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Old April 27th, 2013 (8:45 AM).
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Hi everyone!

I don't currently do any ROM hacking, and probably wont get into it, so maybe my joining was a lost cause Although, the community seemed friendly enough and I am a Pokefan so I figured "Meh, why not?" :3

I started playing Pokémon with Yellow version, and played my little brother's when he got it. He got upset with me playing it and so I got my own GBC and Red version via gifts, and made it my goal to get strong enough to whoop him silly with my Pokemanz (which I did, and he wasn't THAT much younger than me, so I wasn't a bully...) Ever since, it's been on with Pokemanz.

Although, I did pick up Black 2 on launch day, played it for about 7 hrs, and put it down. Technically I spent more time, because I bred some Pokemon in Black that I'd want to start with in version 2. My love for it has found a new home in my heart again, though, because I am excited for X/Y

When it comes to gaming, I've been mad into RPG's ever since I can remember. When I was four years old, I beat Final Fantasy IV by myself, and spent the next six or so years beating shiz like Secret of Mana, Breath of Fire, amongst some other stuff alongside my grandpa (coolest grandpa ever).

To this day, RPG's are still my love (JRPG's... -.-), and it sucks to see the quality many of them come out with now. I am a proud owner of a 3DS, PS3, Vita, Wii, and a proud former owner of a Xbox 360 (lawlz, I had one while I had my PS3. Only games I ever enjoyed on it were Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia [which I have on my PS3], MagnaCarta II, and one more I am sure I am forgetting). I found no reason to keep it when all it did was collect dust.

Anywho, I imagine that's enough for now :O

Conquering others is strength, conquering yourself is true power.
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Old April 27th, 2013 (9:49 AM). Edited April 27th, 2013 by WooliestSteam.
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Hey there Depu and welcome to the community, it's great to have you here.

Pokemanz Red on the Gameboy Color those were the day's eh? I may just have to get revenge on you for your little brother XD. Will you be getting Pokemon X or Y when they release?

Have you picked up any of the new Final Fantasy games, picked up XIII myself, never picked up any more after that, was interested to hear what the newer one's are like. Sold your XBOX? I did the complete opposite to you and I sold my PS3 lol.

A Mod should be along soon to tell you about the fun threads and sections here on the Forum. I don't want to be stealing their part.

So from myself, welcome to the community. I hope you have a great time here, you will meet some amazing people. I'll catch you around Depu
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Old April 27th, 2013 (9:51 AM).
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away for a few days
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Oh, PC isn't only about ROM hacking. In fact, a huuuge chunk of us aren't even into hacking. I admit I love to play them from time to time, but I don't really frequent the Emulation board outside random lurking sprees or looking at what new games are available. You'll fit in juuust fine as a Pokemon fan. ;P Welcome to PC!

Awwww, luckily I never had siblings when I just got into Pokemon so I had no one to fight with me over save files or anything, hehe. It's awesome that you actually got to battle with your brother though.. don't think I've ever had a battle with any of my friends back then, despite how addicted we all were to Pokemon. It's wonderful that X and Y have you excited for the series again, too! They look so good! Even though 3D Pokemon games were probably right around the corner it was still such a surprise to finally get them. Which legendary do you like the most?! What about starters? :D Maaan, October can't come any faster. Stop by the X & Y boards and get involved in the discussions there - it's a really active section and definitely worth it to check out, especially when more news comes out.

Can't say I've ever played many RPGs but they do seem like something I'd love to get into. Are there any RPGs you can suggest for a newer player of them like me? You seem experienced so there's probably not very many better people to ask. n~n You seem like a great person so we should chat and become friends, yup!

Pleasure meeting you and have fun on PC. You'll fit in well, I'm sure. :)
. pair family twin art thread mal .
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Old April 27th, 2013 (10:19 AM).
Depu Techiikue's Avatar  
Join Date: Apr 2013
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@ WS: Thanks a lot! I appreciate the warm welcome very much

Hells yeah! Missingo was epic XD Kind of cool to see how far Pokemon has come along since then o.o You'd probably destroy me now

I feel morally obligated to pick up each FF game that comes out (except XI & XIV), so yeah I picked 'em up, and beat them lol. I actually enjoyed them, but XIII was by far the weakest. I'd recommend picking up XIII-2, especially since you are a Pokefan. Your party consists only of Serah and Noel (new char) the whole way through, but you collect monsters and you can upgrade their abilities, stats, and behaviors through the crystarium. You then build your party surrounding the creatures. It's pretty cool

Versus XIII and the FFX Remaster better come out soon -.- I've been waiting for Versus since the debut trailer at E3 2006, and Nomura is my last favorite employee left at SE. He does amazing with KH, although the latest titles seem to be slipping...

Ahhh man PS3 ftw! lol all jokes aside, yeah I just couldn't justify letting that potential credit go to waste. I beat all of the games I had mentioned, and I didn't really care much for Halo after 2, and the only other exclusive I ever really got into was Gears of War, but only enjoyed the first one.

Thanks again for the warm welcome brother! I am sure we'll be seeing each other around

@ Cirno: Ahhh that's good, I was worried because a lot of the newbie threads I saw seemed to mention it in some fashion D: lol

Fighting over save files was a pain T__T I kind of upset him whenever we battled, though, because he would focus entirely on getting to lvl 100 before focusing on anything else (such as moves and stuff). And, I actually exploited the weaknesses of his Pokemon, as opposed to him just randomly summoning his faves xD It was fun, though. He never hated me thankfully O_O Funny how as we grew up, I was the only one to retain interest in Pokemon.

I knowwwww right ;n; October feels like next year! For X/Y, my fave starter would have to be Fennekin, and my favorite legendary is Yveltal. Of all time, my favorite starter is Charmander! And my favorite legendary is Mewtwo o.o I love Mewtwo! <3 My favorite Pokemon, throughout all gens, is hands down Jolteon. He is my homie What about you? Who is your favorite legendary?

And what! You haven't played many RPG's? Well, what all have you played so far that you liked? What have you not liked? That'll probably give me a good idea what to recommend. But, to just throw a couple out there that are easy for people to get into:
- If you have a PS2, backwards compatible PS3, or a Vita, definitely play Persona 4! Very open to newcomers to RPG's yet it is very deep. And, it shares similarities to Pokemon. Your Personas are demons you have to strengthen and teach new abilities.
- Tales of the Abyss on 3DS (if you have one) was also a good port of a great game. Nothing new was added, so I'd say the $29.99 price tag is reasonable, but look out for a $20 deal if you can find one. It's an action real-time RPG, and it features one of the best battle systems in the series.
- Golden Sun on the DS. Good game to be a part of an even better series. It's easy to get into, and it's hard to put down
- If you have a Wii, and if you can find a copy of the game, Xenoblade. Hands down, one of the best RPG's to come out this generation, if not THE best. It's made by a group of veterans who were originally part of Squaresoft before breaking from that brand and creating their own company.

It was nice meeting you! I hope to see you around and talk some more about RPG's :D I am definitely passionate about them, and I am more than happy to get people into them!

Conquering others is strength, conquering yourself is true power.
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