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Old February 21st, 2013 (3:29 AM).
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    Hello! I would like to post the storyline for my new hack, (obviously still in development) Pokémon Orange. I would first like to say, I am adding many new Pokémon. Should I do that? Please say if not, but there are at least 14 new Pokémon essential to my story. This story takes place in the Condur region(new).

    The story starts in your home town of LeafGround (I'm kind of bad with names... Could anyone give me help on this?). You are watching your father battle a challenger on the television. Your father is the champion. It is your 12th birthday, and your mother calls for you. You go down the stairs to have the usual lecture about being safe, and she tells you how since today is your birthday, you can choose a Pokémon at Professor Pine's lab. She gives you running shoes (hate it without them should you get them later?) and you walk outside. You notice your bike is gone, so you go to your friend's (rival's) house. They give you back the bike, and you walk to the shore with them where you see the Professor. Your rival is younger than you, so he goes back to his house. The Professor escorts you to the lab. She goes inside, but a mailman knocks you back, and hands you a package from your dad of 5 potions and a Pokéball. You go inside, and you see a strange sight. The three starter Pokémon Grink (grass and dark), Wubble (fighting and water), and Cunda (fire and psychic). They jump through the window, and you run after them. The Professor tells you to stop, but it is too late.
    They go into a forest, shadow forest. They fight on one path, and Cunda makes a giant flame that blocks the path. The only other way is on a bike only path. You ride down the bike only path, and there is a Cubco (new normal little bear) crying because of its hurt foot. So you reach down to pet it, and snarls come from the forest. A bunch of Bearousas (new normal fighting giant bears) come out of the forest, and start shooting hyper beams at you. You block one with your bike, and it shatters. The next one head toward your face, but a Monly (new fighting and flying flying monkey, the star (besides you) jumps in the way and blocks it with its wings, sending the bolt back, scattering the Bearousa. You thank the Monly, and think. You ask the Monly to come with you to help break up the Pokémon. It agrees, and the both of you walk through the forest, coming into the occasional Pokémon. You then battle Cunda, and beat him, and take the three starters back to the Professor. You can’t decide which one you want, so the Professor suggests Monly (don’t worry, you can get the starters elsewhere), and Monly chimes in.
    So the Professor does the usual catching and teaching drills. You head off to the next town (no name, has a fighting type gym, and a big forest full of spiedirs in it) in hopes of challenging your father. When you reach the town, a Hitmonfly (evolution of Monly and your father’s) drops you a package with a note and an egg inside. The egg is a Grink’s egg. The note says how proud your father is. You stop by the Gym, and suddenly it is stormy. A great shadow passes over the town, and the gym leader comes out to look at it, and sees it to be a floating castle. He runs into the forest to find a way up. You follow him, and in the center of the forest, there is a ramp up. You run up the ramp, and it starts to break. The gym leader uses a Springo (new fighting Pokémon with springy legs) to pull you up. The two of you go into this Castle, and you find a lot of people with psychic Pokémon for team “PUFOOW” (psychic users for our own welfare) On the way, a floating pinkish Pokémon flies by. You fight your way to the end, and you see your father fighting a guy using a Psikie (interchangeable with Alakazam) with his Hitmonfly.
    The castle flies away and you have to jump. You fight the gym leader back in the gym, and get your badge. Basically that is all I have except for the end. In the end you go to the top of this large island, and on the top, team PUFOOW (which you call team Puff) if trying to make a legendary Pokémon Miraga (a Pokémon that can turn into any Pokémon) turn into a more powerful Benevad (psychic legendary first Pokémon), the first Pokémon. It does, but in mid process you attack it warping what it becomes, and keeping it frozen in that form. It becomes Malavad (the anti-Benevad, dark, not psychic). The leader takes him and you have to battle them. You end up gaining Benevad’s trust, and catch it with a master ball. There are many legendary events later that would fit into this storyline, but this is all I have so far.

    What do you think? If you have any ideas, please tell me, I am aslo coming up with more.

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      Originally Posted by Gary3204 View Post
      How about Gary's Oak Story Line???
      You'd lose a lot. But that would actually be pretty cool. Sadly I have my own hack to worry about)
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        Tentative hack storyline: a new evil team (Team Gemini) thinks it has learned its lessons from the defeat of the Aqua and Magma teams. Their vision of the perfect universe centers on opposites complementing each other, working in harmony instead of conflicting (as Team Aqua and Team Magma did). Much like the Gen IV villains, Team Gemini believes that two legendaries will need to be summoned and controlled to force their vision of balance onto the would. (Whether to use existing legendaries or create new ones, I'm not sure at this point; once Nintendo officially gives stats to the Creator Pokémon, what do you do for an encore? )

        Even the gyms in my new region (still unnamed) have succumbed to Team Gemini's obsession with balanced opposites: eight of them exist as usual, but each has two leaders representing an opposing pair of types (such as Fire/Water, Flying/Ground, etc.). Trainers must defeat both leaders in a double battle to earn their badges, but the player has help; an old childhood friend who's working for the same badge between his own adventures.

        But where do the Normals fit in? Under Team Gemini's laws, only their affiliated trainers and researchers may keep Normal-type Pokémon captive; no one else (so the team claims) understands the inherent balance of Normality. Be prepared to face Team Gemini agents more often if your player has caught the "wrong" Pokémon! Of course, the twin brothers who lead the team have collected quite a few impressive Normal-types...

