivolution. Most people have figured out to simply digivolve your digimon, you use your digivice to select "digivolve" from the menu. Once you hit that, of course, your in-training digimon can evolve to rook, and your rookie digimon can evolve to a champion level digimon. There is currently no known way to digivolve a champion level to it's Ultimate level. At least, not yet. However, even with their strength, time is not on their side.

    In the World of [/TAMERS]...

    The Digivice is pretty much the universal controller for all players. For one thing, they always allow for safe passage to a Town/City previously visited. They can also use the digivice to access the menu, which sort of "pop up" from the digivice screen, for the convince of players. They can access their digimon's skills, their power, and it can pretty much act as an hi-tech encyclopedia of pretty much any digimon a player encounters. A player can even interact wirelessly to other players by e-mail. They can also add any player to their friends list, or, as part of a party list.

    The Digivice also has a card-slot function for Digimon-Modify. Digi-Modify is the term used in the game to refer to the act of modifying a partner Digimon's capabilities through the use of the Digimon card game. Digimon normally have to absorb data to get stronger, but, a Digimon partnered with players on the other hand, has the capability to temporarily increase its power using cards scanned through the Digivice.

    More on to the levels of this game, levels every floor has a central portal for quick and easy travel. All Cities and Towns are safe areas, nobody can die and monsters cannot enter. Digimon may duel, however only in safe areas. The defeated digimon does not die, however, they drop to 1 health point. DK-ing, Digimon-Killing, is banned, attempting to damage another Digimon or Player outside of a 'Duel' results in an instant-teleport to Jail.

    To advance to the next floor, the current dungeon must be cleared and the boss monster defeated, from then on the floor portal will be activated for everyone. Those who take part in a digimon boss fight and succeed are always rewarded.

    Time in the Digital World passes just as it does in the real world, with day/night rotating to coincide with Japanese timezones. All language is translated within the game, therefore people from different countries can easily interact with each other.

    Arc 1 - Devimon & The Black Tower

    Story: 200. About 200 have died this past month. The death toll was getting larger by every week. The players and digimon knew that in order to be finally free, they had to act now, to defeat the first dungeon level boss. However, there was none to be found, other than a few strong enemies at the Chloral Cave. The only lead that they had was the mysterious Black Tower. However, as far as any player or NPC or digimon knew, the Black Tower had a mysterious aura to it, and the contents were virtually unknown. The area itself was also inaccessible, except for the outside field and sea that surrounded it. But even then, just getting to the black tower was a challenge by itself, from the strong digimon that surrounded it from the sea, and from the small island. One day, on a rainy, lightning-filled night...

    "Hey! Did you hear?!" A player asked another. "I heard that a player was exploring around that tower, until he saw horns coming from that strange tower! But then... he, and his digimon died! I-It was so weird!"

    "Aw man..." the other player commented with a struggle. "I wouldn't want to go to a place like that... do you think the MagnaAngemon guild will find out what's going on?"

    Little do they know, they were being ease dropped by someone - a young female player who had a snide smile on her face. She chuckled as she crossed her arms while she leaned against a nearby, inconspicuous wall. She then got up and started to walk away. She walked towards a nearby creature standing on two hind legs. She faced it.

    "Gabumon," the player addressed. "Let's go. We've got fishes to fry." It was then the lightning struck once more, illuminating the unknown dark setting.


    Meanwhile, the mysterious black tower was filled with the moans of small digimon, and the fierce cracking of whips. Rookie Digimon were busy staking sturdy materials on top of sturdy materials, and moving big objects out of the way. While unhappy they were, they had no choice; they were being ordered by the cruelest of commander digimon.

    "Work! Work you lazy-good-for-nothin' digimon!" ordered one of the digimon commanders, a Centalmon. His loud voice was only rivaled by the cracks of his whip. "Work I say!!"

    Soon, an Elecmon collapsed out of exhaustion. He wanted to at least catch his own breath. Centalmon ordered the Elecmon to get back up and back to work, but, Elecmon even struggled to rise back on his feet. WaruMonzaemon was about to whip Elecmon, until he was blocked by another digimon - a Leomon.

    "Leave the young one alone," Leomon begged the Centalmon. "He'll start again soon. Is that not what you desire?" The Centalmon grunted and grumbled as he turned away from Leomon and Elecmon, and walked away. Elecmon finally rose to his feet.

    "...You didn't have to help me like that you know," said Elecmon.

    "Maybe I shouldn't have, but, we are in this together," Leomon explained. "And... this may sound strange, but, you remind me of myself from when I was just a Elecmon myself."

    "Heh, well, you sure have a heart pops," Elecmon said with a smile. "Thanks." Leomon nodded as the two digimon continued with their slaved work.


