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Old November 20th, 2012 (11:22 PM).
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On my final play through on Diamond here is the team after 3 gyms:

Level 26 - Naughty Nature - Inner Focus.
Stomp - Psybeam - Agility - Baton Pass.

Level 34 - Brave Nature - Torrent.
Brine - Metal Claw - Pound - Peck

Level 34 - Lax Nature - Insomnia.
Fly - Dark Pulse - Night Shade - Roost.

Level 34 - Brave Nature - Natural Cure.
Extrasensory - Giga Drain - Energy Ball - Growth.

Level 34 - Brave Nature - Synchronize.
Psycho Cut - Hidden Power - Recover - Reflect.

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Being that I was stuck home alone yesterday, I made a lot of progress in my adventure. Since fighting Falkner and winning with Isaac and Diana by my side, I have collected two badges and added three permanent team members.

My first new Pokemon was a Water-type I hooked on an Old Rod I obtained just before heading into Union Cave. This Pokemon happens to be Kate, my Tentacool. She hasn't seen much action in my Gym battles so far, but she's a strong team member who will soon be able to ferry me across water with her Surf technique.

By the time I hit Ecruteak, I decided to do a little Pokemon breeding of my own. The results? Mads, the Skarmory who defeated Whitney's Miltank almost singlehandedly, is actually my second-lowest leveled team member after Jet, the newly-hatched Meowth who sports a useful Hypnosis attack.

Right now I am training my roster up in the Burned Tower to prepare for my Gym battle against Morty:

Jet the Meowth (Jolly male, Lv. 13)

Kate the Tentacool (Sassy female, Lv. 20)

Diana the Smoochum (Timid female, Lv. 20)

Mads the Skarmory (Careful male, Lv. 19)

Isaac the Quilava (Timid male, Lv. 25)
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I received Soul Silver for Christmas this year, and I started it ASAP. I decided to go for Feraligatr, but did soft reset until a good nature was found. In this time, I:
  • Beat Sprout Tower Elder, got Flash, and caught a Ghastly
  • Defeated Falkner after training my 'mons up
  • My egg hatched to reveal Togepi, but its Adamant Nature turned me off, so off to the box it stays.
  • Caught A Modest Vulpix
  • Beat Whitney with said Vulpix somehow
  • Lost the bug catching contest ):
  • Beat Sudowoodo, trained, and then defeated Morty at the gym after encountering the legendary dogs
  • Obtained the HM for surf, but waited until I got to Olivine to use it on a slave Corsola.
  • Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr, and Ghastly into Haunter.
  • Completed the lighthouse medicine mission, and traveled to the Safari Zone
  • Finally caught Murkrow, but bad natures inspired me to breed a good one ;;
  • Hatched a Jolly Murkrow, and trained that.
  • Beat Chuck and Pryce (after the Rockets of course)
  • Caught Nidoran (Male) and started its training
  • Left off in The Goldenrod Radio Tower where I am attempting to save the city from the Rockets...

(Sorry if this looks a lot like jdthebud's style)

Here's my team:

Murkrow (M) Lvl. 35
Ability: Super Luck
Jolly Nature
-Wing Attack
-Faint Attack

Nidorino (M) Lvl. 34
Ability: Rivalry
Modest Nature
-Horn Attack
-Double Kick
-Sludge Bomb

Vulpix (F) Lvl. 35
Ability: Flash Fire
Modest Nature
-Quick Attack

Haunter (F) Lvl. 35
Ability: Levitate
Quirky Nature
-Sucker Punch
-Shadow Ball

Feraligatr (M) Lvl. 38
Ability: Torrent
Naughty Nature
-Ice Fand
-Water Gun

Still uncertain about the last slot, but Corsola is my main HM slave. I'm also waiting for the HM Waterfall for Gatr to have a reliable physical STAB move.


