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Old April 22nd, 2013 (6:32 PM).
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    ♥ Welcome to my written let's play of Pokemon SoulSilver ♥

    This challenge is going to be a NFE (not fully evolved) challenge, although I will be using Pokemon who have evolved once but not fully (i.e. Flaaffy, Togetic, etc.) My team is fully planned out although you'll have to stay posted with the updates to see which Pokemon will be part of the final team ~ Pokemon with a ✩ next to their names are Pokemon intended for the final team.


    ❥ I started my adventure on the night of 22 March 2013. I'm intending to do a sort of "tea party" theme. My character is named Parfait, a popular layered dessert because her hat reminded me of whipped cream. I started off with a female Chikorita named Green Tea, sort of a pivot to the entire theme.

    ❥ I haven't progressed much in the game so far. I've been sporadically training and catching different Pokemon on the routes leading up to Violet City and with the Pokewalker. I probably won't use any of the Pokewalker Pokemon until I reach Goldenrod so that I can nickname them.

    ❥ I beat Falkner and defeated the Elder in the Sprout Tower, and saved my last adventure shortly before traveling down Route 32 to Union Cave.

    Parfait / 24793
    Badges: 1
    Pokedex: 13
    Time: 6:07

    - My Team -

    ✩ Green Tea / Chikorita ♀
    Lv 14 / Mild
    [Razor Leaf, Tackle, PoisonPowder, Synthesis]

    ✩ Cream / Mareep ♀
    Lv 11 / Calm
    [ThunderShock, Tackle, Growl]

    Crumpet / Sentret ♀
    Lv 11 / Naive
    [Quick Attack, Scratch, Defense Curl, Foresight]

    Lollipop / Hoothoot ♀
    Lv 10 / Quiet
    [Peck, Tackle, Hypnosis, Foresight]

    Mystery Egg

    - Pokewalker -

    Blueberry / Wooper ♀
    Strolling on Rugged Road

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