    Meanwhile, in a closed location, the room was dark. And cold. Lifeless... A figure stood outside the windows alone, with a closed posture. Then, the nearby door knocked, as it slowly opened. The guest was a floating Bakemon.

    "My liege!" the Bakemon addressed with a bow. "Preparations are almost complete!" While the room was dark, there was then a sudden lightning flash then revealed a small, sinister smile coming from the figure..

    Mission: You're pretty much free to start this RP on whatever floors you want that's listed below. You can basically use your Digivice to teleport yourself to any of these other floors too. Also, you can do pretty much whatever you want too; you can interact with each other, you can make your own NPCs, you can do the optional jobs listed here, and you can explore the various buildings here. You can even make up your own jobs, buildings, and.. pretty much anything else, as long as it's within reason. You can even start your own guild, so long as you provide a name, and a description at the OOC thread.

    When it comes to NPCs, you're free to bunny them. Which means that you are free to bunny the clients of jobs, the owners of shops, even the digimon enemies listed.

    Oh, but don't idle too long; for the main plot of this arc is going to start soon! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the OOC thread.

    *By the way: Your Digimon can only digivolve up to the Champion level. For now.

    Number of Floors available: 5

    The DigiWorld Floors Discovered:

    Floor 1: DigiBuya

    This is a huge city that is also the most populated in the Digital World. Since this is the first place the players of the [/TAMERS] encounter, it is the most densely populated city in Digital World - mainly due to low level players who avoid combat, due to the obvious risks. There are a number of shops, housing, guilds, and hotels available for players and digimon, for those who would want to purchase Digi-Modify cards, or those who simply want to have an apartment in one of the many buildings available. There are also jobs that the player can do, which are side-quests on which players and their partner digimon do these side-quests in order to earn great rewards!


    T H E ☠ P I R A T E S
    T H E ☠ P I R A T E S is a guild made for people who lust for treasure and plunder, while getting all they can drink. This guild's primary focus is to treasure hunt for the most prodigious valuables they can muster - from money to extremely rare items. They even travel to lands that people would not normally be foolish enough to enter; from unexplored charters, to the most barren and hostile lands. Lack of these particular lands are a problem, but T H E ☠ P I R A T E S will push on until they have explored all the lands they can muster up. On certain days, older members of T H E ☠ P I R A T E S travel to the downtown starter city to play on the famous casino; their favourite games includes blackjack, the roulette, and the casino slots. Not just anyone can join though - only those who are cunning, yet strong and devious enough are the only ones made to join this particular guild. However, if one does fit these descriptions, then it doesn't matter how old you are - prepare for a guild full of life, and excitement!

    Agumon's Tail
    The guild Agumon's Tail's only purpose is to help others in need. They fulfill in very big jobs that the average player and digimon can't do, as in, they form up in their strongest parties to try and complete the dangerous jobs as best as they can. Rumors say that the leader is a wise old man who has a very secretive digimon called Kudamon, but few have seen him or his digimon. Their mascot, of course, is Agumon, or more specifically, his tail, representing the courage that an Agumon possesses.

    The MagnaAngemon Knights
    The MagnaAngemon Knights are arguably the strongest guild in the Digital World. They are the frontline base team who use their talents to try and clear the boss levels. However, they haven't been quite successful lately, but, each strategy they devise brings them closer to their ultimate goal: salvation for the surviving players in the digital world.

    The Orombo 善 Gang
    Yeah... this guild has always had a very bad reputation. Some have reported that these guys assault players and their digimon in order to obtain their very rich and valuable possessions. But some say, that these guys also play the role of Robin Hood on giving those valuables to the less fortunate. So, are they good, or are they just naughty? Who knows but their very own leader. They even have problematic clashes with Agumon's Tail before, creating a fierce rivalry between them. They also think that the PIRATES are wusses, and the MagnaAngemon guild? They have sticks up their own asses.

    Optional Jobs / Sidequests:

    Job Title: Save her!!
    Job Description: A man NPC nearby a hotel called "Snoozin' Patamon" wants you to help him find his daughter at Floor 3. But be warned that a lot of Kunemon were spotted in that area. If you are successful, he'll reward you with money!


    Job Title: Ensure Safety!
    Job Description: A rich business man near a restaurant named "Lilimon's sweets" want to transport a large chunk of his wealth from Floor 1 to a meeting point in Floor 2. He wants to meet another business man near the foot of a lake in Floor 2. However, the road to that lake is very known for thieves - both human and digmon alike. Bring the gold to the other business man safely. He is willing to pay a lot.


    Job Title: Destroy Kuwagamon!
    Job Description: A young woman client near a subway is asking to defeat a Digimon named Kuwagamon who assaults humans and digimon in Floor 3. She will reward you with the Digi-Modify card, Wargreymon's Shield.

    Current Shops:

    DigiModify-Card Shop
    It's basically a shop in Floor 1 where you can purchase various DigiModify Cards.