        Working title for this game: Pokémon Dual Alliance. Sound interesting enough to play?

        Ingeborg S. Nordén

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          It has been 1 year since Red won the Pokémon League in Kanto.
          On a Thursday Night, in Pallet Town, a large group of people were celebrating the Birthday of their Hero, Red, who is yet to step down from his position as champion.
          The next day, at his lab, Professor Samuel Oak was found dead. He was inspected and it appeared to be murder or manslaughter (a knife wound). Forensics analyzed the lab and noticed a hair of the champion Red, as well as fingerprints on the knife found on Oak's chest. Police officals immediately decided on hunting down Red, and bringing him to justice.

          However, the Police Force operated in the East of Kanto mainly and had Headquarters there. The West of Kanto did not believe their hero to be a man who would commit such a crime. Thus the region became seperated in two, the Royal Forces of East Kanto (RFEK) and the Rebel Forces of West Kanto (RFWK). War has broke out on two people with two beliefs on their hero Red, who has mysteriously disappeared.

          Your name is Torch, a 16 year old boy born in the town of Pallet, one of the safest towns of East Kanto. You have been training to join the Army of the RFWK for most of you life and now you are finally ready to recieve a pokemon and be a soldier! Since you have been specially trained by War Veteran Lance, you are assigned as a soldier who works alone in different matters around Kanto. You receive a pokemon to assist you from the RFWK. You embark on various different missions, slowly unlocking the truth on who is behind the RFEK and why they hate Red, where Red is, what has happened to Green and what the identity of the RFEK's Pokémon Tamer D is. Badges are won from various ways, you can get the Boulder Badge through casually fighting Forrest (Pewter City Leader) in a friendly, or by battling Janine, who has joined the RFEK since they are the law and all Ninja must abide by the law.

          The RFEK functions like this.
          They have Pokémon Tamer D, a Trainer who uses Dark energy and has very poweful Pokémon. He claims to be one of the Generals of the RFEK, and is shrouded in mystery.
          The RFEK have Elite Four member Koga and Gym Leader Janine thus use Ninja, who act as one of the common enemies.
          Various Footsoliders of the RFEK or even the RFWK asking for friendlies will be the common enemies.
          Wild Pokémon are there.
          Takes place in Kanto, but like 16 years later.
          Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova etc are referenced as either fighting as allies of the RFEK or the RFWK. It's similar to WWI

          Deep story, deep potential. What do you think?
          I created this account with the intention of reading alone. Now I'm stuck with this nickname. Baro's a cool guy and all, but Insignificant Candlewax is a far cooler name...
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            Keep in mind that I'm no hacker so I would never really get this done unless someone loved this idea enough to take it on, but I just love pokemon and I love music. One day while I was daydreaming I came up with this sort of crazy idea for a hack. I also apologize if someone has said something like this before, but I didn't want to scour the thread for similar ideas, so if it is redundant I won't be offended if this post gets deleted. Anyway...

            So, I imagined this being a hack of Fire Red. I was thinking of calling it something like "Pokemon - Legends of Rock" or something..

            The main idea is this: instead of being pokemon trainers they are pokemon musicians. I have always loved the musician/rocker trainers and they are always under-utilized. Anyway, instead of training and beating gyms you would be "battling bands". Essentially your pokemon team and yourself would be your "band" and you battle other musicians and their pokemon to become the ultimate rock legend. I haven't quite decided what I've wanted to do for gym leaders, but my best idea was the gym leaders would be recognizable rock-bands or musicians. I haven't decided how the difficulty would progress, but I was thinking of matching the names of the band to their pokemon types. So, for example, the Rolling Stones would be the rock-type gym leaders (or maybe just like Mick Jagger or Keith Richards since you can really only use one sprite) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be the fire-type gym leaders.

            What about the antagonists? Well I had an idea for that too! Team Rocket would be changed to "Music Executives" (or something more clever) who are trying to control the world's music and rob the world of musical art. That was really as much as I developed that idea, but I thought it fit well.

            Ultimately the player would make their way to the Elite Four. I haven't decided if I wanted to call this the "ultimate battle of the bands" or "woodstock", where the player defeats the four biggest bands in the region (and the champion, who would be someone like Jimi Hendrix or something, haven't hammered that out really either) and ultimately becomes the world's greatest rock star!

            I thought that this was pretty original, story-wise. However, I do understand the subjectivity of the popularity of some bands, but I thought it was a fun idea..
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              I'm more a writer than a hacker, but currently I'm starting to work on my mapping skills. I'll be working on my insertion skills after I've a few maps to use. This idea is here for anyone to take on as their own project, or if it is liked enough then feel free to contact me. If enough people were to come to me looking to work with me on it, I'd be motivated to start a team - To people interested in this option, instructing me would be welcomed in the hacking area. I joined a few teams before as a writer/story-liner, though the projects were discontinued or I left due to RL taking it's toll on me. Anyway, on to the idea:

              Whether it is a revamping of a known region or an entirely new one, does not affect this. The main character starts off as the norm, though they just get a starting Pokemon from a trainer school upon graduation. This can also be done via a final test the trainer is given, with questions being aimed at what kind they prefer to use - This opens up the option of more than 3 possible starters that can be selected at the end of the test.

