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Old April 28th, 2013 (11:58 AM).
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    This is one of the many books I have planned, but haven't been able to make much headway in XD So, don't expect updates very often.


    Rain pounded against the blood-soaked ground. The she-wolf stared in horror at the torn forms strewn out before her, her earlier rage having faded away once her mind registered what she had done. She wasn't the only one reeling from shock. The demon hounds had sensed the life force of their alphas fade away to nothing, and they were now standing in a circle around the mortal wolf, their battle forgotten. The silence dragged on until one of the bulky male demon wolves stalked into the circle.

    "How dare you lay your claws on our leaders!" Rage laced his roar and glittered in his red eyes as he advanced on the cowering she-wolf. "You have no right to harm those greater than yourself!"

    Indignation flooded through the she-wolf, hot and furious. It washed away her fear, and she straightened, the glare of her midnight blue eyes burning into the dark beast before her. "I earned the right when your mindless fighting brought destruction to my pack," she snarled. "I warned your alphas to take their squabbling elsewhere, but they refused to listen. I never meant to kill them, but know that they brought this upon themselves."

    The mass of red-eyed hounds watched her silently for a moment, none of them sure how to meet her accusation. Finally, another of the demon wolves padded forward tot whisper something intot he black male's ear. The black one nodded ad the two turned back to the she-wolf. The second demon, a dark crimson-pelted she-wolf with pale orange swirls that seemed to glow in the moonlight, spoke first.

    "Storm of the mortal Pack of the Hidden Moon, we of the demon Pack of Night Shadows hear your plea."

    "As do we of the Rising Death," the male added, his unwavering gaze fixed on the she-wolf. "We have come to the conclusion that with our leaders gone, we no longer have any reason to fight their battles."

    "But we cannot forgive you for what you have done," his companion interjected. "As payment for the dishonorable way in which they were killed, we curse you. From this day forward you will be a Wind Traveler."

    A ripple of murmurs echoed through the crowd. Storm felt nervous fear prick at her temporary shield of anger as the murmurs turned into a single, booming chant.

    "Forever roam,

    Never find home.

    Wind at thy back,

    Life and death lack.

    Love forgotten,

    Power begotten."

    The very air shook with power as the voices blended into one. The wind picked up until was whirling fiercely around the now terrified Storm. Dust caught up in the whirlwind lashed at her eyes, forcing her to shut them and leaving her blind to what was happening around her. It was the pain that told her of the changes. It was as if her entire being was melting into the air around her. An agonized howl ripped from her throat and she stumbled forward, a sudden feeling of weightlessness throwing her off balance.

    As the pain slowly started to faded away, she hesitantly opened her eyes to find the demon wolves gone, only the male and female who had spoken to her remaining. Even as her she reopened her eyes, she could feel her consciousness slipping. Whatever had happened had taken a great toll on her body. She focused her darkening gaze on the male demon wolf as he spoke, his voice an incomprehensible blur. Only one phrase reached her through the dying wind as she fell into the reaches of unconsciousness: "Find the one." She opened her mouth to ask what he meant, but her eyelids slid shut and she collapsed on her side, the windstorm coming to a sudden stop only to replaced with the torrent of rain it had been holding off.
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