    Cards currently available to pick up:

    Speed Card: increase in speed until the end of the battle.

    Power Card: increase in power until the end of the battle.

    Stamina Card: increase in stamina until the end of the battle.

    Armor Card: forms armor on part of your digimon until the end of the battle.

    Hyperwing Card: the digimon grows wings until the end of the battle.

    Clone Card: allows digimon to teleport out of the way once.

    Agumon's Frozen Wind: gives the attack Frozen Wind until the end of the battle.

    Snimon Twin Sickle: give the attack Twin Sickle until the end of the battle.

    Goliath Card: increases the size of a Digimon twenty fold. Dangerous to use.

    Waterproof: Gives a non-water breathing Digimon the ability to breathe underwater.


    Lilimon's Sweets

    This is a shop on where you can purchase various food items such as bakery foods like cake or donuts, or other candy like chocolate.


    Owlmon's Diner

    This is a diner where you can get fast food items like burgers, french fries, onion rings, soda, chicken nuggets, and much more.


    Old Numamon

    This is a weird shop on where you can get fashion designer clothing for your you, and your rookie digimon. Well, the downside is that only rookie digimon can wear these clothes; it'll be too small when they've digivolve, but, it will remain on when the digimon returns to its rookie form.

    Floor 2: Hyruuen Field

    This is pretty much a field on where it is surrounded by a small river leading up to a lake. There are some homes here too, but not quite as big as the homes in Floor 1. Some stray digimon made their nest here too.

    Enemy Digimon List:

    Tsukaimon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Purple Fog (a purple gas attack), Bad Message (uses signals to throw negative emotions to people and digimon)

    Bakumon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Nightmare Syndrome (Spits out a cloud-like substance of undigested nightmares.), Virus Delete (Releases a cloud of toxic fog)

    Gazimon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Nightmare Claw (uses it's claws to attack with a slash), Electric Stun Blast (Breathes a poisonous, gaseous breath onto the opponent)

    Tyumon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Cheese Bomb (Throws an explosive bomb of cheese at the adversary), Run Away (Runs Away at high speeds)

    Floor 3: Ikaruga

    This is a town that is sort of reminiscent of a fudal-Japanese town. However, it is also considered to be a very beautiful town surrounded by blossoms, all because of the large, blossom tree near the back of the town that protects it. There are farm land near the outskirts of Ikaruga, where there are certain digimon who made their nests here to try to pillage and digest the crops around here.

    Optional Jobs / Sidequests:

    Job Title: Swat those pests!
    Job Description: A farmer NPC on a farm nearby a small river wants someone to get rid of 5 Tentamon that constantly harvesting his crops. If you help him out, he'll reward you with
    goodies to cook and eat!

    Job Title: Recover a lost item!
    Job Description: A young maiden wants someone to recover her beloved shell necklace in Floor 4, but fear the stray digimon. Help her out, and she'll reward you with a nice money reward!


    Lilamon's Floral Shop

    This is a shop on where you can buy various flowers, from roses to tulips. Players and Digimon buy those flowers usually for decoration, or for someone special!

    Enemy Digimon List:

    Tentomon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Super Shocker (Shoots a bolt of electricity from its antennas.), Talon Attack (Attacks foe with a hard claw.)

    Phascomon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Evil Claw (Attacks with a fierce Claw), Snore Attack (attacks by snoring)

    Kunemon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Electro Thread (Releases a string from its mouth charged with electricity)

    Floor 4: Chloral Beach & Chloral Cave


    This is a beach that has quite rich sand, and clean, cool ocean water. Sometimes digimon and humans go swimming when there isn't any danger, of course. Walk a few feet from the entrance point of the beach and a player would reach a cave called Chloral Cave. This cave is a small dungeon, that is hosted by a powerful mini-boss digimon.

    Enemy Digimon List:

    Otamamon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Stun Bubble (Spits out a stream of bubbles), Body Blow (Tackles the enemy, or slams them with its tail)

    Swimmon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Brine Pistol (Spits water that it inhaled from its gills at its enemies), Slash Fin (Cuts up enemies with its fins)

    Ganimon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Scissors Attack (Crushes the foe with its gigantic claw), Crab Meat Bomber (Slices at the foe many times)

    Gomamon (Rookie)
    Attacks: Marching Fishes (Summons a school of colorful flying fish to attack), Sharp Claws (Attacks the foe with a slice of its claw)

    Ikkakumon (Champion)
    Attacks: Harpoon Torpedo (Shoots a missile from the horn on its head), Heat Top (Rams horn into the foe with a headbutt)

    Octmon (Champion)
    Attacks: Spurting Ink (shoots ink towards its enemies)

    Miniboss: Shellmon (Champion)
    Attacks: Aqua Blaster (Slams the opponent with gushing water from it's mouth), Drill Shell (attacks the opponent with its shell as it spins), Body Blow (attacks the opponent by body slamming on to them)

    Floor 5: The Black Tower

    A mysterious black tower on an island. Not much is known about it, other than it is being built by digimon slaves. Stray Digimon fill the sea and the outskirts of the island.

