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Old April 21st, 2013 (9:32 AM).
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this is my deck list plz help
Deino x4 DE
Zweilous x3 DE
Hydreigon x3 DE with dark trance
Emolga DE
Golett x2 DE
Golurk DE
Gothita x3 DE
Gothorita x2 DE
Gothitelle DE with black magic and doom decree
Tornadus EP
Mewtwo EX
Cheren x3
Hynotoxic laser x2
Blend energy
Double colorless x2
Dark energy x8
Psychic energy x6
Pokemon communication x2
Energy retrieval x2
Twist mountain x2
Cilan x2
Max potion
Enhanced hammer
Rescue scarf
Dark patch
Energy search
Giant cape
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Old April 21st, 2013 (10:33 AM).
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For being a Darkrai/Mewtwo/Hydreigon build, there sure isn't a lot of Darkrai or Mewtwo in here. Ditch the Gothitelle evolution line and bulk up the numbers of Darkrai to 3. Then add in 3 Level Ball, and 3 Ultra Ball as well as 3 Professor Juniper, and drop the 2 Pokemon Communication and the whole Golurk evolution line. Then drop Tornadus and both Energy Retrieval and add in 2 more Dark Patch. Also drop both Twist Mountain to add in 2 Dark Claw. Then drop Giant Cape, Rescue Scarf, and Revive to add in 3 Pokemon Catcher. Then drop Max Potion and Energy Search to add in 2 N.

Alternatively, start with this skeleton list over at SixPrizes:

It may be half a year old, but you can basically add in Hypnotoxic Laser, Mewtwo EX, and Virbank City Gym and call it solid. What comes next would be the hard part: getting comfortable with the deck and the way it plays.
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