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Old April 26th, 2013 (3:47 PM).
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How did you find your teen years? Were they good, bad, awful, horrible? What was the best thing you did as teenager? And are you still a teen today?
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Old April 26th, 2013 (4:09 PM).
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    As I only have about four months left of my teen years I feel like I've wrapped them up :b

    They were mediocre, I guess. If I had the chance I would definitely go back and redo some stuff and make some really different choices, but I'm happy with how I am now so that's all that really matters.
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    I guess I had a few ups and downs that I could really consider bad times but I have met a lot of good people throughout my teen years (which I'm still in) and I have found the area that I'm truly good at and interested in so really they have been quite good I guess.

    Best thing I have ever done? Either competing interstate or leaving school to study teaching.

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    I have both fond memories and a deep disdain for my teenage years.

    I wouldn't do it twice.

    Best thing I did? Graduate high school.
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    My teen years ranged from bad to great to bad. It was a big emotional roller costar of a mess. From 13-16 I was really anti-social and also had many issues with anger, where I would have a fit over just about anything and never talked to anyone. There was countless amount of days where I skipped class or had a bad day in school and would have a temper-tantrum cause of my negative mood. I went to two high schools. I was at only only for freshmen year and then had to move to another cause the first one closed due to lack of funding. I really wanted to go to same school at least 80% of my classmates were going to, but unfortunately I got rejected. This made me so upset cause I wanted to graduate with the class I was with since 8th grade and I had only one other option left and I really skeptical about the school. I was accepted into the school but I had to go to the special education classes which took place at a school. The program was ran by nuns and I hated it cause they really treated us like little kids. In the fall of my sophomore year, I joined a Catholic youth group that one of my childhood friends was going to. At first I mainly went cause he was going and for the fun games, but it really changed me a lot. I became more social and less introverted and I grew more spiritually and became a more religious person. Soon I was attending the groups' retreats and got more into the discussions of the bi-weekly talks they had. I got more involved in my school's campus ministry and even lead some retreats there. The group really shaped me into the person I am today. At the same time though I was really dealing with lot of confusing things such as who really was my friends and stuff like who I as and what I wanted to be. At times I even dealt with thing relating to what my sexuality was. I was confused on what I was, but the youth group helped me realized I more of man and that strive me to be more manly and grown up. Junior year is one I'm embarrassed about. I went through a really odd phase where I tried to follow all of my friends and every trend they did. As I mentioned, before, I also had a lot of problems with who I was actually my friend and who wasn't. My childhood friend , the one who invited me to join the youth group, told me I was basically "hovering" him too much and that I should leave him alone for a while and let him have his own space. Basically saying our friendship wasn't as good as it I thought it was anymore. He told me this when I discovered he was having a 16th birthday party and didn't invite me. He also told em his sister and a couple of people I knew from the youth group TPed my house a few nights before. We became pretty distanced after that. It made me feel isolated, betrayed and like no one cared for me at all. So it caused me to force people to become my friend and to like me. One guy in particular at my school who I admired as person. I tried so hard to be his friend that he blocked me on Facebook and lead to him and his friends hating me. Senior year was a bit better, but there was still many things I was dealing with. I was struggling with grade and senioritis was really kicking my butt. I procrastinated many project and homework and tons of stuff I never finished. I was late almost everyday too as well. While generally my school performance was awful all four years of high school (I actually had to attend summer school junior year) , senior year was definitely my worse. I had no motivation to do anything and ended up actually failing senior year and didn't graduate with my class. It wasn't until I a year and half of tedious course work, that I was able to receive my diploma. I feel like I should explain that more later , but rather not now cause this post is already long enough. Overall if I had to rate my teen years, I would rated it a 5/10. Just mediocre and the only thing that made it better were the friends I made while at the youth group. They really shaped me into who I am today. I hope my 20s/college years are much better than my teens was and so far that's been true. Life could be better though.
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    I've had some ups but a big down that put dampers on some of those ups.

    Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning
    If I had the chance I would definitely go back and redo some stuff and make some really different choices, but I'm happy with how I am now so that's all that really matters.
    Kinda, sorta.
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    Amazing. Granted, I still have 2 years of being a teenager left, but the 5 years I've spent so far have been very good. I've never gotten myself into deep trouble, and have accomplished a lot of what I wanted to do, namely become more social (that sure happened, didn't it?) and known. Both happened and happened without a hitch, or nearly as flawless as possible. I still have a few things that I'd want to accomplish as a teenager, but with the 2 years remaining, I'm not worried that I won't be able to make them happen.