    Enemy Digimon List:

    Attacks: Ice Blast (Discharges a breath of absolute zero-temperatured water, which freezes the enemy solid upon contact.)

    Attacks: Blasting Sprout (Shoots a blast of water from its blowhole), Tidal Wave (Summons a Whirlpool)

    Attacks: Paralyze Tail (Stings foe with its electrified tail)

    Attacks: Dark Claw (Extends a giant decaying hand from underneath its cloak and claws at the enemy with it.), Evil Charm (Casts an evil spell of darkness that washes over the enemy, and sap away its life.)

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      Delerum - Floor 1; Another good day

      Another nice day actually. His bed was comfortable enough so he hated it when he had to swing his legs off of it and place his feet on the floor. He curled his toes against the wood and stretched his arms, letting out a yawn. He popped his back and headed on over to the shower, passing another bed where his partner rested. Guilmon currently had pushed off all of the covers and had one leg hanging off the side, both claws above his head and snoring lightly. The image was always cute to Delerum, but he walked into the bath none the less and closed the door behind him. It never took him long to shower... though he still questioned it. This water was data correct? Then why did it always feel warm or cold? Shouldn't it just feel wet and that was it? He already drove himself up a wall before with his pondering so he just put away his thoughts for now. As he dried himself off he put on the same clothes he always had. Yet again a strange thing in the digital world, his clothes at least never got to the point where they smelled. The same thing happened with his body. He had experimented and had gone a few days without a shower... and he smelled no differently. Still, he supposed it was logical, this was an avatar body after all... and this was all digital. He couldn't expect smells to be on everything right?

      He finished dressing and headed back out to the main room to still see Guilmon sound asleep. Delerum just smiled and slowly approached the digimon. It was odd... some days Guilmon would be up before him, other times he would wake up at the same time, and yet there were a few days when Guilmon would sleep through ANYTHING. Even if he could get a car in the world and drive it around the house honking he doubted Guilmon would wake up. He had at first tired shouting at him to wake him up but that hardly worked and he would have to end up poking him quite awhile to get him to wake up, but he had found something else since that time to get his partner to awaken rather quickly. He snickered to himself as he placed his hands right above Guilmon's exposed armpit and then quickly let his fingers tips flutter about the sensitive area.

      Immediately his partner's eyes opened up and he burst into loud laughter as he squirmed underneath the assault, clamping his arms down as he tried to protect his pits. Delerum chuckled and pulled his hands away while his partner's laughter died down and the lizard glared up at him. "I hate it when you do that." Guilmon stated.

      Delerum just looked at him, "Hey, you know I can't wake you up quickly any other way. Come on, I want to get that job today. I think we're ready for the third floor."

      Guilmon grumbled and got off the bed, scratching at his pits with claws to get rid of the tingling feeling there, "You could just be louder with your shouting then Del." Delerum just rolled his eye in response. Guilmon headed on over to a small dresser and picked up some clothing there and took it over to Delerum. Delerum was more than accustomed to this procedure as he grabbed one of Guilmon's arms and slid a black leather band up it till it rested comfortable against his mid bicep. He repeated the process on the other arm and then held up Guilmon's arm right arm as he placed the black shoulder armor piece on him and proceeded to tie it against his shoulder via the straps that hung from it. As he tied the straps underneath his arm he could hear Guilmon snickering whenever his fingers happened to brush his pit, but it only took a few seconds for him to finish the task. He patted his partner on his pack and grabbed his Digivice and the cards, putting them in his hoodie's pocket and walked out of his house.

      Immediately his eyes were assaulted with bright lights and he pulled his hood over his head and walked on over to where he saw the job offer last. The Snoozin' Patamon luckily wasn't that far and the man from before was right there. Delerum walked right on up and coughed to get his attention, "Heard you had a job offer? Something about a girl?"

      The man turned to him and wrung his hands in anxiety. "Yes young man that is correct. You see... my daughter... I always tell her to be careful, but she went down to the third floor! She said she would be careful down there. Perhaps I just wanted to trust her for once? Oh, but she is stuck down there I assume. It's been some time and she hasn't come back home! I have heard there were some Kunemon spotted near the area she was at! Oh, please save her! I have some cash I can offer up as an award, but please save my daughter!"

      Delerum just nodded, "Yeah sure, I'll find her. Just sit tight." He pulled out his digivice and opened up the menu on it, scrolling through the various levels that were open and finally settled on floor three and clicked it. His body was covered with a green light and there was a flash of light before his eyes.