              The region itself is one that enjoys working with Pokemon in everyday life, even training Pokemon to compete in local tourney's(Tournaments) for a prize or extra cash. Many choose to tackle the Pokemon League challenge - Where only the very best of the region gain entrance into, competing against one another as they battle for the position of regional champion. Instead of an "Elite Four", trainers battle other trainers. The Elite Four does exist, though in a different fashion than the actual games. In this hack they are the Elite Four of the world - The very best trainers, four whom were past champions of their regions that went on to be regional champions of other regions in the world. To gain a position among them, a trainer must become regional champion of three different regions, using a new team of Pokemon each time to obtain the title, to prove they are worthy to enter a worldly tournament held every six years.

              That bit about the "Elite Four" would be for following installments within the same hack if it is possible to put in, depending on the amount of space allowed anyway. There would be other things going on within the starting region, such as robbers and natural disasters, rivals to be met and made, more than the normal amount of eight gyms a trainer could gain a badge from to enter into the PLC, and other events/quests that could be done. If the space required is too much then this can be dumbed down a bit to fit in a ROM. Personally, I've always wanted to see something like this as the constant antagonist of a team with purposes that harm others or the environment got old real fast. If anyone desires to make this a reality, feel free to.

              If you want me along to write for it, I would so long as you don't want to put a team in like Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Plasma, even if they're a new team of your creation. If you desire to make this a reality and add them in, you can still feel free to use this - I'll just decline helping in writing for it if you were to ask. If you know how to hack and would be willing to help me make this into a hack, feel free to let me know - If enough people message me I'll start a team up. Again, I've only began getting into mapping, and have yet to work on insertion, so you'll have to bear with me unless you don't mind that at all. I can't script for my life, btw. Anyone has my approval to take this as their own, as I said before. If you want to ask me about this idea at all or contact me, feel free to PM/VM me.
              If ever you're looking for some help in writing a plot/events/etc for a hack or a fan-fic, I wouldn't mind offering some suggestions - Just PM/VM me.
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                Originally Posted by Erimgard View Post
                Well, I like your creativity, but I just don't really think it's a usable storyline.
                There's too many holes and oddities in it. I don't know if you had any ideas that would fill in the blanks or not, but a few questions:
                Where would this take place?
                Why is Giovanni reformed?
                Why do you start underground?
                Why would anyone want to capture Giovanni if he's not even an evil pokemon master anymore?
                If the hero is trying to save Giovanni,why would he take the time to fight for badges and the Elite Four?

                Now, if you really like the whole concept of Giovanni getting kidnapped and an Island Quest, I'd suggest something more along these lines:

                The team that kidnaps Giovanni is in fact, Team Rocket itself. They are tired of TRYING to get him back [as they did in G/S/C] and kidnap him and reveal their evil plan to him in hopes that he'll join forces with them again and give them a strong leader once again.
                However, since he's reformed, he refuses, and Oak gives you a starter and sends you on a mission to find Giovanni
                Now for Gyms...well, use your could have to battle your way through "Rocket Bases" instead of gyms. That way it makes sense. you're not just stopping along at every gym you see and wasting time ya know?
                And after you defeat the 8 Rocke Bases, you find where Giovanni is, and have to defeat 4 Rocket Admins to free him [instead of the Elite Four]
                then once he's free, he tells you about this Island that no one knows about, because you've proven yourself worthy.

                anyway, just some suggestions to make the plot more usable
                let me know what ya think
                And good luck, I like your imaginiation!
                What if Team Rocket used Impostor Gym leaders? And once you beat them, you get to the Rocket base underground.
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                  Originally Posted by AXELXu7 View Post
                  What if Team Rocket used Impostor Gym leaders? And once you beat them, you get to the Rocket base underground.
                  Honestly, I think the whole plot would be much better if you start off being given a Pokemon as a starter, going along your way, beginning the life of a trainer. You can have it become a news type of deal, that Giovanni had begun to help the world out with his money and influence, being helpful rather than the leader of an organization set with goals of taking the world over - For some time he's disappeared from the eyes of the world, when in reality he was kidnapped. Get the main character involved after trainers have their Pokemon stolen, even have trainers he/she meets along the way looking to help get back stolen Pokemon and supplies from stores that were robbed by Team Rocket members. The main character goes along, helping to find the bases and get inside them, to free the stolen Pokemon and take back the supplies that were stolen.

                  Along the way the trainer ends up hearing rumors that Giovanni was kidnapped, that he didn't just disappear. Eventually the player finds out this is true after reading something like a letter on a desk in one of the bases, with a return address to a city a bit far away. The main character goes there, meeting up with some trainers he/she has met that helped with the first place, if you put it in, and they go in to figure out what they can find. Team Rocket knows of them and locks the building down, making them have to go through and find another way to escape. They find more information, one of them taking it off a computer in an office, and they leave through some way they just happen to find or an exit they make.(Have a barracks room the player can rest in to heal Pokemon up, if needed)

                  Do stuff like this that gives them reason to go and get involved, and you've got your whole reason for a plot to save Giovanni. The police could be paid off by members of Team Rocket, to not do anything or little to no work in doing anything further than saying "We're looking into it, investigations are underway, etc etc".

                  But if you really want gyms to be headed by impostor leaders, that's up to you. I see little point as to why that'd be the case as they give up money, a badge, and if they were to steal Pokemon the Pokemon League would be all over them as soon as complaints came in. I'd assume such, anyway.
                  If ever you're looking for some help in writing a plot/events/etc for a hack or a fan-fic, I wouldn't mind offering some suggestions - Just PM/VM me.
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                    A test I created...I might make it a full out game.

