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Old March 30th, 2013 (6:22 AM). Edited March 30th, 2013 by EffinDrongoC.
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    Hey everyone,

    I just bought this copy of Pokémon Blue off of eBay on impulse, because it was really cheap and it was ending soon, so I wanted to buy it before anyone else did, even though it looked somewhat off. I did some google searches of different kinds of Pokémon Blue carts and couldn't find this particular one, So I thought i'd go to the experts, and ask directly. In your own personal opinion, just by looking at the cartridge, do you think that this copy is real or fake? I havent paid for it a this stage, so if it turns out that it is fake, I will ask to end the transaction.

    Thanks if anyone can help!!

    for some reason i cant link it, so if someone can help me to actually show them a picture of the cart somehow, that would be awesome thanks.

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      you need 15 posts to be able to post a link. perhaps you could attach the picture in your post?

      EDIT: Picture of cart was sent to me in a pm. Posting here on behalf of OP.

      I'm not an expert on these, but first of all, the cart looks like a really dark purple. That might just be the lighting, but all the blue cats I've seen have been very distinctly purple. Second, I have yet to see a cart that has that much of the blastoise in the pic. Third (and probably most convincing) is the fact that it fact that your cart says "Link to red version to catch all 150 monsters" and has no ™ after the pokemon logo. I'd say this is probably fake, but again, I'm no expert. If it plays fine, keep it, but if the cart is acting weird, then that's why.
      Reference pictures of actual carts:
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        This looks like a fake. Like the previous poster said, the cartridge is supposed to be a dark blue, this one looks black. Another thing is the writing on the grey background. On this cartridge it takes up almost all of the grey box, on the reference photos it takes up less space. Like it was said before, the photo of the Blastoise is also too big.
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          Thanks for your advice guys, i'll see if I can get the seller of the cartridge to prove to me with like a photo or something that the cartridge actually works correctly, or attempt to find a copy of red/blue for around the same price that has the proper cart. Failing that, ill request that the transaction be cancelled.

          Thanks again.
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          Since this is answered, I'll go ahead and close this. :) I'm glad you were helped before you actually got the game though, cause it does sound painfully fake. I hope you're able to find a real copy soon. If you ever decide to purchase another one, feel free to come back to ask for help if you're not sure. Just use the Q&A thread next time please! Good luck. 8)


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