      Floor 3

      The first thing he noticed was the bright and happy music that was the level's theme. The first floor had been okay and the second floor had the best music so far he thought, but the third one was... okay, he supposed. Guilmon took in a deep breath and glanced about, "So where to first Del?" He asked his tamer. Delerum glanced about, "Hm... well this town is here. We can gather some clues." He opened the menu on his digivice once more and scrolled about, "Yeah, some clues and then we can head out, or... we could go in and just beat up digimon until we find some Kunemon, what do you think?" He asked.

      Guilmon smirked, "We can beat up some digimon! I can handle some Kunemon easily!"

      Delerum just chuckled and glanced at the road out of town, "Hm... let's head out then. If we can't find her we can ask some townsfolk, they would have to know something." He put his digivice away for now and headed down along the path with Guilmon following beside him. When they were a good distance from town Delerum once more pulled out his digivice and called up the digivolution option. He scrolled down and clicked on GeoGreymon. He stood back from his partner as Guilmon's body began to expand. His muscles grew more defined and his color scheme changed to yellow. His clothing vanished and in his place stood a GeoGreymon who roared out loud.

      "Ready for another fun time?" He asked his newly evolved partner. The Greymon smirked down at him, "Always ready Del." He said in a much deeper voice. Delerum nodded and led his partner along the path, the ground shaking just a bit from the Champion's footsteps. Money was money and with this new income he could buy a few more cards. Delerum was becoming a happy boy indeed.
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      Fenix and Keramon - Floor 3

      Fenix and Keramon sat in the dirt by one of the smaller buildings in Ikaruga playing with an old chessboard they had found lying around... or at least they had been but after a few games Keramon had gotten bored and began chewing on his own king.
      You find the weirdest things, and individuals, lying around in the digital world Fenix, formerly Erik Caspian, thought to himself.

      The two were very familiar with the town of Ikaruga, they lived on Floor 1 - DigiBuya - but spent most of their time on Chloral Beach or in Ikaruga away from the noisy, busy crowds of the city. Fenix preferred to stay away from places like that, being in large messy crowds made him nervous, despite the imroved confidence he had gained upon coming to the digital world and meeting Keramon who was the permanent companion of Fenix. Currently the two were waiting for the arrival of a large insectoid digimon by the name of Kuwagamon, a virus species. This particular Kuwagamon had recently begun attacking the small town for no apparent reason often injuring humans and digimon alike.

      "Are you ready for this? We haven't had to deal with a champion level in a while." Fenix asked Keramon, concerned for his partners safety. He knew full well that he was going to be a fair bit smaller than their opponent even after he digivolved to his own champion form.
      "The big ones fall hard" replied Keramon in the midst of one of his madman outbursts of laughter, accidentally swallowing the wouldn't figure he'd been chewing on and coughing loudly. Fenix raised an eyebrow
      "Are you sure you'll be okay?" he asked again. Keramon responded with more of his crazy cackling.

      Fenix was well used to his friends outlandish behaviour at this point, the two had instantly clicked upon meeting each other and had grown inseparably close over the two months they had known each other, Fenix actually quite enjoyed Keramon's lunacy, he felt they were two of a kind.
      "At least you probably won't choke on Kuwagamon", he was met with more outrages laughter.
      Oh well... Fenix thought to himself, can't say I didn't warn him. He could now here the approach of their foe.

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      Sergei “Atreyu” Matveiovich Gorodetsky – Demons

      Snapping claws and rapid clicking surround Atreyu as he stood firm against the rapidly increasing number of Ganimon now swarming from the white wash of the surf and from under the sharp crevices of protruding rocks. Any Tamer in their own wits would have long run away from the amount of wild Digimon that were spawning, yet Atreyu was anything but your average Tamer. For a while it seemed like the crab-like Digimon were laughing at him for stumbling in on their territory of the sandy Chloral Beach, clicking madly at each other on how easily they were going to reduce this prey to mere specks of digital data before they munched on him.

      Smirking, Atreyu retrieved the small, handheld Digivice from his pocket, the yellow trim looking brighter under the beating sun. The Digivice flashed blue as Atreyu quickly scanned through the menu, finding the specific command he was after and executing it without so much as a word. Confused by the gesture, the Ganimon held back, not knowing to run forward and attack or to escape.

      "Raidramon, Blue Thunder!" Atreyu ordered, just loud enough for the bulk of the Ganimon to hear before arcs of blue electricity lit up the beach.

      One after the other, Ganimon were struck by this lightning, disappearing in a showering mist of pixels while the rest either scattered, ran into each other or, like a brave few, tried to make a pass at Atreyu. The few who made it close enough to clip Atreyu with their pincers soon found themselves underneath the giant, electrified paws of the black and blue Raidramon.

      "Have fun," Atreyu simply said to the human sized electric wolf Digimon now standing beside him.

