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Old April 10th, 2013 (6:16 PM).
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Ok guys, so I have a problem. I am playing pokemon White, and I am at Icirrus City. It's really sad, but I only have 3 pokemon that I actually fight with. I have a Lampent, Sigilyph, and Scrafty, all level 42.

I know that I want a Simisage with seed bomb, crunch, rock slide, and toxic. I know that his stats arent that great but I would want to get a careful one so that his special defense would be boosted and his special attack would be lowered, which would not be a big deal because all of his attacks would be physical. So I think I have my grass type figured out, but this is subject to change if anyone else has a better idea.

So now I still need an electric, ground, and water type pokemon, but I only have 2 slots left, and the problem for me is that most of the good ground moves are physical, and the majority of strong electric and water moves are special. I have thought about using Stunfisk and Seismitoad, but neither of them would do exceptionally well in battles, because Seismitoad can not learn waterfall which would be my first choice for a physical water move, and Stunfisk may work, but I'm not really in love with his stats. So if anyone has suggestions for move pools and natures and such just let me know, and remember that the Simisage can be changed, as I haven't even begun searching for one yet.

Thanks guys!
- Cam

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Old April 10th, 2013 (6:32 PM).
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This section is not for in-game team help. If you would like to get help for that, read OUR guidelines: Fifth Generation Guidelines, and then you may post in the In-Game Team Help section, after reading their rules: ITH Guidelines. Please, before making any posts anywhere, be sure you are aware that each section has rules, and be sure to read them.

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