                    Game: Pokemon Secret Sapphire

                    Hack of: Sapphire

                    All I did so far was change the Prof.'s name to Cedar and made the starters shuckle, slugma, and quilfish. Slugma does not evolve in this game (I disabled it). I can't remember the new movesets except quilfish has bubble and milk drink. I made a cave filled with legendaries (my first map from scratch!). No story yet D: There IS a secret, but I can't tell you :D fine...I will...But don't tell anyone! All three starters evolve at high friendship. But shuckle and quilfish don't evolve in regular games, and I disabled magcargo, right? I won't tell you the alternative...
                    BOLD LETTERING.

                    Rom Hacking?

                    Me: WTF WHAT IS A 0x00??? Oh wait, that's my favorite color...uh durr.

                    Still don't understand scripting. xD

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                      Game idea

                      name: Pokemon Vee/Pokemon V

                      Hack of: (idk yet. most likely Ruby when it's made.)

                      Story: You are in the region of (name here) and you have been chosen to get a pokemon! Professor (tree name) will be expecting you tomorrow! You are so excited, that you can't sleep! So you take a walk outside.
                      Team (name) is flying overhead in their blimp. They have just extracted the DNA from a single eevee and will use it on a pikachu to make it able to evolve into 8 different types. When suddenly some idiot grunt hits a lever, causing the only small vial they have to fall out of the blimp from the door. The vial hits you and thinking it's hailing (it being winter) you go back inside and into bed. The next day you find yourself with a tail and eevee ears. Afraid someone will see, you cut a hole in the back of a backpack and wear the backpack and a hat. You also have a bag at your side for pokeballs, potions etc.
                      You arrive at the prof.'s house and you recieve (strangely) an EEVEE. Your neighbor, (female name) had already had gotten a torchic, on request.

                      That's all I have so far, the only other material I have:
                      -Your rival tries to be nice and hold that "heavy backpack" and reveals your tail, even after you say no. (Also the rival is confused why you have TWO bags, that is why she wants to hold it for you.)
                      -A grunt finds out that you are part eevee, due to the fact that your ear is sticking out of your hat a little.
                      -Due to being part eevee, you can now talk to pokemon.
                      -A random line later on: "Run eevee girl, run!" ~Team (name) leader

                      Yeah, unlike other games, this game will sound better if you choose a girl character. Girl will be substituted for boy, but girl sounds better. I don't think I'll add new pokemon. Legendary is undecided. Maybe I'll split it into three and make it the legendary ca- oh wait eevee is a fox, so I need a fox-like legendary. Any ideas? Maybe the Cats are fine. People call them beasts/dogs anyway.

                      Any ideas?
                      BOLD LETTERING.

                      Rom Hacking?

                      Me: WTF WHAT IS A 0x00??? Oh wait, that's my favorite color...uh durr.

                      Still don't understand scripting. xD

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                        Same. I can't script either. But I'm great with mapping. Maybe I can find someone for Pokemon Vee/Pokemon V.
                        BOLD LETTERING.

                        Rom Hacking?

                        Me: WTF WHAT IS A 0x00??? Oh wait, that's my favorite color...uh durr.

                        Still don't understand scripting. xD

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                          Just thought i'd jot down a few ideas here and there :3

                          Basically, I want to create a pkmn game that lasts long. Extremely long. And has an extensive Online Play to prevent users getting bored- like a battle arena with rankings and such. But to piece this together, of course i'll need a great dedicated team.

                          I have a few strengths and weaknesses, which i'll quickly type down for yous to read before I get into the actual story.

                          I'm great at mapping and story line creation. Creativity has always been my thing.
                          Originality- I always look to be original in anything I do.
                          Text- I can type out great speeches that will keep the player reading with interest, rather than boring old information that isn't necessary.

                          Scripting(keep in mind i'm talking about advanced scripting, I can write basic lines of code and basic scripting is usually easy anyway)
                          Motivation- If things die out, my motivation goes very low which s not ideal for creating something this big. But again this completely goes down to how good my team can co-operate and work with me on this production.


                          Story Line


                          Your name is Rai.
                          Your dream is not to catch'em'all or be the best, but to reach Platoon 1. Platoons are teams of 8 elite Pokemon trainers. In the entire region featured in this game, there are around 20 platoons. Platoon 1 ranking the highest, and Platoon 20 ranking the lowest. To keep competition fair, there are 4 divisions in the league. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

                          Bronze (Platoon 15-20) Amateurs(New Trainers)
                          Silver (Platoon 10-14) Intermediates(Experienced Trainers with Strong Pokemon)
                          Gold (Platoon 6-9) Elites(Strongly Experienced Trainers with Very High Leveled Pokemon)
                          Platinum (Platoon 1-5) Masters(Best Pokemon Trainers Among Humans)

                          Ranking Up?

                          To go up the ranks, you participate in what are called inter-platoon matches. These are held once every 2 days, and require you to have a partner to battle with.

                          Say if you are the two strongest trainers in Platoon 14(Silver) you will verse the 2 weakest trainers in Platoon 13(Silver). To keep coding and scripting simple, you will always start at Platoon 20(Bronze)

                          Each division has their own towns, meaning there are 4 towns. This is a very small amount, however
                          the towns will be really, really big, including a shopping mall for each and Trainer Academy which is where the platoons train.

                          With this said, your town is technically developed as well as your division is, so Bronze will have the poorest town, where as Platinum will have the richest town.