      "You really mean that? I haven't ganked anything in ages!" Raidramon howled before leaping of to take out a bunch Ganimon with lightning flashing from his lightning-bolt horn. Atreyu simply stood back and watched his Digimon bound around the area, scattering the troublesome crabs as well as reducing them into the dirty pixels they were.

      The sun had lowered in the sky drastically when a now de-digivolved Elecmon returned to Atreyu, somewhat exhausted but still somehow full of energy. "That was fun! OMG I am soooo powerful! Can we do that again? Please, please, please, please, please?" Elecmon never knew when to stop.

      "Ve have to vait for zhe Digiemohn to resspohn, no?" Atreyu flicked through a list of saved locations in his Digivice, looking for a good point for them to teleport back to until their next excursion into the dangers of the Digital World. Ignoring the persistant blabbering of the hyped up Elecmon, he initiated the teleport; a white light surrounding them as the sandy beaches of Chloral were replaced by the bustling gray city of Digibuya.
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        Gendry "The Ice Man" Hawthorne - Floor 4 - Chapter 1 Part 1: It's the Name of the Game

        The Ice Man strolled the sandy Choral Beaches. Why... The question had gone through his head a thousand times for the last few years. Why...Why...Why... A thousand and three. His life had gone so perfectly for fifteen years. Then it happened, and everything went to hell. Hell had been the name of the game for the as long as he could remember. He had to escape to the internet to get away from it all. Then the damned game malfunctioned,trapping him here, in the Digital world of [/Tamers]. Just like the game: Hell. Gendry has become a pro at the game.

        The crystal blue waters lapped at his mud-caked boots, uttering a soft whisper everytime they came into contact with the beige shoreline. Ikkakumon strode beside him. The great, hairy beast was exhausted. A Seadramon and several Ganimon lay behind them. The group had attempted to attack Gendry, but Ikkakumon's horn had put an end to that. The Ice Man sighed. "Good job buddy." He raised his hand and began to stroke massive beast's side. It's fur was matted and long. It gives Gendry security when he strokes it.

        "All in a days work." The gruff response didn't surprise Gendry. He and his partner were almost identical. It was almost creepy. "Where to now?"

        "Floor 1. I have some buisness there." He produced his digivice from his pocket and selected the transport option. Within moments he was standing in the middle of a busy street. He sighed again and began to walk towards a well-dressed man. "I saw your mission. I'm here to escort you to the lake."

        The man nodded his head and looked to Gomamon, who had degenerated. "Your partner looks strong. You look strong. Get me there safely, and you will be as wealthy as a prince."

        The Ice Man wasn't a fan of wealth, but there was a plethora of useful items he could buy with it. "As I thought. Come with me, my good sir." He wasn't going to be overly polite, but this man was powerful. He would be a good ally later. Gendry began to walk towards a open place. The man walked up next to him and the pair transported to Floor 2. "You're going to follow me, you're going to do as I say, and you're going to be safe. Trust me."

        The man nodded, but studdered a little. "What happens if we get attacked by a lot of thieves?"

        "Then they'll regret it."

        "How can you be sure?"

        "I've gotten good at the game."

        "What game, if I might ask?"

        "Hell. It's the name of the game."

        The man didn't know how to respond to that.

        "Hell's the game. I'm good at the game." Hawthorne began to stride quickly down the road. The man hustled followed. "Once you become good at the game, you're almost invinsible." The philosophy of the game isn't very difficult: You become good at it or die. "Now come on."

        After the rudish comment, the gentleman seemed a bit irritated. "You're very straight forward young man. How have you survived this long?"

        The Ice Man paused and thought about it for a minute. "I've fought everything that stands in the way of getting out of this damned game. I'm in the front army. I'm tough. I'm strong. I fight with the MA's. (MagnaAngemons) Anything else you need to know?"

        "Yes. What is your name, young man?"

        "I'm called the Ice Man."

        "Ah. I've heard of you. You and your partner must be the Icey Fists."

        "My reputation proceeds me." Gendry didn't like to be well known. People looked up to well-known people. "Please don't call us that. We're just guarding you."

        The man chuckled. "You're rather defensive."

        "You have to be if you want to beat the game."
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          Arc 1 Part 1: Let’s go on a quest!
          Floor 3: Ikaruga

          “Wake up…”


          “Wake up!”


          ‘Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up or I’ll tackle you!” Ella shot her arms out and grabbed the puppy at this, pulling her to her chest. She laughed as Plotmon butted her head against the folds of her dress. “Are you up, are you, huh? Get up!”

