Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!
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Old April 8th, 2013 (5:45 PM).
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    I'll never forget my first play-through with Pokemon Platinum, my team was god-awfully under leveled going up against the elite 4. When I got up against the elite 4 fire trainer (I forget his name) I had it down to a science where I was able to beat his drifloon with struggle, as a matter of fact my last pokemon and his last pokemon battled it out with the moves struggle. I had to restart over like 3 times but on the 4th or 5th try I finally beat him. I think my pokemon was drapion because his ghost moves wouldnt hit which is what led to the struggle battle. Anyone else ever have any crazy elite 4 battles like this?
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    Old April 8th, 2013 (9:19 PM).
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      Originally Posted by jsziede View Post
      My first time through Emerald had a team which consisted of a Blaziken (the only Pokémon that I used), a Castform (because of the Weather Institute), a Wynaut (because of the egg given in Lavaridge Town), and a Pelipper (because I needed a Pokémon for Fly and Surf). Tate & Liza beat me about 20 times until I finally won, and Drake took about 30 resets until I could defeat him. Some of Drake's battles were Struggle battles, but it was me that was using Struggle...
      Wow 30 times! You should have just trained up!!! Hahahah jk we all know its more fun doing it the way you did :D
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      [Renamed thread title to give a little more clarity on what the topic is actually about.]
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      The mention of Flint brings back memories. Although those memories aren't particularly fond. Years back, when I was 8 or 9 and was first playing through Pokemon on Platinum, I remember the day I walked up to the huge tower sitting on top of a crystal waterfall. It seemed so unreal that this was it already, that in a matter of minutes I was going to meet the hardest challenge of the game and test my true skills as a trainer and my strategies. Back then my strategies were mainly spamming the A Button as I rapidly clicked Surf, Flash Cannon and all those good moves that gave me victory in gym battles.

      Anyway, I should stop rambling and cut to the chase. I only had four Pokemon which were Empoleon, Luxray, Rapidash and an extremely underlevelled Altaria. Even I knew I wouldn't make it, so I brought along a Graveler I had caught at Iron Island and Giratina. I never saw the point of why people complained about using legendaries on a team, it wasn't exactly cheating. For one Giratina was hard as heck to level up and also, well it wasn't like I was competitively battling, so it couldn't hurt.

      After easily defeating the first two Elite Four, with various fire-type attacks and Hydro Pumps along with the occasional move made by Giratina, I walked into Flint's room. There was burning lava on the edges of the small room and I grinned. Flint shouldn't be a problem who could easily be walled by Empoleon. How wrong I was to think that.

      I tried to save Empoleon for later by starting out with Altaria, she managed a few hits before going down quickly although this isn't surprising to me now though as she was only Level 35 at the time which was incredibly low compared to my others who were in the low 50 range. I was eight years old though and had never heard of the term 'grinding'. Anywho, I sent out Luxray and he managed to finish off a few Pokemon before it fainted as well. I suddenly realised that this would be a tough battle and decided to finish it quickly by pulling out Empoleon to face Magmortar.

      It had Thunderbolt, which was a "WHAT" moment for my eight-year old self at the time. And then it went bam and I found myself in staggeringly low HP, before pulling off a Surf which dragged Magmortar into low HP as well. I thought I could finish it off with a Flash Cannon but decided to heal up first. I healed and so did Magmortar before it was a continuous battle of potions, giant waves and lightning cracks. After what seemed forever the biggest threat was out of the way, but Empoleon had used quite a few moves.

      Although this doesn't seem particularly crazy, I suppose this was my most interesting E4 Battle, since I'm assuming Cynthia doesn't really count, otherwise this post would have been a different story. Thankfully I'm much better now at playing through Pokemon games in general as well. n___n
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      The only vivid memory I have of my first playthrough is this.

      Upon my arrival to the Victory Road I realized that my Machoke was never a Rock-Type. Yeah, that's right, for 12 long years I had thought Machop was a Rock-Type. Why? Because I thought Rock Smash was a Rock-Attack. In't that something, as soon as I realized this... after 12 years of playing Pokémon, I shut my game off, erased the file, and started from scratch.

      I know it's not Elite Four related but it is to me because I realized that a Pokémon on my team that was never a Rock-Type was a shocker to me and I had no will to face the E4 with this revelation.
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      I was battling the E4 on Diamond version on my friend's game (he picked out the team and we had a bet on it). I seriously almost took down the second member's Quagsire with some flying-type whose level was around the 30s. It eventually used Struggle on my Pokemon and took it out with one hit.

      I was amazed that I nearly knocked it out. It obviously was only because that Quagsire's only damage-dealing move is Dig, though.
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        I had a crazy battle like this against the fourth member in Diamond. He had me beat for the first four times I tried fighting him. I finally went all out and pulled out Dialga, which had been beat before, but this time I taught it Fire Blast from the Dept. Store. Now, I do have vivid memory of defeating Bronzong with that and then using a Luxray to quickly brush away all the others with Crunch. Ah, good times.
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          This battle was probably as craa-azy as I 'member.

          See, I was playing Pearl and here was my team.

          Torterra - Lv72 (OMG lol)
          Palkia - Lv 47 (Recently caught, just to deal with Flint's Infernape)
          Bibarel - Lv 34 (xD)
          Starly - Lv 12 (xD)
          Ponyta - Lv 22 (xD)
          Pachirisu - Lv 37 (xD)

          So the thing was, Torterra was pretty much the frontal and for good reason. I only trained him, for reasons I don't remember. I didn't even check out Palkia's moves. Maybe then I would have known it wasn't THAT great.

          So, I beat first two pretty easy, Aaron and the other. Flint was a bit of a pain, and I managed to crawl through. For Lucian, I put in Palkia first, and clicked for Spacial Rend, it missed twice and he fainted straightaway. Then I sent in Bibarel, and he fainted too; no surprises there. Then came Starly and Pachirisu, both of them low leveled so instantly wiped.

          So I thought I'd use Blastoise, and I took care of them all by luck and heal items.

          Then was the final battle. Against Cynthia, I beat her first few guys. Then his Lucario beat my Torterra with a Dragon Pulse. Then I sent Ponyta then Starly then Pachirisu, and Pachirisu managed to clear him before she could use Full Restore due to the luckiest CRITICAL HIT ever. Lastly, her Garchomp took charge, for which I readied Palkia, only to realize with dismay that Garchomp was about a HUGE level compared to Palkia. I kept hitting it while it Dragon Rush'd me. Then, at the last moment, this turn I would have been finished, he took in missed. I was very lucky since I ran out of heal items as well. He charged, and before he could finish me, I beat him.

          That was probably a life-shocking experience to me.
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          Old April 14th, 2013 (5:19 AM).
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            I remember my battle against Cynthia in Diamond. I had:


            All were around level 50.

            I could defeat all of her pokemon with my team except Milotic. And at that moment I only had Luxray left. Thunder Fang only did about half of Milotic's health and Surf did over half to me and she was faster than me so I kept using Hyper Potions until she ran out of Surf. Then she started using Ice Beam which also dealt half so I kept using Hyper Potions until I ran out of Hyper Potions. Then I used Thunder Fang knowing that I would die. But guess what, Ice Beam left me with 1 HP! And then Thunder Fang KOed him.

            That was really a critical experience for me.
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