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Old April 11th, 2013 (7:07 AM).
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I was stumbling and researching Pokemon games until I got very bored with their same Linear gameplay (Atleast from what I know with GBA and GBC). So I bumped into the creations of Rom patching and found how different and much more creative they where in Gameplay and events. Which I quickly got attached to. Anywho, im new to the forums and thats why im here =)
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Old April 11th, 2013 (7:13 AM).
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I have not explored much in the way of ROMs myself, but it's something I intend to do in the future. This place has so much information that I'm sure you can find whatever you want related to them and if not, everyone is super helpful and willing to answer questions.

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Old April 11th, 2013 (8:05 AM).
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Hi! Welcome aboard to the forums. :3 It's amazing to see new members like you join the community. If you're bored with the same gameplay and same story line, maybe you can try playing a ROM Hack yourself to gain that experience? It can give you some idea of a different storyline, as well as maaaaaybe inspire you to create your own? The ROM Hack/Emulation section can give you some insight, tools, and tutorials for anything in regards to your future hack. I know for sure you will love that section, as well as the helpful regulars there. :)

Anyways, have fun. If you ever decide to start on a hack, best of luck! See ya around!
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