                          (Keep in mind i'm not being 100% original. I have been influencing ideas from Anime and League of Legends into this)

                          So anyways, Rai. Before you enter Bronze Division, you are required to undergo a short pre-story.


                          You are given a starter pokemon as usual, and you must go into ordinary towns and quests to level your pokemon up. By the time the story progresses into the Trainer Academy stage, you are required to have a team of 5 pokemon, each ranging from level 15-30(Standard level range for Bronze)

                          ( Since this is just a basic idea, I do not know how leveling will work. as you will be required a minimum level each time you rank up to keep up competition )

                          [Extended Story]
                          If you stay dedicated enough to the game, and end up completing Platinum Division, you can face the 7 Gods. These are trainers which will all have level 100 pokemon, however after beating the 6th trainer, you will face Kiba. This dude will have at least 2 tamed legends, so be prepared for the worst.

                          [Catching Legendaries]
                          Since this is basic, I haven't thought up how you will progress into catching legendary pokemon, however i'm thinking along the lines of being able to catch them during S ranked Quests.

                          Quests and Jobs are another thing I'm working on.

                          WELL THAT'S IT FOR BASICS. If you want to discuss more or you are interested in my idea, feel free to PM me or skype me(fizzyboy27)

                          I'm looking to have a team of at least 4 people to help me with this.
                          My first priority is to have an excelling script writer. Scripting will be very very important for this gamehack.

                          Many Thanks - Rayz
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                            Hello, this is just an idea so far, but what if you (the trainer) fought some of the battles? Here's the plot:

                            After the success of the genetic experiments conducted on Mewtwo, Team Rocket tries once again to create the perfect "Pokemon." It eventually donned on them that a human would be much easier to manipulate than a cloned Pokemon. The genetic splicing process had also been greatly improved since the Mewtwo experiments, and now, after years of research, had the potential to infuse the following powers into humans:

                            Water: water/ice capabilities. Extracted from Lapras DNA.
                            Control of flame: fire and heat capabilities. Extracted from Magmar DNA.
                            Control of weather: control of electricity and other weather related moves. Extracted from Dragonair DNA.
                            Control of the mind: control of the brain's full potential and more allowing for telekinetic powers. Extracted from Alakazam DNA.
                            Control of the shadows: complete synchronization with darkness and shadows, allowing the person to dissolve into either to keep out of harms way. Extraxted from Gengar DNA.
                            Control of the body: complete synchronization of the body and mind, creating massive strength. Extracted from Machamp DNA.

                            Unfortunately, the technology was still only a concept and not actually tested yet, so they took 3 low rank grunt volunteers from within the organization. One of them was you. Although you were extremely hesitant to continue with the procedure, your commanding officer reminded you the fame and fortune achievable if the experiment was a success. Upon these words, you proceeded as planned. Fortunately, the experiment was a success, and you now had basic powers over your spliced element (powder snow, ember, thundershock, confusion, astonish or karate chop). You were never assigned a starter Pokemon though, since you basically were one in human form.

                            What they didn't tell you was, the test subjects were nothing more than trial runs to be disposed of after the initial testing was over. One night during a basic solo mission, a higher ranking member appears before you, and tells you your tenure with Team Rocket has come to an end. They engage you in battle and you eventually come out victorious, knocking out the member and their Pokemon, but badly injured after your first battle. Confused, you find their radio and find out that you and the two others were experiments to prove the concept of the new genetic splicing method, and were never intended to be long term.

                            Enraged, but horribly weakened after fighting a strong opponent, you decide to gather a team of Pokemon, train them and yourself, and destroy Team Rocket.

                            The conflicts would be:
                            - the 8 executives searching for you ("gym leaders")
                            - the two other runaway experiments hoping to gain back Team Rocket's trust by apprehending you ("rivals")
                            - the current leader of Team Rocket ("champion")
                            - other misc. Rocket members

                            So, does anybody think this is a good/bad/mediocre concept? I just always thought it'd be cool if there was a Pokemon game where you didn't always rely on something else and had abilities/powers of your own.
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                              Hi everyone! This is my first time posting. I made this account in order to look for a partner in creating my new hack POKEMON OVERDRIVE.

                              I have just finished writing down the summary of the story. My problem right now is that I'm not very good at hacking roms and I keep messing up. This is the part where I need help. I would be glad if anyone would want to team up and finish this hack.


                              The story takes place in the Hearth Region (what Hoenn is called in the near future). Basically the story is a continuation of POkemon Emerald. After Brendan becomes League Champion and passes the Battle Frontier, he marries May years later and retires back to Littleroot town. Now the main character of Pokemon Overdrive is either Brian(if player chooses male) or Maria(if player chooses female). He/she is the only child of Brendan and May who dreams of becoming League Champion like his/her parents. While on the journey (after first badge) He/she arrives at a town where rumors spread about a rampaging black dragon. The main character continues (before second badge) and meets Team Shadow - a mysterious but surely evil team with bad plans. The battle with Team Shadow continues...
                              by the Fifth badge, The main character arrives at a city being burned down to ashes by a BLACK RAYQUAZA (Lv. 100). Of course the main character would try to capture the dragon but unfortunately it gets away before the hero could battle. This is where Team Shadow reveals their aim of capturing Black Rayquaza and using it for world domination.
                              The parents tell Brian/Maria to go home as soon as they receive news of the black Rayquaza. They give the hero a pokeball containing the Original Rayquaza (Brendan capture it in Pokemon Emerald - Lv. 50 - weak from all the years it was sealed in a pokeball). The hero must train it (go through sixth badge to Elite Four, still fighting Team Shadow along the way) in order to chase and defeat the Black Rayquaza.
                              By the end of the story - the hero finds answers as to how the Black Rayquaza was born, what its weakness is, and bring back the throne of the Original Rayquaza as king of Hoenn/Hearth.
                              POKEMON OVERDRIVE
                              Old April 14th, 2013 (12:36 PM). Edited April 14th, 2013 by ssongta2.
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                                Now, I just wanted to see what people would think about my story lines. Only a few of them will actually be made. If anyone absolutely adores one of my stories (which is highly unlikely to happen) then they may PM me, and I might give them permission to use it. Anyway, here we go:

