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    74 years ago was the end of a war, all the regions in the pokèmon world where at huge war, generations lived in a war torn world, a war no one knew how it started. Humans and pokèmon alike where in great peril, the heroes had gone, the legendary pokemon fled. And then from the ashes rose a light, and war ended. No one knew what the light was, what that powers was, and rumors spread it was Mew. A new nation rose, a nation called Mewam, tribute to the pokemon people believed saved them. War may be over but Mewam was a whole new type of world, and it wasn't to pleasant. Mewam ruled by the Capitol had 12 smaller districts in its power, each one providing to the Capitol. But that wasn't all, the Capitol had power and wanted to prove it so now each year to remind everyone of the great war. Each district must other one young man and woman between the ages of 12-18 partnered with their pokèmon to compete in the annual Pokègames. A live fight to the death, which by law EVERYONE will have to watch
    District 1 Located on what was once victory road, district 1 is one if the better off districts. They are a career district, a districts who see success in the games, the children where raised to find the game a joy an honer and train a lot as there are loads of strong pokèmon nearby. They provide mining as there are loads of caves.

    District 2 Located in the old Celadon City. A rich career district, unlike district 1 who finds honer in the games, district 2 takes it as business, as for every win means a year of extra prizes and money. The children train, but don't take the games as a sport but a state of war, competing in the games is your duty if you have the chance. As well as raising children for the games, district 2 also does a much friendlier trade as they design fashion for the Capitol.

    District 3 Located in what was previously Pewter City. A small district, they do not find honer or pleasure in the games, and therefore does not train the children and don't see much success in the games. Although most residents are smart and good thinkers as the district helps design technology.

    District 4 Located on the remains Cinnabar Island. As the island was already a bit of a mess before war, district 4 was originally weak, but built up a strong district and has recently been acknowledged as a career district in the games and of course their children will train, but district 4 is one of the weaker career districts. Surrounded by water, district 4 fishes.

    District 5 Located where Violet City once stood. It is surrounded by woods and forests and as it supplies lumber most people from there are fairly strong, yet district 5 disproves of the games, and are quite peace loving.

    District 6 is located where Mahogany Town once was. And before the war where Mahogany was once the "Home of the Ninja" district 6 in their own ways carry's on from that. So like 1,2 and 4 6 trains is children so is a career district. And while the other careers count on brute force and strength 6 id more sneaky. District 6 also supply's the law force of Mewam.

    District 7 located in the once historic Ecruteak City. The remains of the burnt tower can't be found, the bell tower lies in ruins, and as the generation who remembered the post-war time are long dead. District 7 are in charge in finding out what life was like before the war.

    District 8 located where Azalea town once stood. Slowpoke well closed up, and even though their have been attempts no one has succeeded in finding the well. So the residents of 8 found there own trade so they make the fabric.

    District 9 located in Lavender Town, after the war more spirits seemed to find peace in the quiet town. The residents of district 9, despite the honor they felt of almost caring for the spirits. They wanted to do more so as a trade they focus on health care for pokèmon. Most residents are a bit pessimistic but, incredible caring. They hate the games, most residents try to avoid watching the games, even if it is breaking the law.

    District 10 Located in the Safari Zone once was. Where the Safari zone was once the home of many pokemon, district 10 has become a ranch. And its also where where pokèmon breeding takes place. People from 10 are also caring

    District 11 is the second poorest district in Mewam a small town located where New Bark Town was. They will just supply what they can, although in the summer they can try and harvest berries other than that 11 has no real trade. So people are not as well of.

    District 12 is the poorest district located in the previous Pallet Town. There is NO trade in 12, and the only reason Capitol keeps district 12 'on the map' and supplying it with resources is, the competitors in the games from 12 are usually very weak it amusing to the sick minded Capitol audience.

    You wake, its Choosing Day. The day you either dread or look forward, the day they chose the competitors for the games. Your parents fuss, making sure you look great, its a day to dress up. Some parents take pride in fussing over their child, they could be in the games. Other worry about looks, because the other option is to break down into tears. They fear for there life. You head to the central part of town, and the whole district is jammed in. All of those who are eligible for the games in pens, herded together. Your Capitol escort stand on stage, she recalls the history of Mewam, you have heard it so many times you can almost recite it. You see a clip of the end of last years games. The winner was for 1, and a bit of a physco. You see him on the large screen holding the head of the competitor who could have won. The escort, goes to the glass bowl and pulls out a name. She reads it aloud and your heart stops, its you....

    So you want to join my RP? GREAT!!!! Well you will sign up, you can either the boy or the girl from any district. This will follow a hunger games format, but don't worry if you haven't seen/read it/don't know a thing about it. Before each part I will explain it fully, and you can always ask questions. But remember if you do know about the hunger games, I WILL NOT FOLLOW IT EXACTLY. This is my own twist on it.

    All basic rules apply.
    When creating your character, make it realistic. Stay true to your district.
    I decide you dies! And If you are incredible inactive don't put effort in if someone wants to kill you, well sorry there getting their wish.
    If you are inactive for a long period of time without a valid excuse. I will make sure you get killed, because as the games go on, I would like to see action
    Your partner MUST be realistic. So to make things easier try and pick a pokemon where you could find near your district. If you want a different pokemon ASK ME
    This is rated M, so you can have good violence and gore. This is a fight to the death. BUT PLEASE NO LOVE STORY'S!!!! I FORBID THEM!
    Put, 'Pikachu is a NINJA' in your post to show you have read the rules.


    Looks: (either a picture with a couple lines of writing or no picture and at least 5 lines of writing (don't try and use bigger font to get out of it though XP)
    Personality: (At least 6 lines)
    Partner Pokemon:
    Nickname (optional):
    Moves (4 max (realistic)):
    Extra information (Anything special about your pokemon?)
    A song which sums up your character (Optional (Just you know a song which sums them up)):


    Music Is The Escape
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