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    Better than my 20s have been so far, that's for sure. :p

    They were okay. I mean, they weren't amazing. But I graduated school, got As pretty much straight through high school, didn't get grounded except maybe once or twice, got along with my family, didn't get bullied in school... on the other hand, I didn't have many friends offline and I wasn't popular. Things kind of went downhill when I went to school, but only due to finances. I enjoyed college a lot and met a lot of cool people, just couldn't afford it, haha. 19 was kind of a bad age for me because I dropped out of school and moved back home and didn't do anything from January-May. I don't recommend it.

    Almost all of my teen years, I was here on PC -- I joined at 14. And I'm still here. That's kind of weird to think about. My most active time here was in late high school/college. PC was the only place I had a good amount of friends. I've seen a lot of people come and go and PC has changed a lot but it's been a blast. :)
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      I'll summarize my teen years (13-19) up:

      ★ 13 ★

      Graduated and received honors for English, as well as a congratulatory plaque (25$ reward) for, again, English.

      I finished two novels (handwritten) as well, which is why I won those awards lol I was popular in school as "that kid who writes books."

      Freshman year at high-school. Lost a lot of friends; gained a handful more. Throughout Grade Nine my average hovered around 80-82%, earning me the honor roll both semesters.

      By second semester, however, I had become severely depressed with suicidal thoughts crowding my mind. It got to the point where I suddenly freaked out in Geography and was taken to see the school counselor, who had me see a student "psychiatrist" every Wednesday. She told me that the Internet was my problem; that I spend too much time talking to people from around the world.

      The real problem? Involuntarily neglect at home, inferiority complexes, low self esteem and an incredibly strong feeling of feeling unwanted, useless and unloved. The people on the Internet actually helped me feel better. She didn't see it that way.

      I cut myself with beer glass I found outside around June. My aunt was really concerned lol I'd also draw crude pictures of me stabbing myself.

      ★ 14 ★

      Grade Ten was a year of skipping school, grade drops and a worsening psyche. I would hang out outside or at my aunt's house to avoid school.

      It was well-known at that point by school counselors and teachers that I had a real problem. They tried to help me and talk to me, but it didn't help. They all reiterated the same thing: the Internet is bad. The Internet saved me from further self-harm. How could that be considered bad?

      ★ 15 ★

      I moved into my mom's around the start of the second semester (January). My average shot up from 75% to 85%, where it should've always been. I had been talking to someone I met in an MMORPG and a two-week visit was planned in August. When he came, my mother went psycho the whole week, making threats to "send him back" if we were alone together in a room. She smacked me in the forehead and yelled at me, reminding me of "religious beliefs" that were not necessarily my own.

      I left at that point. I went to live in Montreal with the boy.

      ★ 16 ★

      Lots of stress this year. Police looking for a "run away," learning that the boy was three years older than I was told, job losses; I was unable to even get a job since I didn't have a SIN card. There was a lot of back-and-forth between Montreal and a little cottage city by Toronto this year, as evictions were common.

      ★ 17 ★

      Returned to the little cottage city and began homeschooling. Because of my skipping a few years before (which, again, they recognized the reason but still held it against me), the school didn't want me anymore lol Told me either to do homeschooling or wait until I'm eighteen to go to the adult centre. Well, the adult centre only offers English and Math, so I'd not even be able to acquire my diploma there - just some certificate for the basics, which is null and useless. Can't use that to go to uni.

      Homeschooling went well. The first half I didn't have a job; the second, I worked at a little ice cream place part-time until I got employed at Subway. I volunteered at an Elderly Home, too, for my volunteer hours (forty mandatory in Ontario to acquire a diploma). It was OK.

      ★ 18 ★

      I spent this year working at Subway. I got my own apartment in October and the boy came to live with me. His English isn't the best, though, so he couldn't get a job. It was a very hectic, stressful and tiring year for me. Rent was high and the apartment was about equal to two now-standard bedroom sizes. Very small. We moved into a larger place but an incident sent him back to Montreal. I lost 675$ in "last" rent that was paid up-front, as is standard in Ontario (but illegal in Quebec, thankfully.)

      ★ 19 ★

      I was readmitted into secondary school, even though they were denying most people over the age of eighteen. The only reason I got in was because the new VP was the one who handled my homeschooling and she knew that I was serious and dedicated as a result. Thank God.