                                1. Pokemon Rusty Gold
                                Hack of: Pokemon Gold
                                Story Line:
                                You used to be a Pokemon. One day, you wake up and find yourself in a human bed and human body. You have no memory of the past except the fact that you were a Pokemon. Surprised, you find your way down. Your mother - new mother - realizes that something is wrong with you don't know how to use your Pokegear. She suggests that you talk to Professor Elm next door, because he might be able to help you. When you talk to him, he realizes that you used to be one of his Pokemon and demands that you take what used to be YOU - Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. He tells you to talk to Mr. Pokemon, just in case he might know something about the incident. Mr. Pokemon tells you that his son has in fact had the same experience. His son is, of course, the Pokemon League champion. You are to be the Pokemon Master of the Johto. Then and only then will Mr. Pokemon's son help you return to your body. During that process, you get the Pokedex and etc., etc., etc. On your way back to Professor Elm's lab, a boy challenges you for a battle. He claims that he, too, was once a Pokemon, and he managed to find the body and take it.
                                After you have beat the champion, he offers to turn you back in to a Pokemon. You are now too fond of your life as a trainer - you refuse and decide to remain the way you are.

                                2. Pokemon Shattered Emerald
                                Hack of: Pokemon Emerald
                                Story Line:
                                It starts with a dream; you are in a misty forest with only one path. At the end of the path is three Pokeball and a girl. As you approach the Pokeballs, you feel a sudden urge to take one of them. Inside are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. When you grab one of your choice, the girl turns around and snatches one that holds a Pokemon strong against the Pokemon you chose. She challenges you for a battle. When you beat her, you wake up from your dream. You leave the house and enter the forest. Inside, you come to meet three legendary Pokemon - Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi. When they notice you, they call a group of Pokemon, and you fall in danger. All of a sudden, the Pokemon you chose at your dream appears. It shoos the Pokemon away, and the legendary Pokemon leaves, each in different direction. The girl - your rival from the dream, duh - comes up in awe and takes you back to the town. There, her father, Professor [???], tells you that the three legendary Pokemon need your help. You now leave on a journey to help the Pokemon. You are to travel three regions - in the order of Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto, and stop team Magmar Rocket and team Aqua Rocket from using the Pokemon for evil purpose.

                                3. Pokemon Sea Guardian
                                Hack of: Pokemon Sapphire
                                Story Line:
                                According to the legend, there are two Masters of the Sea:
                                Lugia, the master of three legendary birds, and Kyogre, the master of the eons(Laitas and Latios). They hold the balance of the world - only one master can exist at a time, so every hundred years, Lugia goes to sleep as Kyogre awakes and vice versa. If both are awakened, a power too strong for the world to hold will be formed.
                                You are the son of former Team Aqua leader, who was overthrown by the rest of Team Aqua. Your father holds the secret of waking Lugia and Kyogre - the destiny of Team Aqua. They plan to use the power created by the collision of Lugia and Kyogre in order to awake Manaphy. Due to this Team Aqua kidnaps your father. Your father has left a letter to you, telling you to choose one of the three Pokemon - Squirtle, Totodile, or Mudkip - and go on an adventure to be the Pokemon master. There is a cave only accesible by Pokemon Masters. In the deep end of the cave lies Kyogre and Lugia. After you capture each of them, Manaphy will appear, not because of unbalanced power, but rather because of the absence of the two Sea Guardians. You are to stop the Team Aqua from capturing it and save the world!

                                4. Pokemon Elemental
                                Hack of: Not sure yet-FR/Emerald
                                Story Line:
                                Water. Vaporeon. Peak of Waterfall.
                                Electric. Jolteon. Peak of Thunderstorm.
                                Fire. Flareon. Peak of Volcano.
                                Psychic. Espeon. Peak of Sunshine.
                                Darkness. Umbreon. Peak of Moonlight.
                                Forest. Leafeon. Peak of Bloom.
                                Ice. Glaceon. Peak of Ice Age.
                                Boulder. Rockeon. Peak of Erosion.
                                Steel. Metaleon. Peak of Rusts.