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-On my way through Union Cave i caught a level 6 sandshrew.
-Cleared the rockets from the slowpoke well using mainly Quilava and training Sandshrew where possible.
-Went through the Azalea town gym deafeating everything in one hit with either Quilava or Butterfree

Bugsy: This battle was far easier than i thought it was going to be, with none of his pokes even being able to land a hit on mine. Got slightly lucky that his Scyther used focus energy which gave me the chance to put it to sleep with Butterfree's sleep powder and then all it took was 3 rounds of gust to finish Scyther off and then easily defeated Kakuna and Metapod in one hit.

Rival: This battle went near enough, exactly the same as the battle with Bugsy with me using sleep powder and gust to defeat his Croconaw and Confusion on Ghastly and Zubat.

I honestly from past experience thought raising a Butterfree would be alot tougher at this early stage of the game, however its proved its worth so far being my most useful pokemon so far.

Current Team:

Lv 18

Sandshrew (In training)

Quilava Lv18

Pidgey Park twitter pokemon news feed
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Got through Ilex forest, got totally ticked at how many wild pokemon there were

Got to goldenrod city and beat all of the gym's trainers. I tried the leader but lost

I traded a drowzee for a machop (I kind of hate that thing)

I am now training to try again
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Update #2
  • Finished the Rockets off and sent them packing
  • Trained my Pokemon for a looong time
  • Made it through Icy Path to reach Blackthorn City
  • Trained a WHOLE bunch more
  • Evolved Nidorino into Nidoking in time for it to learn Earth Power
  • Evolved Vulpix to Ninetales after learning Extrasensory
  • Received a Dusk Stone from RNC and evolved Murkrow to Honchkrow
  • Also evolved Haunter into Gengar
  • Defeated Clair and got the Rising Badge
  • Recieved the Master Ball
  • Went to Whirl Islands where Lugia was successfully caught!
  • Traveled through Victory Road and beat my rival
  • Challenged the Elite Four and Lance and won (barely)!

So, here's the Champion team:

Nidoking (M) Lvl.46
Ability: Rivalry
Modest Nature
-Toxic Spikes
-Sludge Bomb
-Earth Power

Ninetales (F) Lvl.47
Ability: Flash Fire
Modest Nature
-Confuse Ray

Honchkrow (M) Lvl.47
Ability: Super Luck
Jolly Nature
-Wing Attack
-Faint Attack
-Night Slash

Gengar (F) Lvl. 46
Ability: Levitate
Quirky Nature
-Shadow Ball
-Dark Pulse
-Focus Blast

Feraligatr (M) Lvl.49
Ability: Torrent
Naughty Nature
-Ice Fang

Now, on to Kanto!

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In HeartGold I recently acquired the badge from Mahogany and now I'm training my team a little bit before ousting Team Rocket from the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

My team at the moment is:

Ampharos (Lv.33)
Sassy Nature

Quilava (Lv.34)
Hardy Nature

Sandslash (Lv.33)
Brave Nature

Feraligatr (Lv.33)
Bold Nature

Pidgeotto (Lv.34)
Brave Nature

Meganium (Lv.33)
Quirky Nature
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Decided to pick up my Soul Silver and start again since it's going to be a looong wait for Pokemon X & Y.

So I've planned my team out and I'm pretty content with how it's going to turn out, granted there are duplicate types but I'm still happy with the team I've got formed.

Entry #1


  • Chose the Female Protagonist since I've played through as Ethan twice now
  • Got the Pokégear and did all the boring introduction stuff
  • Got my starter Pokemon in which my choice was Totodile!
  • Got the Town Map & Running Shoes from the Guide Gent?
  • Trained Jaws (Totodile) on Route 30 in preperation for the Rival battle
  • Met Mr. Pokemon & Prof. Oak who gave me the Mystery Egg
  • Battled my Rival who was eaaaasy
  • Did some more boring mandetory stuff and got back onto Route 30
  • Battled some trainers and trained Jaws up a couple more levels
  • After searching for the preferred gender I Caught my second team member, Bellsprout and saved from that point!

