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Old April 12th, 2013 (2:29 PM).
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    Hello everyone. I'm Llan, and as I said I'm technically new. I made this account in *checks my profile page* December of 2010. Well.

    This is my introduction. I used to lurk here when I made the account. I think I originally made it to download something only members could XD. Every I'd Google a question about Pokemon hacking it'd always lead here so I decided I would use this site to help me on hacking.

    Then my creativeness flopped and I didn't do any Pokemon hacking for about a year. Shortly after I got back into hacking I ended up not having internet. So yeah, everyone can guess how that went XD

    But now I have internet, working on my own hack (the previous one was with a friend) and decided to try and become more active here. Everywhere I've been on this site seems to consist of nice and awesome people so :D

    A little more background:
    I'm 22.
    I've played Pokemon since my first copy of Blue shortly after its North American release *looks on wikipedia* in apparently 1998. So thought it was way before that, oh well.
    I've owned Gens I and II. Borrowed Gen III (RS and FR). I own Diamond. I own Black2. Emerald and Black I've played, but don't "own".

    So yeah, sorry for the long post but there ya go XD
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    Old April 12th, 2013 (3:07 PM).
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    Whoaaa... your account is quite old! Well, about time you made your first post, right? xD; Welcome!

    Yeah, I know what you mean about joining to download. I admit I was the same way back in 2006, ahaha. There were a lot of hacks I wanted to try so I finally just caved in and made an account to download them. So sorry that you never were able to make a hack, though! ;__; That really does stink. Never too late to start making one though, so I'm glad you're back to trying again now that you have net~! Hopefully third time's the charm, yeah? Good luck and hope the Emulation section has all you need!

    And yeahhh... Blue and Red were released a long, long while ago but sometimes it feels like even longer. We're similar since we both started with Pokemon in the early days - that's cool! Do you have a favorite Pokemon game? :D Platinum was soo much better than D/P so it stinks you didn't play it, though it wasn't as different as Black 2 & White 2 were from Black & White. Man, those felt like entirely different games.

    Anyway, awesome intro! Loved reading and reply to it. Hope you have a great time here, remember to read the rules, and see you around!

    . pair family twin mal lv llsif credit .
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    Old April 12th, 2013 (3:31 PM).
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      Join Date: Dec 2010
      Location: Alabama, USA
      Age: 27
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Quiet
      Posts: 10
      I agree Platinum was better, albeit I only played a couple of badges I think?

      As of right now, Black 2 is my favorite. I've recently did a no bias run through of the entire series starting with Blue-Crystal-Emerald-Skipped Gen IV for the moment-Playing Black right now.

      Nostalgia tells me either Crystal or Yellow were the best, but everything else points to Black 2.

      I've got way more preparation this time. I've read quiet a lot of information. I've written a story outline. I've hand drawn maps. Last time we just started out in Pallet and worked from there blind XD

      But thanks, I'm sure I'll like it here :D
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