                                These nine Pokemon controls the balance of the region of Nivek. Every decade, nine Eevee are chosen from the Cave of Balance, inhabited by thousands of Eevee and few human to help them. Each Eevee is evolved into one of the evolutions, and once the former "Holder" - as the Eeveelutions are called - steps down, take over their place in 9 "Peaks" of the world. However, the number of Eevee in the Cave or Balance started to decrease significantly in the last century. This is mostly due to "Elementalists", a group of people whose goal is to take over the nine Elemental stones located on each "Peak" of the world. They believe that if there are no more Eevee left in the Cave of Balance, the Eeveelutions will fade away, and they will be able to find the Peaks.
                                Before then, every children of Nivek were given an Eevee on his/her 10th birthday. However, due to the lack of Eevee, they are now given choice of three starters-Bulbasaur, Charmandr, Squirtle. You, on the other hand, are given an Eevee by Professor Pine(The most well-known professor of Nivek) himself. This is, of course, because you are his son's best friend - which means your rival gets an Eevee as well.
                                You go on an Adventure to be a Pokemon Master, because that's what everyone does. However, it turns out that your Eevee is chosen for one of the Holders. No Eevee with a trainer has been chosen before. But now that your Eevee is given a Sign of Scale, you cannot back it up anymore, unless you were to stop the Elimentalists and rescue some more Eevee to take your Eevee's place. So, now, you must stop the Elimentalists - and, of course, become the Pokemon Champion, just cause.

                                So, yeah. Please tell me what you think about them... If you particularly like one and want to make a hack out of it, well, great! That would be appreciated!
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                                  Pokemon The War
                                  FireRed Hack Rom:
                                  After you choose whether to be a male or female, your player enters a dream state. In his/her dream state he/her approaches a two- way path one with an Umbreon, the other with an Espeon. The Umbreon represents the dark side and the Espeon reps the light side. If you chose Light, your starter options are Raltz, Pikachu, or Dratini. If you chose Dark, your starter options will be Zorua, Bagon, or Tyrogue. Your Rival will join the opposite side and have a Larvitar(if Dark) or Shinx(if Light). After receiving a pokedex that has all 493 pokemon, if dark your mentor appear and give you a Umbreon (lvl.5) and if light a Espeon (lvl. 5).

                                  Please add on so someone can notice this idea and make a actual hack.thanxxx
                                  Perhaps this is what I have always wished for since that day. The loss and destruction of all. That's right, one must destroy before creating. In that case, if my conscience becomes a hindrance to me, then I will simply erase it. I have no other choice but to move forward
                                  Old April 26th, 2013 (9:06 PM). Edited April 26th, 2013 by shadowpikachu0426.
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                                  Just me, what did you expect?
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                                    I came up with this years ago. Literally. I tried to start a thread, but posted in the wrong section and got kicked out for a while .

                                    Anywho, the idea for the hack was Pokemon Rocket Black (Name needed improving). The idea was that Red had failed in defeating Team Rocket and had disappeared after the loss with Giovanni, leaving Team Rocket to take over Kanto. You start in your room, as usual (with some modified messages, such as Rocket propaganda when observing the TV). When you go downstairs, your mom reminds you that you are supposed to visit Professor Oak for your birthday.

                                    Oak goes through the whole Pokemon sequence, gives you your 'mon. You then must traverse the region, in which all trainers are, to some degree, involved with Team Rocket. Involvement ranges from just being in the group to full time leaders. Pokecenters and Pokemarts are normal, but all Gyms are now under Rocket control and are training facilities, in which you can challenge the leader to gain a higher rank (start as grunt, work your way into the elites).

                                    Eventually, you get to challenge Giovanni and finish what Red started, or choose to take over the country. (Offer some kind of dialogue, maybe? Something like, two teleporters in the room, one leading to the country's council, the other to home or something?)

                                    • Have a difficulty setting so you can make it where all Pokemon are "killed", nuzlocke style after battles with seriously-involved rockets. (If faint)
                                    • A new region.
                                    • Player is Mute, like in normal games
                                    • Legendaries/starters available throughout course of game, depending on decisions (No free Pokemon everywhere, more like in Yellow where a few people here and there gave you the starters, and Legendaries are strictly one per player, again depending on decisions)
                                    If life gives you lemons, read them MAKE LIFE TAKE THE LEMONS BACK!
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                                      Help please, how is this:

                                      20 Years after the Pokemon War, a new god was chosen to rule over the land and keep peace to the region. The new god that was chosen was Kyurem. Something strange happened to Kyurem after his conference with the controllers of their respective elements of the world; he disappeared. All weather affects, night and day, and heat have been disrupted as well; one second it will be sunshine, then instantly change into pouring rain. The hero of the game, Bert, must embark on a journey to save their lord; but what will be his first Pokemon? All of the Pokemon have disappeared as well! But, he knows one person who can get him a Pokemon, his mom; a notorious Pokemon Dealer. Will he be able to save Kyurem? What will be his Pokemon? Can the world be saved?
                                      Please go watch/fav/llama me on Deviantart, it would mean a lot to me! BurningSylveon
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                                        I've had this story in mind for around a year, though the plot is still in development. My hacking skills are limited, so I really don't know if I can make this into a real hack, but whatever. The story of Pokemon Eternal Winter takes place in the cold and snowy Rimuri region, around 35 years after B2W2.

                                        A new Pokemon Lab has been built in the small town of Greybank, and Professor Hawthorne has just moved in. Your next-door neighbor, desperate for some excitement in her dull life, convinces you to accompany her to the lab, in hopes of receiving a Pokemon. You meet with Professor Hawthorne, and she agrees to give you both a Pokemon, on the condition that you help her around the lab. It is agreed that work will start the next day, but in the middle of the night, your neighbor disappears. The note she left to her mother explains that she has left to become a trainer and find some meaning in her life.