          Ella smiled, brushing her bangs out of her eyes. “Yes, yes I am.” She started a moment, hearing the clarity of her own voice and pausing with a dull shock. Then she relaxed her shoulders and stretched, returning Plotmon to the ground. “I’m awake Plotmon, slow down…” Wait for me… Even though it was easy to speak here, it was no easier to think. Her words were sluggishly rising into her brain. Reflexively, Ella reached for a rote phrase to cover her tracks and gave up. She slowly began to push herself up from the ground. Plotmon bounced away, as understanding as any family member. Soon, Ella was limping after her, heading down the path roughened by weather and wooden wheels.

          She liked the peace of Ikaruga. Digibuya had simply so many people and so many things happen. Here she could tinker with what she wanted and only glimpsed a mere rumor or few. It was nice and gentle and peaceful. It was nice progression this way. Ella thought about that and sighed. She was kind of low on money… and she would need some cards soon. That would mean visiting other floors and doing missions and various other difficulties. Oh well. She could definitely handle it.

          With a tiny sigh, Ella narrowly avoided tripping over a rock and reached the bulletin board. Plotmon was already there of course, bouncing like a ball below a dangling piece of paper. “Ella, this one! This!”

          Ella nodded and gently unpinned the page. She appreciated Plotmon’s way of speech about ten times more than she probably ought to. It was so much easier to understand than her mother’s way of going in circles around something. She watched the words blur in her mind a moment before she read aloud. “Client is named Colleen Stein. She lives up the hill on the right… and is asking for ret-rie-val,” She sounded the word out carefully. “Of a missing item on Floor 4. See her for details.”

          “Aw, can we do it?” begged the Digimon, excitable as she could be. Ella nodded and they set off for the woman’s house. It was probably an easy mission, but… there was that little trouble of Shellmon. Even if Plotmon evolved… something that Ella still couldn’t consistently keep making possible in a non-stressful training session, that thing was big. It was also a rather nasty thing, with a temper as bad as its brain functions, according to others who had faced the thing.

          Well, she would just have to go for it. Everyone had to do stuff like that. Maybe the pendant wouldn’t be that far in the cave.

          She sure hoped so.
          "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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            Delerum - Floor 3

            Well, some time had passed and they had not seen any piles of digimon or any girls running around shrieking in terror yet. Well... where would the girl be then? He had walked around the path so maybe he was missing something? The father hadn't really given him that detailed a description to follow and each floor was rather big. And where were any landmarks to follow? There was only the path that he had been off, and subsequently gotten off when he realized he just wasn't getting where he needed to go. For a moment he really wished that this game had a compass system to use, but oh well.

            The only other problem he had was Geo. Guilmon was fine enough but Geo was more or less...

            "Ha! Take that!" The dinosaur roared as he defeated another Tentomon.


            "Geo. You hear anything yet?" Delerum asked him. "No Del, for the tenth time I haven't. Starting to get bored here." He muttered as his tail lashed behind him.

            Delerum just sighed and continued walking. "We've been all over, yet she isn't anywhere. Where haven't we gone yet?"

            Geo snorted, "That farm over there." The large reptile said as he pointed his claw over toward it. "It's some way, but it's better than nothing right?" He asked. "True..." Del stated. "Alright, we'll get going there then. Lift please."

            Geo grunted as he bent down and grabbed up his tamer and began to run toward the farm. His feet pounded loudly upon the ground causing the area to shake a bit. Finally as they made their way over Delerum could hear some shouting. "Might as well be it!" He said happily. Geo grunted as he stopped and let Delerum drop to the ground. There was girl kneeling there, clutching her head and let out shaky cries. All around her various Kunemon seemed to dance, taunting her or shouting insults at her. "Yo, Kunemon. Out of the way." Del shouted at the group.

            The group of ten turned to face him and Geo. "Hehe. What's this? A kid thinking he can take us on?" Sneered one of them. "That dino pal of yours is fried! Get them boys!" The Kunemon began to spit out Electro Threads at Geo who in turn retaliated with Mega Flame. The flames quickly burned up three of the Kunemon to pure ash.

            Two of the Electro Threads caught their mark and wrapped around Geo's thighs and calves causing him to roar out in pain as the threads shocked him, causing him to stumble a bit.

            "We got him boys!" That Kunemon shouted again as they sent out more sticky threads. "Geo, you know what to do." Delerum said.

            The reptile roared again and sent out a Mega Burst that caused four more Kunemon to fly up into the air and slam into the ground defeated. The string bound up Geo even more. At this point the Kunemon were getting rather frantic and spat out thread after thread. Each one stung Geo and tangled him up even more... and also enraged him. Roaring even more the GeoGreymon began to flex his body and there was a loud snap as the threads around his arm snapped apart quickly followed by the threads that had trapped his legs.

            The lead Kunemon paled and began to slowly back up. "Hey... look buddy. We can let bygones be by-" He didn't get to finish as Geo sent out one powerful Mega Flame to cook up the insects. He panted a bit as the dead bodies vanished. The girl slowly got up and looked at him. "Uh... t-thank you. Who are you?"

