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How much are my 46 holographics worth? (List inside)

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Old April 17th, 2013 (9:07 AM).
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All mint condition

Shining charizard 107/105
Charizard 4/102
Venusaur 15/102
Sneasel ex 103/109
Pinsir 9/64
Syther ex 102/109
Victreebel 14/64
Electabuzz ex 97/109
Gardevoir 7/109
Wigglytuff 19/130
Blastoise 2nd edition 2/130
Steelix 15/111
Crobat 3/101
Togichick jappenese neo No. 176
Slowking Jappenese neo No. 199
Venomoth 13/64
Nidoking 11/102
Lapras 10/62
Kangaskan jappenese neo No. 115
Poliwrath 15/130
Typhlosion jappenese neo No. 157
Blastoise 2/102
Alakazam 1/102
Magneton 9/102
Dark amppharos 1/105
Umbreon 13/75
Typhlosion ex 99/100
Vaporeon 12/64
Machamp sealed 8/102
Jolteon 4/64
Hitmontop jappenese neo No. 237
Baltoy 52/101
Chansey 3/102
Mistys golduck 12/132
Azumaril 2/111
Meganium 10/111
Hypno 8/62
Gengar 5/62
Swampert 13/109
Scizor 10/75
Elextrode 2/64
Blazikain 3/109
Aerodactyl 1/62
Pichu jappenese neo No. 172
Electabuz 35/100
Yahhumara jappenese neo No. 193

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Old April 17th, 2013 (5:59 PM).
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Closing this since it would appear you've already found the correct thread at the top of the forum. Will be slowly chewing away at your list in that thread with prices.
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