      I spent my final school year with the younger siblings of my former friends - people who should've been graduating with my younger sister, had she not dropped out. A weird turn of events, but I bested them in every class I was in.

      Every 11U class I had, I was glared at maliciously by an old bully of my sister and a younger sister of one of my friends. M, as we'll call her, hated me and spread exaggerated rumours about my "running away." She got the entire 11U body to team up and exclude me from anything. Well, didn't care, 'cause

      I graduated with a scholarship for History (given by the local museum: 250$) as well as a 1,500$/yr renewable scholarship at the University of Ottawa should I have decided to attend there for French studies. I will be going to McGill in September, 2014 however so for me, that scholarship is moot.

      I attended summer school in June to acquire my final 12U credit (I had five, but six is needed for university applications). This was, again, tiring. All year I was paying rent, working part-time (25h/week) and going to school full-time. I was completely exhausted. Going to summer school required getting up at 6:30am to catch a 7:45 bus to get there for 9am. I'd be home around 4pm. Then, I'd go to work from 5pm (approx.) until 11:30pm and walk home in the dark; I'd get back around 12:30am and then homework would commence. I typically slept 4-6h throughout June.

      My mom kicked me out at the beginning of July because of a difference of opinion with my father. Messed up, I know. She was angry because I wasn't going to pay him to move me back to Quebec. He was doing it as a graduating gift - I'm his first of four kids to graduate; three (incl. me) should have already done so by now - and an early birthday present. He didn't want me to pay, even when I insisted. So, yep, kicked out for that.

      Kinda sad.

      Before leaving, I asked to home-school Philosophy 12U in order to boost my grade average. Luckily, I was allowed, even though technically you need to be an Ontario citizen throughout the term to do so. I left with five months in the term left lol! but the principal didn't care. She adored me at that point, having always written "Excellent!" on my report cards.

      12U Average went from 94% to 95.2% as a result, therefore surpassing my 95% goal.

      Grade Summary:

      English 12U: 97%
      Geology 12U: 98%
      History 12U: 93%
      Philosophy 12U: 93%
      Anthropology 12U: 95%
      Canadian Law 12U: 95%
      Writer's Craft 12U: 87%

      So I poll'd "A little good" because it was extremely up and down. Also did a lot of stuff and experienced many things that most teens do not lol

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      I haven't even gotten through my first two teen years ;) I've got a long way to go. So far they've been great.
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      it wasn't anything of it it was a mix..nothing is totally bad nothing is perfectly good....i remember i had some hard time and also some fun time
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      My teen years were pretty good! I am 20 right now, so I can't compare it to my twenties since they haven't begun yet. I enjoyed High School, my friends, prom, graduation, etc. I have a lot of good memories. I have bad ones as well, as everyone does, but my good memories outweigh my bad memories. So yeah, I enjoyed my teen years and I am excited for my twenties!
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      my teen years were hooooooooorible. Middle school was awesome though, I got good grades, met really awesome people, and I was well-known throughout the community. Then I got to high school, I started to hang out with the wrong friends, picked fights with the randomest people, and got in trouble a lot with the school and with my parents. I was hugely defiant against every adult out there. That lasted until senior year of high school when I finally began to actually listen to my consicence and do better. I was able to at least graduate from high school, but couldn't apply for colleges until Spring semester. I also met my first boyfriend at 17, then broke up at 19.

      I don't like looking back at those years, well at least high school. I like how I am today, the shy, harmless, n-her-20's girl who's still looking for a place in her life.

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        My early teen year were alright, I guess but from ages 15-17 were a nightmare. At school the teacher were just horrible picking on me because I had ASD/HFA. the schools go back here in august I left September. Then got preggie with Hanna.
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        My teens years so far has been going alright. I'm 15, one and half months till 16, so I guess I can't say much since I'm only around halfway through them haha.

        But so far I'm doing alright. In England we go straight to high school unlike in the States where you go to middle school first, and I'm having a good time there. I have made some good friends, never really been bullied by anyone and I'm getting better grades as time goes on. I did want to play a lot more football (soccer) but I've realised that I'm no where near good as I thought I was and embarrassed myself in a trial aha. It feels like I'm just strolling through life right now and not really doing anything... big. TT.TT

        But for now, life is good. Hopefully the rest of my teen years goes as smooth as they have been going right now. Highlight would definitely be bunking school and going to a meet-and-greet, even though my dad got furious with me. Still was worth it though haha
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          We all had regrets in the past. We can't do anything about it only learn. My teenage years is 70 % awful. I wasn't bullied or anything even though I was a nerd. Its because I was a major slacker, which I should've done more. I shouldn't have sticked to being average or above average. I should've excelled given the chance.