The Team

Jaws The Totodile Lv. 10

~ Scratch
~ Leer
~ Water Gun
~ Rage

Bella The Bellsprout Lv. 4

~ Vine Whip
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Pokemon Soulsilver: Update #1

Player: Sophie

Recently I've been looking through all of my Pokemon games and found my old Soulsilver! I decided to pick it up and freshly restart the game, after watching the introduction with Team Rocket, a mysterious red-headed boy and three powerful beasts, I started up the game, hoping to try out a fresh new team through my adventure. Without further ado what has happened so far :3:

•I started off to see Professor Oak who greeted me and introduced me to the world
of Pokemon.
•Chose the female protagonist and named her Sophie after myself.
•Headed over to Elm's lab and got shoved by a red-haired boy next to the window before
chose my starter, a female Chikorita which I called Sakura.<3
•Finished the basic tutorial, such as getting the Pokedex, defeating my rival
and delivering the Mystery Egg to Professor Elm.
•Received Pokeballs and caught myself a Rattata for HM Slave purposes :3.
•Trained up Sakura for a bit before defeating some trainers on Route 30.
•Caught a male Zubat in Dark Cave which I called Sonic :3.

Current Team:

Sakura (Chikorita)
Level 13
-Razor Leaf

Sonic (Zubat)
Level 4
-Leech Life

pineapples are cool.

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I have been training in my Platinum for the Snowpoint Gym. It has been a while since I last played. Last Friday my best friend and I traded Haunters and Kadabaras for evolution and I got back into it.

My team is

Torterra | Male| Boston Lvl. 45
Rapidash | Female| Rebecca Lvl. 45
Togetic | Male| Bernie Lvl. 45
Houndoom | Male| Josh Lvl. 45
Gyradose | Female | Rivera Lvl 45
Gangar | Female| Sally lvl 46

Just a bit ago while out with my aunt I caught a pink Sneasel!

My first shiny of the Sinnoh region!
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Started an adventure on platinum after having not played Pokemon since like 2007 on leafgreen and ruby. I had played a copy of platinum a friend of mine owned way back 10 but it was post game and he charged me with evolving things he hadn't yet so j just basically fought the elite four a lot there. For the pokeradar and I kept trying to get a shiny bagon but no dice. Went after smeargle next and after accidentally starting a ralts chain I found a shiny on my 9th try. This was my first shiny outside of red gyarados ever! I was so excited I switched to my appropriately leveled bibarel to weaken and forgot ralts would teleport. Which it did of course. I was so mad but at the same time I couldn't hate it lol. Anyways I relied primarily on empoleon rapidash and luxray through the adventure. Also this is my fist post so hello nice to meet you all in the games I go by Hanul.
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Restarted Platinum but this time with the female character, who I've called Nerina. I'm currently situated in the route between Sandgem and Jubilife with my level 8 Piplup, Oslo.
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Currently battling Lance for the 2nd time where he realized that having 3 Dragonites sucked and Garchomp was way better. I only brought a Level 34 Wobuffet, 79 Ampharos, and 80 Typhlosion.

He sends out Salamence, I use Power Gem on it w/ Ampharos.
He switches out to Garchomp and KOes Ampharos with EQ.
I put out Wobuffet holding a Focus Sash and Chomp uses EQ.
I then use Counter on Chomp, it dies. (YEAAAAAAAA)
His Gyarados manages to KO my 1 HP Wobuffet, I use revive on Ampharos.
Ampharos is back to use Discharge on Gyarados and it dies.
Dragonite is sent out by Lance and uses Draco Meteor on Ampharos (didn't die!)
Ampharos was healed by Full Restore, Dragonite misses on Draco Meteor
Ampharos uses Power Gem to kill Dragonite
Altaria was sent out, I use Power Gem twice for the win.