            Great.. his worst point to do... talking. "Uh... your father sent me." He said rather awkwardly. "Uh... we can take you back. To him." He quickly added.

            "Oh... that's good!" She said happily.

            Delerum just let his head hang and really didn't say anything else as he began to sweat a bit.

            Geo saw this and coughed lightly. "Sorry, my tamer isn't very talkative. Let's get you back home."

            The girl nodded, "That would be most appreciated."

            Delerum quickly pulled out his digivice and shrunk Geo back down to his Guilmon form and scrolled through his destination list, finally clicking on the first floor.

            Floor 1

            Suffice to say the man was more than happy to see his daughter alive and well again. He was teary and gave them a good amount of money. Delerum counted out the coins as he walked away with Guilmon. "So then Del, what are we getting?" He asked happily. Delerum shrugged, "Get some cards and stuff I guess. Though we do need some lunch." Guilmon smiled and rubbed his stomach. "Yeah! Food sounds good! I'm starving!" Delerum smiled at that and patted his partner on the head.

            Luckily the Chinese restaurant wasn't that packed and Delerum quickly ordered some rice and noddles along with lemon chicken. He made his way past the other users who populated the streets, ducking his head down and finally made it back to his house. He rushed inside with Guilmon and locked the door. He breathed out a sigh of relief and put the food down. Already Guilmon tore into the chicken, chomping it all down in huge gulps.

            Delerum grabbed his own food and ate it lightly. He really didn't eat much but Guilmon could be hungry, especially after an evolution. He was for the most part usually quiet, but with Guilmon you always had to talk back. The reptile went on about how he had stomped those Kunemon and was getting stronger and all other sorts of stuff. Delerum just nodded his head and continued to eat at his own pace.
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              Floor 2
              Garrett was sleeping in that day, which was a big no-no when you were traveling with a huge pervert like Dracmon. He loved to try and sneak some extra peeks from "his" body while he slept. It sucked when you end up as a girl when you were originally a man. Luckily for Garrett, Dracmon couldn't keep his mouth shut to save his life, so as he giggled and snickered, Garrett heard him and swatted his head with a frying pan they had bought in town. Dracmon toppled over, holding his head in pain as Garrett got up, adjusting "his" top so that Dracmon wouldn't see anything. After that, Dracmon knew what was going to happen to him, and he began to run while Garrett chased after him, swinging his frying pan like a crazed animal.

              The two of them had been camping out on Floor 2 for the most of their time. It was peaceful, away from most humans and NPCs, but the Digimon were also weak and puny enough to know not to bother them. It took them a few weeks to establish alpha dog standing among the local Digimon, but after that, the Digimon were more that wiling to just nock themselves out whenever they saw a fight approaching between them and Garrett and Dracmon.

              Dracmon was also a strangely pleasant surprise to have when he showed up here in the digital world. Back in the day, Dracmon was always the rookie he had started with in any game he played, which was why he knew so much about his abilities, but also why it seemed so natural for his partner to be Dracmon. Anything else and he would have felt a little lost in this strange but wonderful world. Which said a lot, considering the circumstances of never being able to get home, and never being able to look like anything but a preteen girl, it was saddening. Especially since he was teamed up with "a pervert that constantly reminds me that I'm stuck in the body of a girl!" He screamed out loud that last bit as he finally caught up with Dracmon and proceeded to bat him out of the park.

              After they got back together, Garrett and Dracmon made their way to floor 3 to look for any odd jobs to do. Hopefully they will lead to some tough fights so that they can get stronger and stronger and finally win this stupid competition. Yeah, to garrett, this was nothing more than a competition for all the most enthusiast of Digimon fans to try and compete to see who's the best.

              Floor 3
              Garrett began walking through the town, calling out for Dracmon. The two of them had gotten separated quite early on when they got there and it was getting annoying. Then he heard a woman scream and knew that Dracmon was causing problems again. Running after the scream, he saw Dracmon fondling the NPC, trying to coax he to let him look at her. Hurling his frying pan at the little twerp, Dracmon took it straight to the face, falling right off of the NPC.

              "Oh thank you kind Digidestined. but I must ask if you shall complete a quest for me. You shall be rewarded." At the sound of a reward, Dracmon came running after the NPC woman again, only to be batted out of the park again by Garrett. "What is it that you need done?" "You see, Digidestined, I lost my beloved shell necklace on floor 4, and there are so many dangerous Digimon up there that I fear I will never get it back. Will you please help me?" "Sure, why not. C"MON YOU LITTLE PERVERT! WE"RE GOING ON A QUEST!" With that, Dracmon came running back, whipping up a few NPC girl's skirts up as he stopped in front, giving him a salute.

              Floor 4
              "Let's hope that this won't be like the last time we were here and I had to give you CPR. You were totally faking it and I'm not falling for it again, ok?"

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