Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.
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Old February 25th, 2013 (2:43 AM).
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    I named myself Ico because it´s my nickname (long story)
    Rival: Steve for no particular reason, i just like the name.
    Snivy my starter: Python (obvious why)
    Umbreon: Nyx (the Greek goddess of the night.) also my favorite pokemon and always in my party.

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    Old February 26th, 2013 (1:24 PM).
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    I named myself a nickname of my real name :P
    As for my rival, he was Hugh, as I couldn't really see him as anything else haha.
    My main pokemon are named:

    Stoutland - Petunia
    Vanilluxe - Gelato
    Probopass - Tonks
    Leafeon - Liberta
    Starmie - Shuriken
    Sawk - Marlo
    Old February 26th, 2013 (1:36 PM).
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    I named myself Gray, because my White character is called White, and I didn't want to call this guy "White 2". Since everyone was expecting Gray, I thought it was a nice way to go.

    I named my Rival 'Hugh', because for once I actually like the Rival's default name!

    My Pokémon in White 2 are all nicknamed depending on their gender. So, males end with a 'y', females end with an 'a'.
    Apharos: Amphy (obvious reference, though it was unintentional)
    Lucario: Lucary
    Arcanine: Arca
    Flygon: Flyga
    Sigilyph: Sigila
    Floatzel: Floa

    I'm working on an album of Pokémon-inspired music. Check out the Soundcloud link if you're interested!

    This is my Soundcloud | | This is my bandcamp
    Old April 3rd, 2013 (9:14 AM).
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      Me:Chris (my nickname)
      Rival:Leo ......No reason why...
      Oshawot: Orichalcos (Random)
      I just restarted the game so no more pokemon
      Well.....That's all
      Old April 3rd, 2013 (11:04 AM).
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        Name: Jamie
        Rival: Hugh
        Serperior (Serperior)
        Lucario (Lucario)
        Leavanny (Leavanny)
        Unfezant (Unfezant)
        Milotic (Milotic)
        Jolteon (Jolteon)

        Because I'm boring and monotonious

        White 2:
        Old April 3rd, 2013 (9:17 PM).
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          my name james rivals name grey i feel the name of the rival should be colors/minerals/metals
          Old April 3rd, 2013 (9:29 PM).
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          Unfortunately you cannot post in threads over a month old here, unless they have a Weekly Poll prefix! Sooo imma have to lock this up, sorry. :(

          Your own very Pokémon story is about to unfold.
          You'll face fun times and tough challenges.
          A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!

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