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Spoilers BWS2EN 010: N's Secret... To The Other Side Of The Mist!

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Old March 21st, 2013 (9:22 AM).
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Episode N 010/BWS2 034/BW 118

Satoshi-tachi hang out with N in a secret world.

21 March 2013 [Japan]

- wow why are Verbena and Helena so upset with Satoshi-tachi at first?
- Satoshi is absolutely adorable this episode omg
- obvs all these 'mon have been terribly hurt by humans
- Satoshi is hurt because they are hurting and can't bring themselves to trust humans aw
- I don't get Helena's hair :|
- there is some tension between Achroma and Ghetsis wow
- aw Satoshi-tachi making friends with the wary Pokémon
- and N all like "I told you so" to Helena and Verbena
- Plasma would start breaking in at that point
- and then Verbena and Helena blame Satoshi-tachi? wtf they need to stop
- Dent facing off against a Liepard oh yes get your revenge on that evolutionary line ♥
- good boy Satoshi getting out Chaoboo for type advantage what about Charizard tho
- so what, did they move the world in the mist?? or... no, they moved everything out except Plasma and Team Rocket?
- oh no this is weird I don't like this ending it's fairly sad
- but.... castle?

well that was fascinating!

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