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Anyone excited for Defiance?

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Old March 29th, 2013 (6:39 AM).
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i usually dont buy a game at launch but there is a game coming out on the 2nd that is important in a way because its the xbox's second MMO (the first being final fantasy XII but that game is rare to find these days) its a MMOS or shooter and just seems to be a great game in the making in general. This game is defiance.

Ive been looking forward to this game for about three months now. its based on the scifi to be released at the same time and the cool thing is that some players characters will be used in the game. i played the beta (closed on the 27th) and found alot of lag at first but it got better after people complained to Trion Worlds,the games developer, about it and the reason was they didnt expect such a high traffic at once on beta. im assuming they mean everyone wouldnt play it as much since there should have only been a limited number of beta keys. The game shows alot of promise in gameplay with it being IMO like a MMO Socom in the way you approach combat and a true MMO in how you get quests,in Scrip(the games currency) importance and grinding (there were people already farming when i joined the game the first time), and in the feel of the game. it escapes me how many players are on each server but i know its significantly less than youre WoWs and FFXIIs on xbox but that is to be expected and there will be at least a large amount..ill have to look it up to see.

anyway anyone thinking about getting it?in fact are there any day 1 supporters?

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