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Old April 19th, 2013 (7:49 AM).
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    Hello all!

    I'm TheTwilitTrainer, and I'd like to say that I hope to have many happy years on this forum!

    One thing I'd like to know is, are there any thing I need to know about this forum that is different than others? I've read the rules, but I still like to ask whenever I make an account on a new website. What I mean is, what are the people here like, are there any clans or something (Like on Zelda Universe for one example.), etc.
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    Old April 19th, 2013 (8:50 AM).
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    We are on the cruise!
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      Originally Posted by TheTwilitTrainer View Post
      I hope to have many happy years on this forum!
      Overly Attached Girlfriend, is that you?

      Good to meet you, I'm Nottingham. I just joined here yestereve, so I'm not sure I'm the best one to answer your queries, but there is something different about this forum. It is much friendlier than the average forum.
      Seriously, I've never felt more welcomed upon the first day before. And people are pretty chill about meeting others; I chatted up two members over things in their profiles and they don't seem put off by me yet.
      Hope to see you around the forums Twilit. And Vaporeon was my water user in Red Version, good stuff.

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      Old April 19th, 2013 (5:49 PM).
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      Hi there, Twilit! Welcome to PC yes! n~n

      Well, to start, I'm sure you'll have many happy times around here. Plenty of people to get acquainted with and friendships to make so of course you'll end up with some fond memories. :)

      It's kind of hard to answer your question though.. but what sticks out most as being "different" here is the 30 day bumping rule, which says you can't bump threads that haven't had a post for over 30 days. Some sections changed this rule around a bit (like Pokemon Clubs, I believe) but generally it's a rule that applies over the entire community. Some new users miss that and end up posting in old threads only to have them locked. Apparently it's a rule that isn't very common around other bigger forums - or so I was told - so they assume it's fine and do it. But it's right there in the rules so there shouldn't be much of an excuse to do such, right? :3

      And of course, usually all questions in Pokemon-based sections go in the appropriate Quick Questions threads. So if you need help with Black 2, you'd go to the Fifth Generation board and make a post in the B2/W2 Quick Questions thread at the top of the section. That's something a lot of other newbies miss too and instead end up just making threads, which usually end up answered with a redirect to the quick questions thread, then locked. This all might seem confusing but you'll get the hang of it quickly! :D

      As for clans.. we have clubs here, yes! We have a section called Pokemon Clubs and Fan Clubs & Groups for all your clubbing needs. Pokemon Clubs is where all the Pokemon clubs are (of course!) while Fan Clubs & Groups is for all other clubs. If you don't see a club that you like there, you can look into creating your own!

      Overall we're a pretty friendly place so don't be shy to post around. If you have any more questions, just private message a staff member! We love to help~ sorry for rambling, hehe.
      pair family twin mal llsif
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      Old April 20th, 2013 (6:57 AM).
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      → 悪魔の子 Akuma no Ko
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        Glad to make your acquaintance, TheTwilitTrainer. I'm Sakazuki. :3

        Based on my experience with this forum (mostly a lurker - evident, right?), I'd just state that I feel the need to reiterate what kind sir Nottingham said - this forum is much friendlier than your average forum. People here are nice and you're bound to encounter those with whom you share interests and bond like a house on fire. Trust me.

        Apart from that, I suppose another thing of note is that there's a low tolerance for SPAM. Might not seem too big of a deal but other forums that I've been to are comparatively lenient. Not that it is a bad thing because, really, that means that most posts here actually do matter. They're not just there for the sake of it. I like it. And, hopefully, you will too!

        Here's to hope you enjoy the entirety of the time you spend here. See you around, mmkay?

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