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I just restarted my bros SS today and started a grass monotype I'm @ bug gym w/ an Amazon team by accident (all gurlz)
May: Lvl 19 Bayleaf
Amy:Lvl 7 Paras
Mary:Lvl 15 Hoppip
Bell: Lvl 13 Bellsprout
Not bad for a first day not bad at all
Btw I'm Xavier in game
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Posts like these don't warrant their own thread.

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So not long back I went out and bought Pokemon Diamond, and chose Piplup. So far I am en route for Eterna Forest at Route 205, with my team of:

Prinplup Lvl. 19 ♂
-Metal Claw

Staravia Lvl. 15 ♂
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack

Shinx Lvl. 13 ♀

Bidoof Lvl. 4 ♂
-Rock Smash

Wurmple Lvl. 6 ♂
-String Shot
-Poison Sting

That's my team for now, I know some are horribly under-leveled but hey, I don't really care xD
I will update after I beat Eterna City Gym!
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Haven't done a HeartGold update yet but I thought I do one:
Well today after over two hundred hours of gameplay and much stalling, I finally caught Suicune! I was originally gonna waiting soft reset until it was shiny, but ain't nobody got time for that! Interesting thing is I caught with a Nest Ball. THAT IS SOMETHING THAT'S NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. In the past, I had to use alot of Ultra Balls to catch Legendary Pokemon. I've heard people catching Legendaries with just a Poke Ball or a variation like a Dusk Ball or Nest Ball, but I personally have never done it. So I was pretty surprised when it happened. XD
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started up diamond the other day and here is my team so far

Level 23
Nature: Brave
Metal Claw

Level 15
Nature: Modest
Ability: Aftermath
Poison Gas
Smoke Screen
Fury swipes

Level 23
Nature: Modest
Ability: Inner Focus
Hidden Power (Ground)

Level 23
Nature: Naive
Ability: Insomnia

Love the team so far although not sure if i will keep Stunky sence that would give me 3 pokemon weak to fighting, but then again Murkrow and Kadabra can just destroy fighting. I just captured him but will have to see how it pans out

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OK! Restarted the game I made a comeback with before I was 18 years old. During my first playthrough of Pokemon Platinum, I started with Chimchar as a starter Pokemon. Because I skipped out on Diamond and Pearl, 4th generation is my least known generation save for the remakes. So I'm doing a 2nd Playthrough. This time! With a Turtwig as a starter.

Pokemon Platinum Version

Pokemon Seen so far: 12
Pokemon Caught so far: 7

- Started with a Turtwig as a starter Pokemon
- Beat Barry
- Caught a few Pokemon, Shinx is going to be my second member of the party.
- Got to Jublife City
- Defeated Barry Again
- Now I'm at the Oreburgh City.

Current Team

Turtwig - Level 15
Shinx - Level 11
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Been replaying Platinum lately. Up to the Eighth gym. Current team is

Empoleon, Lv. 48
Staravia, Lv. 48
Roserade, Lv. 48
Gliscor, Lv. 46
Magmortar, Lv. 45

I have a Bibarel as a HM slave with me at all times. Still deciding whether I should have Lucario or Abomasnow as part of my final Elite Four team. Caught Giratina last time I played.
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I started playing SoulSilver today. I'm getting ready to beat Falkner.
Current Team

Cyndaquil - Level 13
Zubat - Level 7
Mareep - Level 10
Bellsprout - Level 10
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I'm currently playing through, HeartGold. I've beaten Falkner (It took me three tries to get past him).
Started with a Chikorita, who evolved into a Bayleef in two days.
I caught, HootHoot, Spinark and Rattata, I stopped Team Rocket from cutting off any Slowpoke tails and the egg I recieved from Mr. Pokemon hatched into Togepi!
My team at the moment:
Bayleef (Level 21)
Ratman the Rattata (Level 6)
HootHoot (Level 6)
Spinarak (Level 5)
Togepi (Level 1)
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Game: Platinum

Hey there! It's Sophie or previously known as Rainbow Arcanine, I remember saying sometime ago in the 'What's your team?" thread that I was going to replay Platinum with a certain team. I never really had the chance to get cosy and have a good, proper playthrough of the game but since having more free time lately with exams and schoolwork over, I decided to finally get started!