                                        With the approval of your parents and Professor Hawthorne, you set out to make sure your neighbor is safe, and bring her back home if necessary. When you do find her, however, she cryptically tells you that she has found what she was looking for, and she will not come back home. Though you go your separate ways, you meet again many times. As you interact with her, you find yourself drawn into a mystery surrounding Rimuri's legendary Pokemon, rumored to be too powerful for any human to control.
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                                          Hey wat about this idea so basically its 2 years after DPP you are heading to Unova when suddenly the boat sinks and you land on a region not to far from hoenn so you decide to take on the leauge of that region and hoenn when a new threat appears (im on my phone so thats why its short).
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                                          Razor Sharp
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                                            I need help writing a part of my rom hack's storyline. So, the rival is like Gen V's Hugh (personality wise), except he becomes more like Gen II's rival gradually. I need a good reason as to why he turns from your best friend to your worst nightmare. The villainous team is like Team Galactic (goal wise, they want to get their hands on a legendary Pokemon that is said to hold all of the absolute answers and truths to the universe...which can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands) and the hero/heroine isn't really morally ambiguous at all. They won't do anything wrong, and will always be encouraged to do the right thing.
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                                              Hi guys
                                              so this is my first time posting in this forum, and i would like some constructive criticism on this story idea I have. It will be a hack of FireRed
                                              My idea: So you guys remember the Nugget Bridge in FireRed right? Where the rocket grunt asks you if you want to join Team Rocket? What if you actually did join Team Rocket? That's basically my idea. My vision is that the storyline will differ based on your choice. If you say no, the storyline will progress as normal. If you say yes, you will be recruited as a team rocket member and work for Giovanni. I'm also thinking about having the story differ depending on where you get stationed as well. If you're stationed at Saffron city, you help stop the rival from beating up rocket grunts. If you're stationed at the sevii islands, you help steal the ruby and sapphire (and help with the forced evolution thing; if you guys remember, there was a reference to that in the rocket base in the sevii islands). How does this sound? I appreciate your opinions.
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                                                I'm in the process of creating a hack of pokemon leaf green called Pokemon Orre Reborn.
                                                You play either as a young boy named Isa or a young girl named Ilia. You start off in your hometown which is called "Refuge Beach" at the moment. The Orre region has been taken over by the evil Cipher organization. You have to try to blend in a bit in this region because you're not supposed to leave your home. Refuge Beach is where the people who made it out of the watch zone of Orre (pretty much everywhere ) Cipher cannot make anymore shadow pokemon due to the last protagonist (Michael/Whateveryounamedhim) and his destructive.....I mean heroic habits. They don't have the equipment to make anymore yeah... they're a lot more powerful than before because of their training time. (This game takes place 8 years after the events of XD Gale of Darkness...) Instead of Pokemon Gyms, there are Cipher Battle Factions meant to train upcoming Cipher members. There are 8 of those....Then you have the Cipher HQ and the ultimate test of becoming an Admin in Cipher. (You don't really get to BE in're just there to kick their butt)
                                                Starting out in Refuge Beach, you have a NICE sized mansion-like house thing, and your neighbor doesn't (lol)... Your family has been great in keeping Refuge Beach hidden and providing work opportunities to the people that live there... In Refuge Beach, you'll find the flamboyant Professor Sylvn Pine who provides you your first an Eevee..In the back room of the Prof.'s lab, you will find a training type room with the lovely Justy who used to control the PreGym in Orre. You can battle Justy for some good battling experience. (NOTE: All battles are double battles...Except for wild pokemon ones...) You will travel across Orre with your Eevee in search to find all 8 Cipher Battle Factions and obtain their Seals (Wisp-Fire, Hiroto-Fighting, Aphidia-Bug, Eidolas-Ghost, Typhuun-Flying, Aerial-Psychic, Malefa-Dark, and Blossom-Grass). After you collect all 8 seals, you would surf across the ocean to find the Cipher HQ on Citadark Isle where you would take on 4 (err....well...5) Cipher Admins to advance to Cipher's new boss. The Cipher HQ's admin battles are 1.Lovrina, 2.Miror B, 3.Ein, and 4.Ardos and Eldes... The first 3 fight with their teams from XD/Colosseum and the 4th battles with a combination of their pokemon... After you beat Cipher's leader, you can catch Celebi in Agate is a little bit of my hack thingy so far. My mind won't let me remember the
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                                                  I am currently making a Hack of fire red called Pokémon Pure Heart. Here is my idea.

                                                  A long time ago, pokemon were at war. There were 3 pokemon, that weren`t fighting though. These pokemon were Shaymin, Victini, and Jirachi. They sung, and it made them stop fighting. Then they lived somewhere hidden. 200 years later, your name is Amanda if you are a girl, or Ryan if you are a boy. It is you and your best friends (rivals) birthday. You go to Professor Dot`s lab and you get 3 choises, Dratini, Mareep, and Azuril. Their is an evil team, called Team Solar, trying to take over the world!

                                                  And thats what I have so far.
                                                  Old May 27th, 2013 (4:15 AM).
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                                                    Just Finished Bioshock Infinite and thought with this infinite worlds of Booker and Elisabeth, what if this took place in the Pokemon universe?

                                                    It would be called Bioshock Infinite: Pokemon Dimension Edition

                                                    Obviously the main story line would not differ that much from Bioshock Infinite, except the game play would be modified for the current dimention, i.e. Pokemon Battles. Although I'm not a fan of fakemon, vigours used on pokemon to alter there type and abilities could be interesting don't you think?

                                                    Not sure how difficult it would be to create, I'm more of a mapper, and crap at scripting.
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