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          My teen years feel like they started when I moved to secondary school, so they started at 11 for me.

          11 was awful. I had to move school and stay in there for a year. It felt very childish, as I was used to a more mature school, but in this one there were 5 years olds running around a everything was sooo dull. Thankfully I moved to a secondary school at September.

          12 was a improvement, mainly as I was getting used to my great secondary school.

          13 was really good as I moved to the upper half of my school.

          14 has only been going on for a couple months, so I have no real idea.

          Most of my teenage years revolve around school.
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          I myself have only a couple of months as a teen left, so like some other people my teenage years are wrapping up pretty soon.

          As for how they went, they were kind of up and down. I met some great people, studied hard and got into college. But it was around then I forgot Pokemon even existed but, I couldn't be happier to be back playing the games and having a smashing time doing it too.
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          Old April 27th, 2013 (7:56 AM). Edited April 27th, 2013 by Sableye~.
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          Ehhh. It has varied quite a lot.

          Ranging anywhere from things going pretty well, to points in time that I was worn down enough by dealing with my own problems that I didn't care about living anymore. That was kind of fun, though, because I lost all instinctive fear of getting hurt or dying. Meaning I could do stupid stuff without being afraid. :D

          However, the problems causing that were my fault, and were the result of stupid decisions I've made. Despite it causing me to become the mentally unstable, self-destructive person I used to be, I don't regret what I did. Dealing with that has allowed me to learn to appreciate how much better things are now.

          Also, as Sweets Witch mentioned below, it has been these years that got me to be the person I am now, and molded my life to be what it is. I like my life, so why would I want to change things?
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            *ugly cackling*

            I hated my teen years so, SO much. Let's break it down.

            13 was crap because I was in my second year at a middle school that none of my elementary school friends went to and I still hadn't made many friends since everybody else was too busy sticking to their own comfort zones. My friends didn't even attend my school; one had graduated and one was home schooled. I saw them frequently, but not frequently enough to stifle my loneliness.

            14 was when one of those friends passed away.

            15-17 was when my social life was climbing and falling at the same time. I made a lot of friends who weren't really friends and I used them to get whatever I wanted before I tossed them aside. I still know a few people from those days and they absolutely hate me. It's cool because I hate them too.

            18 was when I decided to buck up and make a good life for myself so that I could better care for my daughter. It wasn't a bad time at all, but a good portion of my past was repeatedly coming back to haunt me and I became extremely disillusioned with who I am.

            19 I was trying the whole college thing and it failed horribly so I dropped it and focused on cleaning full-time. God, it failed so badly. You have no idea.

            Now I sit here at age 20 wondering if I'd change anything. It's tempting to say I would go back and fine-tune the past, but then I'd be a pansy and my daughter wouldn't exist. I like who I am today and I owe it to all of the crap that my teen years brought.
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            Ugh, my teen years were all up-and-down.

            In my years of high school I was always the lonely one and I was often subject to bullying but at least I helped with a few projects in my final years. Then I had to spend two years doing a getting-ready-for-work education program, which also involved me going to college but I sadly quit that after 6 months because I had a bully in my class who wouldn't leave me alone.

            That eventually led into the job I had now, and I turned 20 last October. Now that I have left the teen society I'm wondering if my life is starting to get any better lol.
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            I feel as though my explanation was somewhat lacking so I'll post a proper summary (well I'll attempt to) like other people did in a bit, after all nothing I went through was really bad or anything so why not?

            I'll probably just edit into this post.
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            They weren't very good for me. I had a lot of problems and made a lot of mistakes. I know they were what made me who I am, but I'm far from perfect so I can't help but wish I had the chance to go back and change things I did or didn't do. Lots of regrets there, and I just wish I was a happier person then.

            But things are better now. Not perfect, but a lot better.
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              I ended my teens in Feb just gone, I'll be honest and cut it short.. they were eventfull years of doing stuff you shouldnt do to do, trying new stuff, everything your typicall yob/chav/teen/youth what ever you call them did
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                They were the best.

                You're meant to hate being a teen when you are a teen. But the older you get, the better things were.
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