Upon starting up the game, I half-listened to Professor Rowan's speech before choosing the female protagonist and naming her Sophie after myself. I watched as I shrunk to the rough size of a figurine and entered the world of Pokemon. Upon waking up in my room, my rival (Barry), burst in with a huge grin on his face. He said something hurriedly before saying he'd fine me ten million dollars if I was late. To be honest if I had to pay Barry everytime he considered I was late, I'd most likely be bankrupt by now. XD;

I rushed downstairs and listened to my Mum chatting about how not to venture out into the tall grass, ignoring her I gave a quick nod and headed out. Upon getting outside, I decided to check on Barry to see if he was home. As I walked up to his front door, he suddenly burst out and if it was reality, I'd probably have a bleeding nose for weeks on end. :x

But as this was a game, I was pushed backwards around a few spaces before Barry gave that cocky grin again. He said something about heading to Route 201 and another fine before bolting off. Sighing, I followed him to Route 201, only to find him standing there impatiently. He complained for a few minutes on my slowness (even though I only took 20 seconds to get there :p) before suggesting an idea. He said that they should try visit Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town and see if we could both receive a Pokemon but the only problem was the tall, thick grass ahead of us. He said we should just keep dashing and surely no wild Pokemon would catch us, I thought the idea was ridiculous but it was worth a try.

Before we could actually test out this idea, someone yelled at us to stop. Wheeling around, I saw Professor Rowan walking to the two of us. He talked with us for a moment about our foolishness and then asked if we liked Pokemon. A moment later Dawn appeared with a heavy looking suitcase. Professor Rowan told us we could choose a starter of our choice which took a surprising turn (to be quite honest the first time I played, I thought he would send us to some sort of dungeon XD;)

I chose the Tiny Leaf Pokemon Turtwig seeing as I'd already used Piplup and Chimchar in previous playthroughs so it would be fun giving Turtwig a go. My rival obviously wanted an advantage and immediately scooped up Chimchar before we had a quick battle. It mainly consisted of scratches, tackling and leers, before I won although narrowly. We took a rest at home and the journey continued.

I did all of the basic tutorial things and was taught how to catch Pokemon for the five thousandth seven hundred and eighty second time before being handed Pokeballs. I caught a Shinx which I called Lemon along with a Bidoof I called Chocolate for HM Slave purposes. After training Lemon to around Level 9, I battled the trainers with little difficulty and made my way to Jubilife.

I talked to Looker, a member of the International Police before delivering the package to Barry and obtaining a Town Map. Then I found myself facing a stronger Barry again before easily winning with the help of my new team member, Shinx. I battled the trainers on the route rather quickly before heading to the Oreburgh Gates and catching a Psyduck.

I guess I'll update again probably next week. :3
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The time has come for me to take on the Elite Four, after capturing a Gabite in Victory Road, and some training. My current team is now:

Empoleon, Lv. 51
Staravia, Lv. 53
Roserade, Lv. 51
Garchomp, Lv. 50
Gliscor, Lv. 54
Magmortar, Lv. 51

Bibarel is still my HM Slave, but has finally been left in the PC for my E4 challenge.

Decided against Abomasnow and Lucario, felt Garchomp would be a better pokemon for my team. I'm happy, this team is very different to what I usually raise in D/P/Pt.
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Hey guys, so now I'm doing two 4th Generation playthroughs! My old Soulsilver save file was way back from around a year ago and my current team at that point looked ridiculously bad so I restarted fresh and decided to test my luck again. I'm going to be following a similar format with my Platinum updates. Also the nicknames on my team are dedicated to all of my Battle Server friends who are truly amazing.

Upon starting the game, as usual I listened to Professor Oak's speech. He mumbled something about reading a book and being absorbed into it so much that he didn't notice I had been standing in front of him for the past fifteen minutes. He did his usual greeting and then had gender confusion, asking me whether I was a boy or girl. I gave him an awkward stare before replying girl and was asked for my name. I hit the appropiate buttons and then he asked, "So your name is Sophie then?" I clicked the yes option and that's how my name came to be in this game.

He wished me luck and said that we would meet again in the future most likely before somehow shrinking me to the size of a pintack. I woke up at home and checked my PC for any items or useful info. Upon looking, I noticed a mail from Ethan, read it quickly and then headed downstairs. My Mum looked up from the table and walked up saying Professor Elm was looking for me and wanted me to see him in his lab next door, she then gave me a Bag, Options and a Trainer Card, even though all I was doing was strolling five metres to the lab.

I walked out of the house and was approached by a cute creature called Marill. I stared at it for a moment and then it suddenly ran off with a boy with dark black hair and a black cap with yellow stripes. Ethan. I watched them walk off before seeing a boy with red long hair standing peering into the window. Not suspicious at all, eh. I shrugged and walked in, before being greeted by Professor Elm who said that he wanted me to do a favour and head up to Mr Pokemon's House, but the problem was I had no Pokemon. He obviously noticed that because immediately after he quickly said I could choose a Pokemon in the machine. There were three Pokemon but I already knew which one was the shooting star in my eyes, Cyndaquil. I was asked if I would like to nickname it and decided to call it Derk after Twilight Sky, since it seemed a fitting name for a Cyndaquil.

I headed out with my new partner, was advised to talk to my Mum and did so. Her eyes gleamed seeing the Cyndaquil and then she gave me the Pokegear. At the time I didn't know that I'd be getting a flood of calls from Youngster Joey every single day. I accepted the gift and then headed out.

So basically this post is getting gigantic already so I'll cut it in half. I managed to get to Mr Pokemon's House without difficulty, met up with Professor Oak who noticed Derk the Cyndaquil and commented he was a rare Pokemon indeed. He then entrusted me with a Pokedex, exclaimed something about a radio show and walked off. Mr Pokemon handed me an egg and I was on my way, as I headed outside I got a call from Professor Elm. He said there was a disaster at the lab and I should get back quickly. I frowned, what had happened? Did he lose his favourite socks again? But in all seriousness, if Elm called and said it was an emergency, it was an emergency.

Running the whole way back I bumped into that red-haired boy. He said something about wimps and then suddenly challenged me to a battle, I won pretty easily and got some money in the process. I headed back to the lab, was told someone had stolen a starter and that it was a red-haired boy. I frowned and then said I remembered battling some kid like that who's name was Silver. The policeman walked off and I gave Elm the egg before he said suddenly I should try the Pokemon Gym Challenge.

I accepted since I had nothing better to do and chatted with my Mum. She said she could save some of my prize money and I thought why not, and allowed her to. Now this is getting insanely big so I'm just going to make everything short and concise. I was taught how to catch a Pokemon for around the sixth thousandth time and caught a Zubat which I called Jake at the Dark Cave. I trained Cyndaquil and Jake for a while before catching a Mareep which I called Jelli,the route south of Violet City. I trained for an hour and got them up a few levels before easily defeating the Sprout Tower and Falkner. I received an Old Rod from a fisherman in the Pokemon Center near Union Cave before heading back to catch a Poliwag which I called Ozzy, was tempted to call it Kermit though.

And headed through Union Cave before easily getting Ozzy up some levels, while also defeating Team Rocket and saving the Slowpoke. I headed to Bugsy's gym before saving after a trainer. I plan to beat Bugsy probably around tomorrow or when I have time, after I finish my massive pile of schoolwork.

Current Team

Derk the Quilava
Level 19
-Quick Attack

Jake the Zubat
Level 16
-Leech Life

Jelli the Flaaffy
Level 18
-Thunder Wave

Ozzy the Poliwag
Level 18
-Water Gun
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